The Ethics News Lately Is Sure Giving George Costanza A Workout…

I usually use this video clip…

…from the memorable “Seinfeld” episode where George tries to talk his way out of being fired for having sex with the office cleaning lady on his desk, when someone does something so spectacularly and obviously unethical that it can’t reasonably be called “a mistake.” Lately, stories where George’s query seems appropriate have been an almost daily occurrence…like the high school teacher who accidentally showed porn on the class projector.

That real life George is Kevin Welchel, who was teaching at Klein Collins High School in Harris County, Texas and secretly watching pornography on a school laptop while his class was taking a quiz. The pornography suddenly popped up on the smart board connected to the teacher’s school-issued laptop, resulting in it being displayed on a classroom projector for several second until Welchel took it down, district officials said.

Uh, too late, you moron.

The teacher was “immediately removed and is no longer employed by the district,” confirmed Justin Elbert, executive director of communications for the district. “Law enforcement filed charges that have been accepted by the district attorney’s office, and all appropriate legal action will be taken to the fullest extent of the law. The district does not tolerate such completely unacceptable conduct.”

Well that’s certainly a relief! Welchel was charged with “display of harmful material to a minor, ” a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.

Other observations in addition to the obvious “What an idiot!”…

  • It is episodes like this that help explain why parents are not eager to have public school teachers instruct their children on sexual matters.
  • How long has this guy been secretly watching porn while he was paid to teach? Will there be an investigation of how he was hired and vetted?
  • In addition to being like George, the teacher is also too stupid to teach. He had porn on a school-issued computer?
  • The school needs to be sued.
  • Most jurisdictions have an ethics rule that holds that it using technology is essential to practicing law, and it is, then not being competent to use the technology is unethical. There should be a similar ethics requirement for teachers…
  • …but the teaching profession has no official ethics code at all.

4 thoughts on “The Ethics News Lately Is Sure Giving George Costanza A Workout…

  1. I never understood people that did this type of behavior. I worked for a Fortune 500 company for 20 years and started before the internet proliferated. I think it was still the late 90s and one day about 5 people were “rounded up” and immediately dismissed. We all found out later they were using the internet to look at porn on their work computers. This happened a few more times over the years where some people were walked out (terminated) for viewing porn at work. I actually saw a guy looking at porn several times in the early 2000s as we had open cubicles or 4′ cubical walls; so, if you were walking around you could see over the top of the cubical. This one guy was looking at porn several times and many people were whispering about it. How do you not know that you’re obviously conspicuous? I went and got our manager / supervisor once but by the time he got to the cubical the guy didn’t have the porn up any longer.

    I don’t know why people risk their jobs for this because you can bet IT has everything monitored. I guess now a lot of top companies probably block access saving some poor fools from their own poor judgement. I mean, who wants to look at that anyway? I’ve never even been to a strip club or topless bar.

    My policy was to not even have any personal information on my work PC. Like photos, bill paying, taxes, etcetera. Because I warned some co-workers of this practice and that the PC was the property of the company and they could take the computer at any time whereby you would lose any files or information on that PC. So, I always advised not to keep any personal files on a work PC let alone use the PC for viewing porn.

    The people I’m talking about were engineers and / or technicians so there wasn’t any legal charges, just the loss of their job. But, for a school teacher, I think the arrest was necessary. This is just one more thing that makes me thankful I don’t have kids in school today.

    • I don’t think the arrest was for viewing so much as exposing kids to that stuff. I wouldn’t consider viewing porn ANYWHERE anyone else could see, not just because it’s gross and wrong, but because one glance and your credibility as a person is out the window. Everyone knows where your thinking is at.

  2. Have any of these school systems considered that many view teachers watching porn on the school computers as little different than having teachers discuss explicit methods of sexual activity in society with their children? What if the teacher claimed he or she was doing research for a better understanding or the LGBTQIA+ culture. Would that make a difference. I have to assume that porn stars are poly amorous.

  3. The ubiquitousness of pornography is bringing manhood, womanhood, and society to their rumination. In routine premarital and marital counseling I do the use of pornography by one or both partners is the core issue.
    Comedians joke about as if it was harmless and victimless. The entertainment industry produces soft pornography in almost all of their output. Almost all of media output has the warning that this piece of entertainment has scenes of a sexual nature.

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