The Freakout To Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law, Not The Law Itself, Will Send LGBTQ Acceptance Backwards

There is nothing discriminatory, bigoted, ant-gay, anti-trans or unethical in the “Parental Rights in Education Bill’ signed into law by Florida Governor Jim DeSantis. Have you read it, or just relied on the hysterical and dishonest characterizations of the bill by the news media and woke activists like the three Oscar co-hosts, who chanted “Gay, gay,gay, gay!’ like four-year-olds in supposed bold and hilarious defiance of what progressives have been calling the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Read the law. It doesn’t prohibit saying “gay” at all (the word doesn’t appear in the law), and as unfortunately vague as the wording sometimes is, no fair interpretation would find that it inhibits free speech.

Here is the closest wording in the bill to an “anti-LGBTQ” provision, in Section 3, page 4:

3. Classroom instruction by school personnel or third  parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur  in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

The Horror. Only the most committed and unhinged gay activist could find that provision problematic, and the fact that so many progressives do is signature significance: they lave lost touch with common sense and reality. The law isn’t anti-gay, it’s pro-parent (and student). Any parents who really think their 4-8 year olds need to be trained in human sexuality are welcome to do it themselves. I would not want my child introduced to those topic by kindergarten through third grade teachers, even if I had the opportunity to closely examine the teachers’ qualifications for doing so and the way it would be done. This is not their job, and no, I wouldn’t trust them to take it on if it were. They have a hard enough time teaching language, arts, math, science and history. I don’t trust them to teach ethics.

The rest of the law merely guarantees that parents know what is happening to their children, as they should.

Just as the Left’s propagandists have distorted the public perception of the law by their “Don’t Say Gay” deceit, the conservative supporters of the law have done the same by calling it the “Anti-Grooming” law. This characterization comes from the still strong and ugly suspicion of gays and the LGBTQ community that flourishes on the Right, expressing the moldy slur that gays are secretly trying to recruit children to their sexual orientation. This bigotry has caused harm and pain to gay Americans for centuries; it is flat out false, and worse, it is part of what provokes LGBTQ extremism as a backlash. However, the frantic, wildly excessive rhetoric employed by opponents of the law makes the “Anti-Grooming” characterization seem plausible. What is it that is so unreasonable about waiting until a child is at least 9 years old before getting enmeshed in sex and gender issues in public school? Why is it wrong for parents to demand that they know everything that their child is telling school personnel, and what school personnel is telling them? What are the LBGTQ advocates afraid of? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Of course the mainstream media is egging the LGBTQ extremists along. A sickening example landed on my lawn this morning, in a column by Michelle Goldberg, the most ethics-challenged of the New York Times’ female leftist propagandists—yes, even worse than Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd. First, she calls the Florida law the “Don’t Say Gay” law. That’s misinformation, and her editors should have stopped it, but “Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias.” Then she attributes the impetus for the law to “moral panic.” What moral panic? It is nothing but ethics to give parents the right to decide when and how their children are introduced to sex, heterosexual or otherwise. When ethics fails, the law steps in. Yes, responsible, trustworthy teachers would be preferable to laws restricting the other kind, and boy, I wish I could fly. That’s life.

Goldberg approvingly quotes the far left writers group PEN America (lots of gays in PEN): “For anti-L.G.B.T.Q.+ activists, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, a chance to ram through bills that are far more restrictive than anything the public would normally accept.”

The public wouldn’t normally accept legal guarantees that public school teachers won’t be teaching kindergarten students about exotic places their can stick their pee-pees and pointing confused 12-year-olds to hormone suppression therapy without telling their parents? What alternate universe do these hysterics live in? What version of the U.S. do they think they live in?

Then, Goldberg being Goldberg (GOD she’s awful!), the columnist attributes support for the “Parental Rights in Education Bill” to those conservatives who are “panicked” about gays. “To justify the law, the right has taken to accusing anyone who opposes it of wanting to expose young kids to explicit material in order to prime them for abuse,” she writes. Well, the law is justified by the fact that today’s teachers can’t be trusted to stay in their lane, and there is every indication that many schools and teachers do want to expose young kids to explicit material. No, it’s not to “prime them for abuse,” but the furious insistence by gay teachers and activists that the law is apocalyptic is bound to raise doubts. The quote, “Methinks he doth protest too much” comes to mind. Why are gays panicking?

This stuff can only lead to a resuscitation of the suspicion of gay teachers, and anti-gay discrimination. One male teacher took to  MSNBC to moan that he can’t discuss his life at home with his male partner  with his kindergartners anymore. “It scares me that I am not going to be able to have these conversations with my children…I don’t want to have to hide that my partner and I went paddle boarding this weekend.”

There is no need, none, for any teacher to discuss any aspect of their intimate relations and domestic life with their students. In my entire high school, college and graduate school career, not one instructor told us about their home lives, sex lives, love lives, any of it. Good. Don’t waste precious time.

