Open Forum!

I typically would have featured my favorite meme ever in the warm-up–May 6 is the anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster (in 1937)—but I couldn’t wait.

It’s Friday, and time to discuss the ethics issues you choose after putting up with my choices all week. (That, by the way, is the honest and ethical use of “choice.”)

48 thoughts on “Open Forum!

  1. Land of Fruit Cakes and Nut Cases Governor Gavvy: If Men Could GET PREGNANT This Wouldn’t Even Be A Conversation

    With his own WOKEWEBSITE assuring the great unwashed that men can, in fact, GET PREGNANT, take a (heh!) wild guess which direction this’s taken.

  2. Tim LeVier batting down people on twitter today regarding this. But wow. Remember, when hyperventilators on the Left indicated that the rise of Trump and the MAGA crowd were the same as the what happened early in the fall of the Roman Republic?

    Well, when the Executive Branch quietly endorses mob violence against the Judicial Branch by a mealy mouthed non-condemnation – well, now we’re actually talking really dangerous stuff for the Constitution.

    • I completely agree. Ironically, this could have been used as a chance to defend the right to privacy which is the shaky rationale for Roe in the first place.

      • Imagined the freakout if Trump said “Since we’re doxing justices, and the left is OK with it, here are the home addresses of Kegan, Sotamayor, Breyer and Brown… “

        • If this results in bloodshed or loss of life, then I think we will have really sunk to Third World status. This is the kind of thing that used to happen in Peru, where judges had to be hooded and their voices obscured to protect their identities and their families.

        • There are many democrats who should be praising Barr’s reluctantly to use his office for political means. If Trump had appointed a hack like so many recent democrat attorney generals, there are many people he or she could have gone after.

          As an aside, is there a rule regarding where federal cases must be brought when they are “against the government” so to speak? No republican can get a fair trial in DC. This gives democrats an unfair advantage. If republican prosecutors could bring cases in say, Oklahoma, they could get the same advantage.

  3. It was reported in the NYT’s that the Russian Generals were being killed with the assistance of the US using our high tech drones. It does not seem likely that we could have trained the Ukrainians in their use in 60 days. How will the Kremlin interpret this and who in the WH or the Pentagon leaked the information to the press. Information like this could escalate the conflict and give the Russians the ability to say that we are waging war in Russia.

    • I don’t like the leaks. But I’m also considerably less concerned by Russian escalation.

      What strikes me as odd – there’s no way Russia doesn’t know yet that we’ve been feeding the Ukrainians intel from day one. Therefore, I don’t see how Russia hasn’t yet coordinated one of it’s little 3rd world nation’s terrorist proxy elements to make a bold strike against any of the hundreds of NATO naval vessels or NATO aircraft anywhere in the world.

    • I have seen American reporting indicating that the Russian news is reporting that it is highly likely that the war will end up using nuclear weapons. Is that fear mongering or the actual mental state of the kremlin? Who knows. News coverage of the Ukrainian war seems to be entirely propaganda. The truth is we don’t even know if any Russian generals have actually been killed, much less whether American drones were used to kill them.

      The ghost of Kiev has now been debunked. The story was never anything but propaganda. The deaths of the snake island soldiers were also nothing but propaganda. The CIA and Russian intelligence agencies seem to have a propaganda war going on. To what purpose only they could say.

        • It is flat out propaganda for the masses in Russia. Russia doesn’t want to look weak to their citizens. At the same time that Russia is saying that in state run media, their ambassador in the US is making opposing press releases here. He is pointing out that the Russian nuclear doctrine prohibits the first use of nuclear weapons unless the existence of Russia is threatened.
          Even though that is the case, I think it is very important for the US to invite Russian military here and show how the US nuclear arsenal is fully maintained and functional. The more Russian soldiers in their nuclear forces no MAD is alive and well, the more likely it is that they won’t follow a launch order. Invite them to the ‘war room’, let them see some submarines and silos and how all are ready to go. We tell them that we don’t want to use them, and the best way to make sure we don’t is that Russia knows we will.

  4. The ethics of anger.

    Democrats have climbed up on their high horse and have shown us that their anger at Republicans is pure as the driven snow and the only anger that they consider to be valid?

    Let’s play the who’s anger is ethical game.

    Is it the anger of the ones that think that abortion is exterminating an utterly helpless human being or is it the anger of the those that want to be free from responsibility for their actions (or lack thereof) and be given a free choice to exterminate an unwanted parasite clump of cells? Who’s anger is ethical?

    Is it the anger of the ones supporting the Constitution, Liberty and reasonable cultural status quo or is it the anger of the extreme anti-Constitution, anti-Liberty, anti-culture, aka anti-American, extreme shifting towards totalitarianism movement? Who’s anger is ethical?

    I’ve heard it said from Democrats that Republicans shouldn’t go against the will of a vastly changing nation demographically, socially, and culturally; in other words, Republicans should be bowing to the will of social justice warriors and the “age of rage” angry horde of stupid people; to that I say…

    Will the USA survive the 21st century cultural shift? I think the irrational reaction to the leaked draft from the political left is signature significant and should be a prophetic predictor of more of their ends justifies the means “mostly peaceful” reactions yet to come. In my opinion, if the extreme political left (that hates the USA) gets their way, the USA will not survive the 21st century cultural shift.

