“Oh. Well That’s Completely Reasonable.”

More than a year since the 2020 election, the mainstream media’s statement as fact that there were no reasons to question the integrity of the Presidential vote elected Joe Biden, and that the continuing insistence by Donald Trump that the election was “stolen” is a lie are still virtually daily features of the news. It was the main topic in the unethically edited Piers Morgan interview of Trump this week. Meanwhile, the “Trump has set out to destroy Americans’ trust in elections!” mantra is the linchpin in the “Republicans are an existential threat to democracy!” Big Lie that has become one of the handful of desperate messages the Democratic Party will use to try to avoid disaster in November.

Trump’s conviction (he’s may be mistaken, but he’s not lying) that the election was stolen is currently being weaponized by the Democratic House to show that the Jan.6 riot at the Capitol was an attempted coup (while their two partisan impeachments were not), and that his supporters in the GOP were accomplices in an “insurrection.”

Intrinsic to the narrative is the sub-narrative that Republicans are gullible zombies who believe whatever Trump tells them to believe, and that there is no evidence whatsoever to support suspicions about the election, though in crucial states voting laws were loosened illegally, insecure “drop-boxes” were widely employed, and mail-in ballots made undetectable vote manipulation ridiculously easy….never mind the successful efforts by social media platforms and the mainstream media to bury significant news that would hurt Biden’s support.

You know: no reason to be suspicious whatsoever.

The media points to evidence like the Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll last year that found that 53% of Republicans believe Trump is the “true president” now, because Democrats rigged the election.

Outrageous! Morons! This proves what idiot conspiracy theorists the majority of Republicans are! It proves that Trump has corrupted the party, and undermined trust in democracy!

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey found that seventy-two percent (72%) of Democrats believe that the 2016 election outcome was probably changed by Russian interference. They believe that despite all investigations indicating that there is no evidence that this is true. And who began the process of leading Democrats and other members of the public to believe this convenient fantasy?

Hillary Clinton.

11 thoughts on ““Oh. Well That’s Completely Reasonable.”

  1. It’s remarkable how quickly the Democrats went from “The election was stolen!” to “That’s preposterous! You can’t steal an election!” Except, of course, in Georgia, where they still trot out both arguments, depending on whether they’re talking about Stacey Abrams or Donald Trump. It’s like Schrodinger’s Narrative.

  2. “in crucial states voting laws were loosened illegally”
    This sounds like one of those logical paradoxes – is it still a law if it was loosened illegally? Would it be equally true to say “In crucial states, election officials defied the voting laws”?

    • “Defied”? No, because there was no order compelling or restraining action. However, that doesn’t mean the executive branches, and extension, election commissions, followed the law.

      The Constitution directs the Legislature to create voting rules and regulations, not the Executive branches. Trump never argued that mail-in balloting, day-of-election registration programs, and the like, violated the Constitution because they were implemented by governors, mayors, and local election commissions. He would have had a strong argument.


  3. The longer this goes on, the closer this nation might get to civil war. This doesn’t look like it’s about one party wanting to be ascendant anymore. This looks more and more like it’s about one party trying to destroy the other. The Founding Fathers didn’t account for political parties in the beginning, but they certainly didn’t envision a one-party state, where one group of folks would control everything.

    • Agreed. The Democratic Party and all their adherents and fellow travelers simply want single party rule. It’s analogous to BLM and CRT advocates wanting a separate but equal regime. They are separatists.

  4. Among voters who Strongly Approve of Biden’s job performance as president, 86% believe it’s at least somewhat likely Russian interference changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and 75% think it is Very Likely that Russia will try to interfere in this year’s congressional midterm elections.

  5. “ though in crucial states voting laws were loosened illegally, insecure “drop-boxes” were widely employed, and mail-in ballots made undetectable vote manipulation ridiculously easy…”

    And you believe this raises suspicions about what exactly?

    • Simple: if systems have obvious weaknesses that allow cheating, people will cheat. The only question is who and how many. Votes have to have secure chain of custody. Mail-in voting does not. You don’t know who signed the ballot. You don’t know if someone else was directing the vote. Drop boxes allow illicit votes. Vote harvesting. The pandemic was used to justify loose voting rules conducive to untrustworthy elections. The party that wanted those loosened regulations are automatically and logically suspect.

      If you want the public to trust elections, you can’t have them handled like 2020. Simple.

      • Sure. I think no election is perfect and has anomalies.

        Do any of those unconnected election issues mean we can be suspicious that the Democrats rigged the election againt Trump? Or committed fraud in some way?

        • SS You said:

          “Do any of those unconnected election issues mean we can be suspicious that the Democrats rigged the election against Trump? Or committed fraud in some way?”

          Please review the CV of Lawyer Marc Elias and his work with the DNC

          If you had reviewed Jack’s commentary on this issue since November of 2020 you would know that he does not claim that fraud existed. Did Democrat Governors or lawyers in several swing seek to take advantage of the pandemic to adopt voting measures that are ripe for fraud? Yes. Many of these measures were identified by the Cater-Baker Commission on election reform. See some of the highlights below.

          Election integrity means that the people believe that their ballot will count. Governors, election officials, and others who change the rules at the last minute destroy the trust of the citizenry. That is Jack’s main point.

          The Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform

          The 2005 bipartisan Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, led by Democrat President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker, a Republican who served in the George H.W. Bush administration, analyzed the US election system and made recommendations to preserve election integrity. Unfortunately, many states failed to heed the results of the commission’s findings and enact the recommended changes into law. Those 87 recommendations still hold true, among them these seven key principles:

          1) Increase voter ID requirements.

          2) Be leery of mail-in and absentee voting risks and halt ballot harvesting.

          3) Avoid duplicate registration across state lines and maintain voter lists.

          4) Allow election observers to monitor ballot processing for integrity.

          5) Use reliable voting machines and be sure they are working properly.

          6) Stop the media from calling elections.

          7) Prosecute voter fraud.

          Simple protections against fraud, like voter ID and updated voter registration lists, make perfect sense if we truly believe that every vote must count. Election officials should take another look at the commission’s recommendations and make sure they’re doing everything possible to protect the integrity of our elections.

          The commission was created to address voting and election integrity issues raised by the tumultuous 36-day postelection battle of 2000, which was settled by the U.S. Supreme Court decision that resulted in awarding Florida’s 25 electoral votes and the presidency to Republican George W. Bush over Democrat Al Gore.

          Had Congress and state governments adopted many of the panel’s recommendations, the 2020 postelection mess between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden might have been avoided, said Carter-Baker Commission member Kay C. James, now the president of The Heritage Foundation.

          Several state legislatures adopted aspects of the recommendations, particularly voter ID proposals. However, Congress reportedly was unenthusiastic about the report.


  6. I just received a postcard from my county Registrar. I need not ask for an absentee ballot this year, as we’ll be voting by mail this year; presumably for eternity. You can still vote at a polling place on Election Day, as well as the ten days preceding it. There will also be convenient drop boxes. California should just get it over with and secede.
    I’m disabled, which makes going anywhere an ordeal. If the ballot I receive in the mail doesn’t offer any ID requirements, I am weighing if I should submit more than one ballot; the ballots will just be a novelty in such circumstances. Dead people, children, felons, non-citizens, and pets always vote Democrat, sometimes twice.

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