Looking Back: This Week’s Ethics Alarms Monday Retrospective

As long as we are looking in the rear view mirror, this seems as good a place to mention a revelation that struck me last night.

We have been watching Bruce Willis movies the last few days, as a silent gesture of respect and sympathy for the actor. Last night we watched “Live Free or Die Hard,” the fourth (and second best) of the “Die Hard” franchise. Early in the movie, grizzled detective John McLane (Willis), having saved the life of a Gen X hacker played by Justin Long, has been bickering with the computer geek over his musical choices while they drive to Washington D.C. from New York. Bruce tunes in the news, and when Long rolls his eyes, he asks, “You have some objection to the news too?” Long exclaims that yes, he has major objections to the news. It is manipulated, he says to a scoffing Willis. All of it is contrived to keep the public buying what the news media believes is in their own best interests. You can’t believe the news.

I remember, when I first saw the film in 2007, that I thought: I get it. This kid is a conspiracy theory nut. This is the old “corporate media” plot stuff. Then came the reporting on the 2008 financial meltdown, when the news media deliberately buried the shared responsibility of Democrats for pushing banks to hand out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. Then came the 2008 election and the deification of Barack Obama, the despicable sliming of Sarah Palin, the conversion of news sources into Obama propaganda organs, the shrugging off of Obama’s IRS scandal, and the Trump Presidency media debacle. When I heard Long’s words again last night, I realized that there was nothing hysterical or imagined in the character’s description at all. 

Here are my top five picks from last week:

From 3/28: Democrats are still banging on Justice Thomas to recuse himself because of his wife’s activities. Their argument is week, and it would be a disastrous precedent.

From 3/29, a helpful review of the story that ate the ethics news.

From 3/30. It’s not really about Smith, but about the sick race-obsessed, anti-ethical mindset poisoning our discourse and common sense.

April 1, but unfortunately not a gag…, and finally,

From 4/3. Extradimensional Cephalopod introduces Ethics Alarms to “The Matthew Effect.”

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