Wonderful Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 4/29/22: Chauvin Appeals, Curmie Attacks, Totalitarians Unmask, And More

You know, I used to choreograph crap like that.

1. Reading assignment! Esteemed Ethics Alarms commenter Curmie has, as promised, posted an essay on his blog discussing the revolting development described here in item #3. I really should have devoted a whole post to it myself: that’s the saga of the San Francisco eighth-grade teacher who was pounced on by her school by being too informative in her instruction on American slavery: She actually brought cotton bolls into class. As he always has done, Curmie’s commentary is sharp and persuasive, and I recommend it highly. Here’s a sample…

Of course, there are those who need to be perceived as victims or they would evaporate like dew in an Arizona August morning. If they can’t complain that the real history of this country isn’t being taught, they’ll complain that it is. Naturally, the teacher in question was suspended for five weeks, and one can reasonably suspect that her subsequent apology was coerced as a condition of her reinstatement. It has all the authenticity of the fake confessions of American POWs in the Korean War. The problem here goes beyond punishing a teacher for doing nothing wrong. Her travails are the direct result of doing something right.  Humiliating good teachers for doing their jobs has become a blood sport.  This must stop.

Indeed it must, along with a lot of other things we are seeing lately courtesy of the Wonderful World of Woke. The question is how?

2. Wilful ignorance or sinister propaganda? Here’s a second reading assignment: progressive columnist Frank Bruni’s op-ed in the Times opposing the idea that parents should exert oversight on what their children are taught in school. Somehow he managed to miss entirely the core element of trust. Once too many teachers decided that their function was to engage in political indoctrination, once the web allowed parents to read about school punishing students for making finger guns and teaching their kids to sing songs extolling Obama, and when an unexpected side effect of (wrongly) closing the schools was to allow parents to witness the kind of instruction that goes on and the kinds of social justice warriors who handled it, responsible parents decided that it was time to assert themselves. And they have, and are. Good.

Bruni doesn’t think “good.” Of course his complaint centers on the Florida Parental Rights in Education law, because apparently knowledge about transexualism and gay sex is as essential to public school education as the “Three Rs.” Not if I’m paying for it, it isn’t, and not when the decision of what to say and teach in class is being made by members by an organization led by radical demagogue Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers union, who among other things endorsed, in a burst of signature significance, this woman  as the new president of the American Library Association. Does Bruni really think parents should trust people like this to decide what their children are taught, or does he just want them to be taught to become future Leftist totalitarians?

3. Hey, it worked for Terry McAuliffe! “They’re all our children,” President Biden said last week  at the 2022 Teacher of the Year ceremony hosted by the White House. “They are not somebody’s else children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.” Joe spoke with his usual lack of precision: what does “like yours” mean? Never mind: the concept that the state has any ownership rights over children and that it trumps parental authority in any setting not involving law enforcement is right out of “1984.”

4. The freakout over Elon Musk is a tell. Musk isn’t even a conservative, but the Furies of the Left are attacking him as if he was Joseph Goebbels incarnate. Joy Reid, one of MSMBC’s official racists, has led the deranged chorus that Musk is a “white supremacist” because he was born in South Africa during apartheid before moving to Canada as a teenager. This is pure bigotry, but in their panic over having someone who doesn’t approve of ideological censorship running the nations most censorious social media platform, any metaphorical port in a storm. I have read several commentators who conclude that progressives wouldn’t be so hysterical if they did not count on a left-committed Twitter to be a vital tool in their quest for power. That conclusion seems unavoidable now. The prospect, for example, that a former President of the United States might be allowed to use a communication platform used by such habitual liars and ethics corrupters as Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Ibram X. Kendri (and on, and on) so terrifies these anti-democratic termites in the foundation of democracy that they no longer are being careful that they don’t sound like enemies of the Bill of Rights…which is what they are. Slate editor Jordan Weissman writes, cutely, “Personally, I Prefer Having Fewer Nazis on Twitter,” but he doesn’t mean just literal Nazis, who would still have a right to have their opinions heard in the public square. He means people he doesn’t agree with, supporters of President Trump (who is neither white supremacist nor a Nazi), and people who engage in “hate speech” (speech he hates), and “misinformation” (the bad kind; the mainstream media and progressive politicians deal in only the good kind.)

I think Musk will have his hands full trying to keep Twitter from becoming a cesspool, but the fact that so many progressives and Democrats now regard free speech as a sinister conservative conspiracy tells us just how far classic liberalism has rotted away.

