Well THAT Unethical Tweet Aged Particularly Poorly…

Biden’s tweet would have been unconscionable even if it hadn’t quickly turned out that Smollett was a hate-crime faker, a liar, and racial division-mongering fool. Like his former boss Obama, Biden didn’t have the sense to keep his uninformed and biased opinions from interfering with the judicial system, and not to try to exploit alleged crimes, uncertain crimes and uninvestigated events, accounts and rumors to exacerbate suspicion, fear and hate.

However, Smollett made a fool of Biden as well as the New York Times. Others made fools of themselves and showed their hypocrisy too; indeed Smollett’s hoax managed to entrap all the wrong people. Before Smollett was sentenced, Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, the actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson; the Rev. Jesse Jackson; and Derrick Johnson, the president of the N.A.A.C.P.,wrote letters pleading for leniency for Jussie Smollett, all using the hoary “he’s suffered enough” rationalization.

No he hasn’t, not nearly enough. In fact, his lawyers still insisted that he was the victim of a racist attack while arguing in his sentencing hearing—and that lie required Smollett’s consent. Imagine the various Jacksons and the NAACP calling for mercy in sentencing a white actor who falsely claimed two black men attacked him.

Well, you probably can’t. I certainly can’t, and I have an overactive imagination.

Yesterday a judge sentenced Jussie Smollett to 150 days in jail, 30 months probation, $120,106 restitution and a $25,000 fine for five charges of disorderly conduct related to his false police report claiming to be the victim of a hate crime, calling him “profoundly arrogant and selfish and narcissistic” and adding “You put the noose around your own neck!” He was speaking literally. And still, the former “Empire” star refused to admit his hoax or show any regret or remorse, just as he did in his trial.

Perhaps the humiliation Smollett’s hate crime hoax brought to his knee-jerk race-baiting supporters like Biden, then-California Sen. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker will make them more wary and responsible the next…what am I saying? Of course it won’t.

See, I told you I had an overactive imagination….

3 thoughts on “Well THAT Unethical Tweet Aged Particularly Poorly…

  1. “Smollett’s hoax managed to entrap all the wrong people.” (bolds mine)

    Respectfully disagree; the permanent record now displays, to the discerning world, how easily gulled most (not all) high profile career Lefties really are.

  2. I do admire Smollett’s defiance, delusional though it may be. Declaring that he “NOT SUICIDAL” and that, if anything “should happen to him” whilst in prison will not be of his own doing, storming out of court with clenched right fist raised high, and ignoring the Court’s orders for “order in the court” played really nicely.

    Yet, I am sure the Obamas, VP Harris, and their cadre of follo . . . erm . . . supporters will take up the “Justice for Jussie” call. Yes, indeed.


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