Funny! But Unethical…

Among the more diabolical guerilla tactics to highlight the epic failure of the Biden Presidency is the “I did that!” stickers, which turn up stuck on gas pumps across the country. There are many versions, including a “We did that!” sticker featuring Kamala. They are available all over the web, including on Amazon, here. I found them funny the first few times I encountered them.

The problem is that putting them on gas pumps is unethical. Come on, you know it is. The pumps are private property, and slapping a sticker on anyone’s property without permission is vandalism, albeit a mild variety.

Thus I cannot mount a great deal of sympathy for one Thomas Richard Glazewski, 54, of Manor Township, PA., who was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief, all related to a gas station “I did that!” rampage. “Off to the gulag with Glazewski!” exclaimed conservative site Moonbattery. Sure. This was a political prosecution? Prove it. When Joe’s apologists are allowed to post “Putin did that!” stickers with abandon, then I’ll consider it.

Mr. Glazewski also apparently sprayed gunk over his stickers to make them difficult to remove. I don’t know about you, but I won’t be joining the “No Justice, No Peace” protests in Manor Township.

17 thoughts on “Funny! But Unethical…

  1. While not strictly speaking defending vandalism of the “I did that” sort, gas stations have started to invite it by pasting political messages of their own on their pumps, advocating for various schemes that reduce the cost of oil (opposing taxes, surcharges, etc). The station operators, of course, are not vandalizing their own equipment, but I find it a borderline abuse of a captive audience that I cannot even by gas without politics being interjected.

  2. Stipulated: We are in a culture war for the soul of our country.

    Jack, will you be updating your syllabus to include a section titled:
    When it is okay to be unethical?

    • If it’s “okay” then it’s not unethical. If you have a situation where every option is unethical, then you have ethics zugzwang.

        • I object to the general notion that it is “okay” as in morally correct, to be unethical. If any particular action is “okay” (unless you are going by a different definition), then it is ethical. IF you find yourself in a particular situation where no option looks “okay”, then you are in ethics zugzwang.

          Returning to our sticker problem, I find the practice of putting stickers on property not your own as unethical. Either the property owner must take the time and trouble to remove it, or allow people to believe the owner wants it there. “Its for a good cause” is an ethics rationalization that doesn’t fly. The damage to public goodwill outweighs any minor benefit of “sticking it to the man”.

          • “Its for a good cause” is an ethics rationalization that doesn’t fly. The damage to public goodwill outweighs any minor benefit of “sticking it to the man”.

            In the context of the current culture war with the radical Left fascists; I have zero problem *sticking it to the man* with the stickers and probably numerous other ways you and many others would object to.

            • If you’re willing to use unethical tactics to defeat those you claim are unethical, you don’t want to change things for the better. You want the power that you think your opposition has. Regardless of what the other side does, you must always do your best to live in accordance with ethical principles. A willingness to perform unethical acts, regardless of your cause, makes you no better than anyone else who performs unethical acts.

              • Have we met Andrew? You write as though you have intimate knowledge of my mind and motivations.
                Andrew just knows that Batman *wants the power that I think the opposition has* because of being okay with some stickers that can easily be removed with a razor blade and some WD-40. Boo hoo.

                The fascist Left is burning down cities, murdering people, men who play dress-up infiltrating women’s sports, locker rooms, bathrooms, prisons, cancelling/censoring dissent, weaponizing Intelligence Agencies and the IRS, open borders, energy dependence on authoritarian countries, assisting Iran, indoctrinating kids in divisive wokism, MSM propaganda, chipping away at gun rights, defund police, fudging covid stats, lying about covid treatments, and destroying the village to save the village all in the name of a plandemic, etc.
                Gas station stickers — The Horror! No wonder our country is in deep $#!T.

