“Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” CNN Headlines Progressive Disinformation As Fact (Again)

This screenshot, which is really from MSNBC, isn’t directly related to the post but certainly relevant, and besides, I couldn’t resist…

Usually when I see things like the CNN banner that I am about to discuss, I mentally file them away for the next warm-up, round-up, potpourri or whatever. Then I forget about them. This item annoyed me sufficiently that I’m preserving it on the record before I forget.

Rounding the news channels in desperate hope of finding any discussing something other than Ukraine or Will Smith, I saw this full caption under a report on CNN: Ala. Governor Signs “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.” This is the network Chris Wallace fled to because Fox News “question[ed] the truth”?

Here’s the bill. The word “gay” isn’t mentioned. Nothing in it contains an edict about “not saying” anything. Like the Florida law it resembles, all the law does (besides the reasonable requirement that students should use the bathroom designated for the sex that is on their birth certificates) is direct teachers not to cover the issue of sexual orientation or gender identity “to students in kindergarten through the fifth grade at a public K-12 school” or “in
a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” Terming that bill “Don’t Say Gay” is a flat-out adoption by the news media of a false characterization created by LGBTQ activists. It is per se partisan and political.

ABC News reported on the bill using the same dishonest language, but its coverage was even worse. The Governor also signed a bill blocking transexual surgery and treatments on minors. This is also a “Don’t Say Gay” law, according to ABC. No, it is a “don’t mutilate children’s bodies and screw up their natural maturation process until they are old enough to understand what they want and need, and are capable of giving informed consent” law. The ABC story also uses the trans-lobby’s Orwellian euphemism, “gender-affirming care.” The care under discussion is designed to cancel gender, not “affirm” it.

7 thoughts on ““Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” CNN Headlines Progressive Disinformation As Fact (Again)

  1. Apparently, I need remediation in reading comprehension. In the screenshot provided I could not discern;1. How many people are referred to, since the plural pronoun, “they” is now being used as a singular personal pronoun? 2. What is, was, or is the gender of the individuals involved? 3. Finally what was the underlying issue that is being challenged? BTW I hold four earned graduate degrees so at what level should I begin my remediation? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • Genital surgery is only forbidden for minors if they consent to it according to the bill.

      Intersex children too young to consent may be carved up willy nilly.

      No distinction is made between surgery, length of hair, hormones or puberty blockers.

      The latter two are permitted to be prescribed if the child is not Trans, and only if not Trans. They are routinely prescribed for precocious puberty, sex chromosomal differences and various hormonal deficiencies.

    • To answer your question, one involves surgery on their genitals that cannot easily be reversed if a child later discovers that they really aren’t a member of the opposite sex and want to go back to their (original) biological sex. I’m not a fan of conversion therapy, but it doesn’t involve irreversible genital mutilation as part of the therapy. It’s the lesser evil.
      Neither the Florida or Alabama laws prohibit gender reassignment surgeries. These “Don’t Say Gay” laws are meant to prohibit teachers from teaching LGBTQ and gender fluidity to kids until they’re either in 4th grade in Florida or 6th grade in Alabama; children who are less than eleven years old. I’ve seen videos of devastated teachers in distress because these laws make it inappropriate for a teacher to discuss their sex lives to pre-adolescents. I barely knew if my teachers were married, let alone if they were non-binary; they identified as either male or female; Mister or Misses. I was never confused or concerned about their lives during class or elsewhere.
      I think it’s reasonable that a child’s parents are involved in whatever is upsetting these kids, and the Democrat Party feels that parents should be kept uninformed of any gender identity issues with their children. The Democrats would be happier if the parents had no say in their children’s well-being. Generally speaking, parents care more about their children than school teachers do. This spectra of gender & sexuality should start at home.

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