From The Ethics Alarms “How Stupid Do Democrats Think The Public is?” Files: Inflation Denial Games

This will be an interesting test of the gullibility and brain mass of the American public. Faced with epic inflation greatly worsened by the Democrat’s wild spending sprees, incompetent handling of supply chain disruptions, and virtue-signaling suppression of oil production that cannot possibly have any ameliorating effects on global climate change whatsoever, the Donkey High Command has apparently decided on a carpet-bombing “Jumbo” strategy: “Inflation? What inflation?”

We have discussed already the “Putin price hike” mantra Jen Psaki keeps repeating. Last week, I saw a White House release admitting the inflation explosion but noting that if you took out food and gas prices, the rate of inflation increase had declined thanks to deft Biden policies. This, of course, brought back memories of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry’s immortal statement that if you didn’t include all the murders, D.C. crime rate was actually pretty good! Nancy Pelosi, Psaki and Biden have all distorted the meaning of a letter from a group of acclaimed economists endorsing the trillion dollar infrastructure bill to falsely claim that they said spending all that money would reduce inflation, so, SEE? It’s can’t be Biden’s fault! (The letter actually said, correctly, that repairing and upgrading the infrastructure would make commerce more efficient and less costly in the long-term. As the Washington Post confirmed, they were not making any statement about current inflation.)

Last week we learned that the Biden new military budget assumes only 2% inflation, meaning that its numbers are fictional.

What prompted my realization of this inflation gaslighting exercise was a stunning appearance yesterday by Donna Brazile—you know, the former DNC chair who used her position as a paid CNN “contributor” to leak “town meeting” questions to candidate Hillary Clinton?—in which she gave ABC viewers a “Jumbo” spectacular:

“The Republicans are essentially running on fumes. They’re running on the energy of 2020, which is the Big Lie. Democrats are running on an economy that’s roaring back, that is fighting inflation, that is helping the Ukrainians. Democrats will run on what they delivered. Republicans are going to run on the fumes of 2020.”

She really said that! There was no reason for anyone to believe anything Donna Brazile says already based on her long record of spinning, obfuscating and lying outright, but that “It isn’t what it is” verbal vomit was especially flagrant. Fortunately former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was on hand—he’s corrupt but he’s quick—to laugh at Brazile and say his party was “running on the gas that Joe Biden is giving us at $5 a gallon.”

[As an aside: How can networks justify having pure partisan mouthpieces like Brazile as participants in what are advertised as honest analyses of events and issues by experts for the benefit of the public? The practice is not just insulting, it is irresponsible, dishonest and deceptive.]

8 thoughts on “From The Ethics Alarms “How Stupid Do Democrats Think The Public is?” Files: Inflation Denial Games

    • Liz’s office obviously got the memo and the NYT is on board as well, of course.

      It’s behind a pay wall but I bet it says, “It ain’t so bad, folks!”

  1. If there was any truth to her statement it lies with the fact that the GOP keeps harping on the same things: energy independence, illegal immigration and ballooning debt.

    If the GOP was smart, they would start campaigning on a platform of strategic independence. Energy independence is simply not enough to begin to rebuild our global leadership. The people are beginning to see how vulnerable the US has become with respect to key industrial inputs and outputs such as silicon chips, chemicals for agriculture and pharmaceuticals, steel, and energy creation and storage of all types. The GOP needs to focus on them and reminding our citizens that the U.S has the cleanest industrial processes which will actually impact global carbon levels. Further, durable goods production offers much higher wage opportunities than in lower skill service sectors. Our government needs to focus on extricating ourselves from obscene levels of debt held by parties outside the US. Every dime paid to foreign holders of our debt not only represents a transfer of wealth out of the U.S. it also devalues our currency with respect to other currencies if the other countries do not want to buy what we sell. If we do not regain our position as a global producer, then the Yuan will become the world currency and the CCP will have another weapon to use against us in their Belt and Road strategy of global domination.

    The biggest fallacy behind Brazile’s statement is that her party is doing something to make life better when in fact it is merely making things worse by facilitating unbridled consumption through higher levels of debt. As inflation rises the ever-rising cost of debt will crowd out real strategic needs.

      • Probably smart. School indoctrination may be the way to go because it will engage mothers who would otherwise vote Democratic because … well, just because that’s what mothers are supposed to do. People concerned about massive debt and chronic inflation and silly decarbonization of the economy so we don’t all die, are already having to vote Republican.

        • Those, plus I feel there’s some real traction to be found in offering real solutions to the ballooning crime/justice/penal problems. So long as they’re smart about that race third rail they’re going to shoved towards. So, not likely – but still a problem with solutions that the left isn’t going to even consider!

      • Jack, I don’t disagree that the issues you described are probably good campaign issues for the conservative electorate. There is no doubt in my mind that school indoctrination on race and sex are absolutely detrimental to the U.S. and our society. The GOP platform can be broader than those issues. Using the term strategic independence encapsulates a variety of interests. Strategic independence is an idea that is hard to refute if not impossible. The GOP needs to use language that cannot be impugned. simply calling for energy independence allows the left to twist that into a fossil fuels/climate change argument. Strategic independence includes the manufacture of raw materials for food and pharmaceutical development. It will be difficult to argue that having our own capacity to make spare parts for critical industries is a bad thing that threatens social justice.

        If the GOP wants my vote it needs to begin to address all of these issues in a comprehensive set of ideas on how they can be tackled. I don’t want to hear about working across the aisle for change. I want an action plan. The GOP can and should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

        I do agree that it won’t make a damn bit of difference to be strategically independent if the schools are successful in transforming the young into dependents of the state industrial complex which is, in effect, no different than being slaves on the master’s plantation. I am beginning to believe that to proto-oligarchs of the U.S. are working toward that goal.

  2. The answer to the question posed in the title is “very.” They not only think it they depend on the stupidity of the public. Unfortunately the public provides them ample evidence of their stupidity.

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