5. What? Derek Chauvin thinks that the fact that jurors thought the city would be burned down and they would be hounded to their deaths if they didn’t find him guilty might have robbed him of a fair trial? Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is appealing his conviction for murder in the death of George Floyd, arguing that jurors were intimidated by the protests that followed and prejudiced by heavy pretrial publicity. Well, of course he was. How can anyone deny that? Chauvin did not get a fair trial, and the only question is whether our judicial system has the integrity to take the appropriate action. Frankly, I doubt it. Chauvin should appeal though, futile as it might be, and his conviction should be overturned, unlikely as that is. The judge was a fool not to order the trial to take place out of the Twin Cities, and not to sequester the jury.

15 thoughts on “Wonderful Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 4/29/22: Chauvin Appeals, Curmie Attacks, Totalitarians Unmask, And More

  1. #5 “Chauvin should appeal though, futile as it might be, and his conviction should be overturned, unlikely as that is. The judge was a fool not to order the trial to take place out of the Twin Cities, and not to sequester the jury.”

    I agree. After all, …The Chauvin Jury Finds The Defendant Guilty As They Were Ordered To Do…. What happened was really not “justice” but a railroading of Chauvin into the slammer to virtue signal and appease violent mobs and the court of public opinion. I don’t think Chauvin could get a fair trial anywhere in the USA; what he needs is a new identity, some reconstructive plastic surgery and then moved to a different country.

    The conspiracy theory that anti-white racists will be using if the the conviction is overturned is that the Judge is a racist and intentionally held the trial where he did to set it up a successful Chauvin appeal. I’ve already heard that argument from someone.

  2. “they no longer are being careful that they don’t sound like enemies of the Bill of Rights…which is what they are.”

    If they’ve had the kind of success I think they’ve had in educating the younger generations the way they want – then they don’t have to worry about this – as I deeply suspect that the average product of the public education system has less regard for the Bill or Rights and Constitution than we’d hope with a dangerous many fully having no faith in the principles behind either.

    • Pro-Americans no longer have the ability to point at a particular Amendment and say “because the Constitution says so!” – no Pro-Americans running into any one of the countless drones manufactured by the leftwing educational system will be compelled in any conversation about politics to try to summarize the 500 years of arguments and philosophy and the 2000 years of history that led directly to *why* we wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights the way we did and why following the words of the documents almost religiously matters before we can even then go on to discussing politics.

      A nearly impossible task.

      • The overall problem I see is that these hive minded left-wing drones have essentially rejected liberty and the core of Constitution. The Constitution has become nothing but an barrier preventing the extreme left from shoving the USA straight over the cliff into a totalitarian abyss. How long will liberty and the Constitution last when the brainwashed generation takes over and will the Constitutional patriots that still exist at that time be willing to pay the high cost of liberty once again.

        “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

        “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” Ronald Reagan

        Will The USA Survive The 21st Century Cultural Shift?

  3. “I think Musk will have his hands full trying to keep Twitter from becoming a cesspool…”

    Well, I’ve been describing Twitter as a cesspool for some time now. If I could look back at my comment history I’m sure I said it at least once here at EA. Twitter already is a cesspool and all these people saying they’re worried about disinformation haven’t been paying attention so far. If you conclude that Twitter is full of disinformation then the logical conclusion is: Don’t use it as a source but for entertainment only, duh. Personally, [cue] as I’ve said before, I’ve never used or read Twitter unless it was embedded in a post I’m reading. I’ve never gone directly to the cesspool to get the latest shit.

    • Plus, let’s not forget: “The SEC filing also disclosed that either Twitter or Musk could terminate the deal if it is not closed by Oct. 24. The date could be extended for another six months to meet certain closing conditions such as antitrust and foreign investment clearances.”

      It’s not official until it’s official.

  4. Musk is going to have to clean house in the extreme if he wants Twitter to embrace his free-speech ideals. First step would be to move the company headquarters to Texas alongside his other companies, then end all work-from-home policies. That would get rid of 80% of the problem children right away.

    If he doesn’t plan to completely root out the rotten culture at the company, he might as well just close it down and wipe all the servers (with a cloth?) the day after the sale is final.

    It is fascinating to watch all the changes suddenly occurring on Twitter (from afar – I don’t use the beast), even though the sale won’t be final for months. Suddenly conservative accounts are reporting surges in followers, the algorithms are no longer automatically flagging certain topics as forbidden, and so on. There’s obviously a digital document-burning going on, trying to destroy evidence of how the service has been manipulating public opinion before Musk can get his hands on it. I wonder if that runs afoul of any laws or contracts that pertain to this purchase…

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