                What the truckers did in Canada with blocking roads was technically unethical but I support it. What did the fascist Canadian government do? Stole their money, froze bank accounts, threatened to take their kids, arrested those who assisted, etc. What they did not do is have public meetings to understand why people would resort to such drastic sacrificial behavior.
                The fascist Left is willing to do nearly anything to destroy the existing society/culture/government. We are already in the middle of a hot civil war. The temperature is already boiling the frog.

                I am not advocating wanton violence but if you think war is won with perfectly clean hands you are naive and ignorant of history. Still, I agree with the sentiment of your message and is something to strive for. I suppose there is a chance this war can be won (mostly) within the boundaries of ethical behavior as has been shown by parents reclaiming local school boards despite the FBI being weaponized against them. Anything is possible.
                People had better wake up real fast however and begin to *organize* because the fascist Left is dead serious about taking over by any means necessary. They laugh at ethics alarms and see it as a weakness to be exploited.

                • I know you well enough that you’re willing to ignore your ethics alarms, “for the greater good”. Exactly the same thing that your fascist left does on the daily. ‘Do unto others as they would do unto you’ is not a sustainable way to live. Blocking roads damages the livelihoods of ordinary people far more than your enemies. The truckers had a good premise, but a bad execution. Vandalizing others property is still vandalism, regardless of how difficult it is to fix. If one really wants to put those stickers on pumps, why not ask the station owner first? Maybe the owner agrees with the message. But talking to people seems to be too much for many on both sides, even though talking and acting within the bounds of the current system seem to be working better than disregarding anything one finds inconvenient.
                  Regardless of what one thinks of another group, unethical actions cannot be performed if a single ethical action is available. Doing otherwise makes one no better than the other side; unethical is unethical, regardless of the supposed size of the act.

                  • Andrew says: “I know you well enough that you’re willing to ignore your ethics alarms, ‘for the greater good’.”

                    Did you overlook the fact I was quite clear that unethical behavior is a part of being at war?
                    If only one side is willing to do whatever it takes and be murderous, why not just bow your head, surrender all individual freedom now, and get in line to serve the State? Otherwise, your argument continues to repeat, “Do unto others as they would do unto you is not a sustainable way to live.”
                    Duh! Of course it isn’t and neither is war.
                    Do you think playing by Queensbury Rules is a winning strategy here?

  3. >When Joe’s apologists are allowed to post “Putin did that!” stickers with abandon, then I’ll consider it.
    Counterpoint: Joe’s sympathizers have been allowed to close roads, vandalize buildings, harass and assault conservatives, and many other things while “protesting”. A minor inconvenience (the sticker without any of the spray to make them harder to remove) looks to me almost like an ethical form of protest (except for the part where it affects an uninvolved third party, namely the gas station attendants and owners).

  4. What’s the latest on the prosecution of the mostly peaceful protestors who firebombed the Federal court house in Portland? Have they been held without bail? Have they been apprehended? Anyone? Beuhler?

  5. Nearly every street sign, dumpster or wall within reach in my fine city is covered with stickers or graffiti. Much of it is of the rainbow or racial variety. Police do absolutely nothing, ever. If the town in question doesn’t also go after other sorts of vandals, then this is a case of a two-tiered justice system being used to suppress political “enemies” while enabling favored groups to intimidate and dominate.

  6. My understanding is that his arrest was due to his conduct after being addressed by the police. My feeling is that if he had behaved as a rational human being, the worst he would’ve gotten is a summons for misdemeanor defacement of property, which he surely deserved.

    Look, I get the protest, and as protests go, it is relatively harmless and even humorous. But the same can be said of the occasional graffiti job most often perpetrated by the Left, yet many on the right froth at the mouth when that happens. Yes, painted graffiti is harder to remove, but the principle is the same.

    Dude needs to grow up, and those who call this a political prosecution need to read the whole story. He got just what he deserved, in my opinion.

  7. The best deployment of these stickers I’ve seen is the Biden “I did that” one, with a nearby sticker of Pelosi with the caption “I helped!”, and a sticker of Kamala some distance away with the caption “And I was there, too!” Vandalism or not, that’s art…

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