This, Apparently, Is Ethical “Misinformation”…

The New York Time Book Review this week includes a review by novelist Mitchell S. Jackson of Elizabeth Alexander’s book “The Trayvon Generation.” I haven’t read the book itself, but it’s goals and orientation are clear from the review by Jackson. Jackson is, like Alexander, a Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory endorsing activist. If I were editing a book review supplement, I would think it mandatory to assign a reviewer to Alexander’s work who wasn’t so obviously predisposed to agree with her views and praise them, but that’s just not how the Times rolls these days. But this isn’t the point of my post.

This is: in the middle of his review, Alexander wrote—and the Times printed—

Never forget — on Feb. 26, 2012, a hella overzealous volunteer neighborhood watch captain named George Zimmerman stalked and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Never forget — on July 13, 2013, a jury acquitted Zimmerman, an egregious verdict that fomented the Black Lives Matter movement into being.

What the reviewer tells readers to “never forget’ is false. Zimmerman did not “stalk” (or, as some mainstream media reporters similarly falsely put it “hunt”) Trayvon Martin. As was detailed at the trial, all evidence shows that Zimmerman, suspicious of Martin as a stranger within the gated community that Zimmerman served as a neighborhood watch captain (I had to look up “hella”), was trying to track his movements until police arrive. The “stalking” narrative was devised to justify charging Zimmerman with first degree murder, which the facts did not support. I have followed the movements of suspicious vehicles and individuals in the parking lot next to our cul de sac after calling 911. I have never “stalked” them.

The second statement of fact that we are supposed to “remember” is that George Zimmerman’s acquittal was “egregious.” “Egregious” means “conspicuously bad.” I’m a lawyer, a former prosecutor and defense attorney, and I have studied criminal trials for decades. Jackson’s experience with criminal law is that he was convicted of drug charges and sent to prison. He is not a lawyer. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan would say, Mitchell is entitled to his opinion, but not to his own facts.  Just as Zimmerman did not stalk Martin, the not guilty verdict in Zimmerman trial was not “conspicuously bad” by any conceivable standard. In fact, there was virtually no evidence presented that would have sustained a guilty verdict beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution’s lead investigator even stated under oath that he believed Zimmerman’s account of the tragedy was truthful. That statement alone made a verdict of not guilty unavoidable. Jackson saying otherwise is like saying the moon is made of cheese. He doesn’t know what he is is talking about.

I presume that if he had written, in a non-satirical context, that the moon was made of cheese, the Times editors would have made him drop that claim.

The myth that Trayvon Martin was hunted down and murdered by a profiling racist playing cop is part of the rotten foundation of Black Lives Matters, and thus is constantly being injected into public consciousness to fertilize racial hate, division and suspicion. It is exactly the kind of “misinformation” that Big Tech, social media and sinister aspiring totalitarian censors like Robert Reich and Barack Obama want to keep from public ears and eyes, except that it is misinformation that they all want circulated. Therefore, though Jackson and the Times and Alexander all tweeted out or retweeted those two non-facts we are supposed to “remember,” none of their accounts have been suspended, and won’t be. Jackson’s false statements are good misinformation, you see.

It is misinformation that the Left benefits from having as many people believe it as possible.

In a related development, Twitter used Earth Day to begin a new policy banning ads that contradict “scientific consensus”  regarding climate change.


6 thoughts on “This, Apparently, Is Ethical “Misinformation”…

  1. There is (of course) a video on Bablyon Bee video regarding Musk’s proposal to buy Twitter.

    “If he buys our free speech platform, everyone will be able to have free speech on our platform”.

    The horror!

  2. In a related development, Twitter used Earth Day to begin a new policy banning ads that contradict “scientific consensus” regarding climate change.

    Here is the scientific consensus.

    We considered a war in which a mere 100 megatons were exploded, less than one percent of the world arsenals, and only in low-yield airbursts over cities. This scenario, we found, would ignite thousands of fires, and the smoke from these fires alone would be enough to generate an epoch of cold and dark almost as severe as in the 5000 megaton case. The threshold for what Richard Turco has called The Nuclear Winter is very low.