During a visit to the White House  on “International Transgender Day of Visibility,” “Jeopardy!” star Amy Schneider, who is trans (which is not a reason to be invited to the White House except as pandering) told the press that bills like Florida’s will lead to “the deaths of children.” “They’re really scary. And some of them in particular that are denying medical services to trans youth … those are lifesaving medical treatments,” Schneider said.

Keeping parents in charge of their minor children’s medical treatment is “scary”? What are people like Schneider scared of? If I were her, I’d be scared of appearing to validate the worst hetero fantasies about an LGBTQ “agenda.”

Then there is Disney, which foolishly and publicly attacked the new Florida law as if it, the legislature and Gov. DeSantis were the spawn of the Evil Queen. Disney, like almost all show business and entertainment companies, is disproportionately gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that—unless it makes them act like Disney has in this case.

After officially tweeting that it planned to “fight” the law, Disney executives organized  the “Reimagine Tomorrow Conversation Series,” and pledged to mobilize the entire corporation in service of the “LGBTQIA+ community.” It announced new policies and initiatives: changing gender pronouns at the company’s theme parks and ceasing to refer to “boys and girls, and more.

Disney executive producer Latoya Raveneau  said her team was implementing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda”—Goldberg says she was being “arch;” I’d stick with “stupid”—and was aggressively “adding queerness” to children’s programming. Disney production coordinator Allen Martsch, said his team has created a “tracker” to ensure that they are creating enough “canonical trans characters, canonical asexual characters, [and] canonical bisexual characters.” Corporate president Karey Burke said she supported having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories” and reaffirmed the company’s pledge to make at least 50% of its on-screen characters sexual and racial minorities. Diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware reminded all attendees that Disney made the decision last year to encourage “that magical moment” for children when they do not identify with traditional gender roles.

Next,  Disney hosted Nadine Smith, the executive director of  Equality Florida, who told employees that Governor Ron DeSantis wanted to “erase you,” “criminalize your existence,” and “take your kids,” wherever that came from.

Morons. Naturally the contents of these meetings were leaked, and now Disney is caught in a children and sex controversy. None of this is going to advance respect, fairness and equality for LGTBQ Americans.

In fact, it will accomplish the opposite.

14 thoughts on “The Freakout To Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law, Not The Law Itself, Will Send LGBTQ Acceptance Backwards

  1. This all part and parcel of a Marxist cultural revolution. The left is absolutely grooming these children, albeit for political purposes rather than sexual ones. Sex is just one weapon in their toolbox. If some kids get molested in the process of implementing their political goals, the left is fine with that. They don’t care who they hurt. It is disgusting.

  2. It seems to me that what’s happened to liberals/the left these past 5 or so years is that their noble concern for the rights of ethnic and sexual minorities has gradually, like the proverbial boiling frog, moved from the realm of the political into the realm of the sacred, or more simply, that the rights and identities of ethnic and sexual minorities have now become sacralized.
    This is why they cannot stop discussing gays/trans/race and interjecting it into any and every conversation or issue, this is why it has to be in every class and subject no matter how age- or subject-inappropriate, they’re like the jehovah’s witness who need to knock on your door or the born-again christian bursting to ask “have u heard the good news!?” like all fundamentalists, they have become compulsive proselytizers.
    Also, this is why liberals cannot be sane on this issue and simply rationally discuss the pros/cons (tradeoffs, conflicting rights, etc) of this bill or anything else related to gays/trans/race, these issues to them are holy dogma and they honestly believe we have moved beyond debate here and only an evil bigot would think otherwise.
    Also, I think this explains weird things like democrats kneeling in kente cloth and washing the feet of black people, the bizarre obsession with the smallest sexual minority, and why the democrats cannot modify their positions on these issues, even if their internal polling tells them it may be leading to electoral disaster.
    They are all in the grip of a sacred mania, and they are not in control, the new god and its dogma controls them instead.

    • I agree one hundred percent. They created a huge void by destroying religion as a pillar of social organization, and now progressivism itself has filled the void. As John McWhorter suggests, wokism has become a religion. Nature abhors a vaccum.

    • “They are all in the grip of a sacred mania, and they are not in control, the new god and its dogma controls them instead.”

      In the span of under 100 years; the US of A is experiencing the phenomenon of the “good German” for the second time. People no longer have to wonder and be perplexed at how an educated population could sink to such depravity. It only requires the right conditions, the right preparation, systemic corruption, enough time, and plenty of apathetic unsuspecting timid citizens who look on while some nefarious force insidiously imposes its agenda.

      The good news (sort of) is the Pareto Principle suggests it should require but 20% of the populace energized and activated against wokism to interrupt and ultimately reverse this malignant psychosis overtaking much of the world.
      There are many ways to become part of the 20%, at least for now.

  3. You have said in the past that there is no gay agenda, and you might be right. What there is, however, is a woke agenda, and the goal of not only normalizing but pushing homosexuality and transgenderism is only one goal that is part of that agenda. I don’t think that one person sets this agenda, nor do I even think there is a committee somewhere that sets this agenda. Nonetheless, you can hear from the similarities in the speeches you get from the various leaders on the left at almost all levels that they are all singing from the same page of the same songbook.

    I think that those who follow this agenda believed that agenda had become turbocharged to the point of being unstoppable with the death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots combined with the tepid and sometimes timid response from the other side. Unfortunately, as was found out last November and is probably going to be found out again in spades in November, turbocharging led to overreaching and also to the beginnings of a backlash, which we’re going to see the full force of soon. It also led to overconfidence and things like revolutionary teachers openly posting videos in which they talk about trying to revolutionize their students and gay members of chorus talking about how they’re going to teach your children about gayness if you won’t. It certainly hasn’t helped that the current administration has stood foursquare behind every wacky educational theory to come down the pike. The whole question of CRT has also proven to be a bridge too far for practical, unwoke parents who do not want their children to be brought up to hate this country or to embrace something other than heterosexuality simply because it appears to be the latest cool thing. Parents already were getting weary when their kids were coming home talking about how America started with slavery in 1619 and how the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution specifically to preserve slavery. Now their kids were coming home talking about wanting puberty blockers before they were even 10.

    Like it or not, the Republicans have kind of grabbed on to this and it looks like this may be a winning agenda for this coming November. Some, like Governor Desantis, see this as an agenda that could take them still further, so they are going the route of empowering parents. I do not believe that this agenda is meant to be anti-gay, but, apparently, the left fears it so much that they are trying to cast it that way in the hopes of rallying a second wave of wokeness. Part of this is probably genuine concern for loss of the progress that gay people have made over the past decade, but another part of it is that the left sees that parents are on to them and taking steps to prevent them from simply indoctrinating the next generation early on. They have a pretty strong grip on higher education, and that is borne out by the numbers of college educated people you see voting for Democratic candidates. However, they also know that not everyone goes to college, and the number of men who go to college is dropping significantly. That means they can’t count on that sector of education to indoctrinate the entire next generation. However, if they start with critical race theory as early as kindergarten, they can indoctrinate the entire next generation and not really have to worry who goes to college and who doesn’t. Laws like this one take that away from them.

    It’s well known that Disney has been skewing progressive for probably a decade and a half, although I stopped paying any attention to their output after Frozen, at which point my niece started to become too old for princess tales. I hadn’t been paying attention for a while, because I thought their output was pretty formulaic: woke type girl chafes against the establishment, the establishment tells girl she can’t do something, girl then goes ahead and does it and shows up the establishment. I had hoped at some point that Disney would get into doing some of their animated output with some of the legendary heroes, but, I guess that is not what they are interested in getting into and I guess that also doesn’t sell with boys and parents of boys, who are more interested in getting them into sports.

    Apparently this “girls rule” message isn’t enough, though, so now Disney has to become the ramrod behind elimination of gender itself. I always thought of Walt Disney has being the person who wanted to entertain this nation and boost this nation, in fact, I remember seeing an early multimedia show when I went to Disney way back in about 1978 with my parents that was performed to the tune of “America, the Golden Dream.” That sounds positively quaint when measured against a Disney where you can’t even say “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,” and which is determined to scrub people with normal gender identities from its stories. I’m all for telling stories where the main character has something to distinguish him or her from the rest of the world and provide a challenge, in fact, I am trying to put together a story which deals with a hero who is grappling with a form of autism. However, having a main character with one challenge that sets him apart from most ordinary folks is one thing, having multiple characters with predominantly gender-based differences to the point where the normal becomes the abnormal is not just strange, not just unreal, but creepy. It used to be that parents could rely on Disney to give them entertainment that was appropriate for everyone, and might stimulate some discussion about life challenges. Now, parents have to genuinely worry when considering Disney entertainment as to what kind of strange statement regarding human sexuality will pop up on the screen and necessitate an awkward conversation but they weren’t ready to have. Maybe some parents will be okay with that, maybe even some will embrace it, but a lot more will be given pause. That doesn’t sound like a good business plan when entertaining children is a big part of what you do. I for one really don’t have a stake in this, since I do not have any children myself. At one point I did consider going back to one of the Disney parks just me to walk around and take some pictures, once this pandemic ended completely. The price tag had always given me pause, but at this point I think the answer is just a hard no, I am not going to pay some ridiculous amount of money for what’s supposed to be an escape from ordinary times and ordinary conflicts, just to have those conflicts turbocharged and thrown in my face at every angle. It’s just not even fun.