  3. I’ve been talking for a while about how the left wants a monopoly on honor. I think the left ultimately wants a monopoly on everything, but it looks like a monopoly on propaganda and on free speech is their next goal. I think a lot of companies, like disney, like google, like all those companies that gave huge amounts of money to Black lives matter, we’re bullied into forgetting that it’s not just about owing the so-called socially conscious something, or owing their woke employees something. They also owe their customers reasonable service and their stockholders some kind of profit. But that’s all going to get buried now as the propagandists in the mainstream media turn their sights on the governor of Florida, his party, and anyone else from that party who tries to follow the same path. You see, not only is it perfectly okay when woke big tech imposes censorship, not only is it perfectly all right when Democrats in big government use their powers to force private industry into line, or break players in private industry who won’t toe the line, it’s horrible and disgusting when the other side uses what influence it has to get a countervailing message out, and it’s disgusting and despicable when the other side uses what governmental power it has the same way.

    Remember 2 years ago when they took COPS and one other show off the air and were talking about trying to take all other police procedurals and law enforcement shows off the air? They called them “copaganda” and said that the networks had a responsibility to stop being shills for law enforcement, because, essentially, every law enforcement officer out there was no different than Derek Chauvin. So apparently that was bad propaganda.

    Remember when the incoming Biden administration quickly disbanded Trump’s 1776 Commission, for whatever it was called? Apparently the idea of an education policy that teaches pride in America’s achievements is bad propaganda. However, non-scholarship like the 1619 project is not just good propaganda but great propaganda. Then there is the ongoing War between Fox and every other network out there. It’s great when CNN and MSNBC show for big government, big tech, and everything else the Democratic party stands for. That’s good propaganda. It is terrible when Fox does the opposite. That’s really bad propaganda.

    The left is really becoming expert at dismissal by name calling. If you dare to disagree with climate change, you are a “denier,” and you must be not just ignored, but silenced. If you dare to say that open borders is a poor policy but it’s going to lead to a lot of problems, then you are a “xenophobe,” and you must be silenced. If you dare to disagree with critical race theory, then you’re a “racist” and must be silenced or jailed. And heaven forbid you dare say that these accusations against a few hundred idiots are being trumped up into something they simply aren’t, then you’re a traitor, just like Elizabeth Warren said Kevin McCarthy is.

    There is a scene in The Return of the King where Gandalf is admonishing Pippin about what not to say when they come before Denethor, Steward of Gondor. After two or three sets of increasingly restrictive instructions, he finally says, “in fact, maybe it’s better if you don’t speak at all.” He’s actually somewhat justified, since Pippin has already made at least two costly mistakes due to idleness and foolishness (dropping a stone down a well to attract the attention of the orcs in Moria and looking into the palantir, allowing Sauron to locate the remaining members of the fellowship), but the left is guilty of the same mentality towards anyone who does not agree with them. Maybe it’s better if they not be allowed to speak at all. Maybe it’s better if the police remain silent and no one attempt to speak up on their behalf, since they have shown themselves to be a culture of bullies who rough up young black men and kill black people without a second thought. Maybe it’s better that the media who don’t lean left not be allowed to put whatever out into the world, because they’ve shown themselves to side with the wrong causes. Maybe it would be even better if no one was allowed to speak except the left and their designated experts like Dr. Fauci.

    Why not? goes the reasoning. It’s not even about it being easier to win an argument if the other side is not allowed to speak or to win a game if the other side is not even allowed to play. However, I don’t think it’s even that. I think the left’s attitude at this point is that of old school teachers who would not hesitate to belt you one right across the chops and say “when I’m talking you shut up and you listen,” or old school parents who would expect children, that’s the rest of us, to be seen and not heard. Unless of course, we are reciting our lessons. Say it again, “Black lives matter!” Again! Again!!! AGAIN!!!!

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