  4. Re: grooming and recruitment.

    This is a tough one for me. Adolescence is sufficiently difficult for heterosexuals. But at least heterosexual adolescents go through adolescence in a largely, to predominantly, heterosexual world. Being something other than heterosexual compounds the problems of adolescence.

    Based on my observations of homosexuals, particularly those in my family and with whom I went to grade school through law school, as well at those I’ve gotten to know as a result of being a student of the piano (“There are three types of pianists: homosexual pianists, Jewish pianists, and bad pianists. — V. Horowitz) there is a major dynamic of older gay men being involved with younger gay men and leading them along the path they are very likely headed down without exactly knowing it. My cousin was grateful an older man was the first gay relationship for her gay son. It just seems to be part of the deal.

    And, of course, there are heterosexual males who prey on young heterosexual women. But this is frowned upon by society and even illegal in various situations. And older men marrying younger women is again just simply not very enthusiastically embraced in non-Hollywood and celebrity heterosexual society. But I believe it is virtually the standard in gay and lesbian circles.

    I’ve had personal experience to one extent or another with both versions. I’ve even written fiction about it. Perhaps my second-best high school friend told me within the last few years he was propositioned by one of the guitar mass brothers (and faculty) at our school when we were juniors. This was a guy in his twenties preying on a seventeen-year-old. This was a Catholic school. It would have constituted statutory rape. And maybe my friend is gay or maybe he’s not. Personally, I’d say the jury’s still out on that. Come to think of it, I’m very suspicious that my brother’s boy scout troop leader was grooming my brother. And of course, my college girlfriend was raped by one of our professors, ending our relationship, among other things. So there’s plenty of nastiness on the heterosexual side, for sure.

    But I still believe older gay guys “picking out” younger gay guys is simply part of the deal and can be extremely fraught. And again, based on what I’ve heard from lesbian friends, the same goes among lesbians. My lesbian former piano teacher and still very close friend spoke of being brought out by her older first lesbian lover.

    In any event, notwithstanding my very high regard for almost all of my gay and lesbian friends and acquaintances (my gay current piano teacher is the most devoted spouse of his much older demented husband I can possibly imagine anyone being, gay or straight), I’m not so sanguine on the “grooming” issue. It’s just plain prickly as hell and to dismiss it out of hand is tantamount to saying, “Nothing to see here. Move along”

    And I’d be delighted to hear what the gay and lesbian and other members of the commentariat have to say on this topic.


    • I could write books.

      What you’re describing happens. I think it’s falling out of favour, but it was absolutely a thing. It was cultural… there were similarities to… I don’t know…. Mentoring, maybe? it. In the 90’s, when I came of age, we didn’t have the same struggles as generations before us, but we still saw our friends made fun of, we understood the fallout from coming out. You’re 18, you just came out to your folks, they tossed you out, you’re homeless, scared, and have no support… But here’s this guy that will help you out, show you the ropes. I’m not going to say that there isn’t an element of predatory coercion there, but I will say that often times it was better than the alternative, and a lack of options and support drove young men into the arms (and beds) of daddies.

      That’s not what’s happening here. The quasi-mentoring, quasi-predation of daddy culture did not dip this young. What we’re seeing here, this, I’m not sure is even actually sexual. It’s not appropriate. It’s creepy as hell… But what I actually think is happening here is that the narcissists in education are looking for validation and actualization, from wherever they can get it, and the innocence of children is prime for this kind of abuse because 1) Children, especially children as young as we’re talking are blank slates. They’ll believe you when you tell them your choices are awesome. and 2) The gusto with which kids can throw themselves into their newest obsession is probably a particularly delicious form of validation. You just don’t get the same reactions from adults. We know too much.

      Because nothing else makes sense. There is *some* amount of pedophilia in progressivism, and more people accepting of pedophiles in progressivism, but despite that, I don’t think the problem is actually big enough to create the wellspring of emotion we’re seeing. But you take away a degenerate narcissist’s dopamine fix? War.

  5. I don’t know, when we had recent instances of teachers talking to kids about sex and encouraging their students to keep it from their parents, that screams ‘groomer’ to me even if it’s nominally only about sexual identity. There’s also the training and policies directing teachers to do exactly that. There is no way to make it sound like a good thing except to the radical fringe.

    The teacher who proudly proclaimed that 60% of her class had come out as LGBT really made the conseravative’s point I think. Some of them ARE actively indoctrinating and proud of it. The notion that teachers should actually act like professionals seems to be out of their grasp.

    I think calling it an anti-grooming bill is relatively fair at this point, but it would have been more accurate to call it an anti indoctrination bill.

  6. Regarding Disney, I guess we won’t be seeing reruns of “Spin and Marty.” Disney has priced itself out of the commoner’s market. Too take a vacation there one has to take out a long-term loan. Now i guess they will out themselves out of the hetero mother and father with small children market.

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