    People have been indoctrinated into hating the United States, yes they literally hate (feel intense or passionate dislike for) the United States and everything it stands for. They hate that the 1st Amendment applies to everyone and they’ll go out of their way to socially silence the free speech of those they disagree with, they hate ethical journalism that presents all the facts and lets the people decide and instead promote activist journalism that only supports one ideological viewpoint, they hate the concept of innocent until proven guilty and actively argue against it – it’s guilt by accusation and guilty until proven innocent for them, they hate the justice system and anyone or anything that supports it because it doesn’t support their belief of guilt by accusation, they hate civility and are clearly in favor of social chaos, they hate the police and want to smear them and defund them, they hate anyone that opposes their ideological hive mind and try to socially cancel all opposition, they hate a Constitution that dares to allow others to oppose their hive mind, they hate that our basic freedoms allow some people to make more money than others – they want to take money from the rich and give to the poor, they hate equality in favor of equity, they hate that their opposition has any rights whatsoever – they believe in rights for me but not for thee, they hate the fact that equal opportunity doesn’t equate to equal outcomes, they hate our system of education and are actively doing everything they can to bastardize it into ideological indoctrination training, they hate that all our history (both good and bad) make us what we are today, they hate, Hate, HATE and they want you to hate right along with them and if you don’t then you’re considered evil. The goal of these chaotic hate filled anti-America extremists is to fundamentally change this nation into a hive minded totalitarian nation where the immoral totalitarians control nearly every aspect of your life and thoughts. These immoral totalitarians are no longer hiding in the dark sub-culture outcast corners of our nation, they’re out in the mainstream of society controlling everything from our teachers and school boards to local, state and national politics.

    These people that I’m talking about (not all Democrats but an apparent progressive leaning majority) are an irrational totalitarian horde of rather stupid people. There’s an old saying, “beware what one seeks, as you may actually get it”; seriously folks, what happens to liberty if this irrational totalitarian horde of stupid people get their way? When you drop a rock it falls, the irrational totalitarian horde of stupid people have slipped off their slippery slope and are free falling into an abyss of Orwellian totalitarianism and socially canceled brown shirt styled fascism. The public needs to recognize this movement for what it really is. This is not going to end well.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” Benjamin Franklin

  5. ETHICS STARTER: Do you feel the below response is true? Patently false? Does it depend on perspective and experience? In general terms of American society, does the below at least pass the smell test?

    ***From TikTok***
    What’s something you’ll get a lot of hate for if you say it out loud:

    “That men, their whole life, was taught how to treat a woman and not what to expect from a woman; but women were taught their whole life what to expect from a man but not how to treat a man.”

    • It’s the truth, at least among American women, most of whom think their presence is enough. Then again, what do you expect from girls raised on a steady diet of princess movies and empowerment stories? Of course they think their presence is enough. That’s why Asian or other foreign wives are a hot commodity.

    • There is some truth to that assuming one grew up in a Eurocentric home before 1973. I cannot speak for other cultural social frameworks. I do think it may be still true as well in Hispanic communities where fathers are more likely to be in the household and the European influences from Spanish culture. My reasoning is based on observation and established social/governmental norms.
      Nonetheless, if misogyny is on the rise one look at today’s youth culture which views women as “ho’s” or Bitches could give us a clue as to why.

  6. Yeah – this might become a Friday feature for me. Sourced ethics scenarios that I come across on TikTok.

    ETHICS STARTER: Series: “Am I the asshole?”
    @mcarredesigns posts to TikTok ( )

    Am I the asshole for exposing my ex to his mother about our kids? I’m currently divorced from my ex of 30 years and we ended up seeing a lawyer and dividing everything. Everything was wrapped up until he said he no longer wanted to be part of our kids lives, 5 & 12 years old. I didn’t argue with him because I know what it’s like to have a parent who doesn’t want you. I asked what he wanted me to tell the kids and he said he doesn’t care and he just doesn’t want to be a parent anymore.

    A few weeks later I got a call from my ex mother-in-law asking if we could meet each other. When I come over, she’s breaking down and begging me to let my ex see his kids. I was confused, but then realized what he had said. So I called him in front of his mom and asked her not to speak.

    I said ‘Hey our 5-yo has a soccer game in a few days and I was wondering if you’d like to go.’

    He said, ‘No. I told you I’m not doing this kid thing anymore. No birthdays. No holidays. I’m not interested.’

    I asked how this would affect his mom and he said ‘She’s not going to care.’

    His mom looked shocked. She said she would contact me in a few days.

    Later that day my ex called me in a rage telling me that he’s been kicked out and is almost going to be thrown out of the will, that it’s all my fault for telling his mom how he really felt. So, am I the asshole?

      • I agree…too easy. I’m extremely skeptical of these stories that look like something out of a soap opera or a sitcom. The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” comes to mind. First, this isn’t really a controversial “maybe I could be wrong” scenario, this is a hero of their own story broadcasting their victory over a heartless and stupid villain. And seriously, why would this guy tell his ex he wants nothing to do with their kids, say his mother won’t care, yet let his mother think he DOES want to see his kids? He lives with her, wouldn’t it be easier to just make a token effort to get parent time with his kids for Granny’s sake? Otherwise he’d have to explain why he’s neither seeing them nor making any effort through his lawyer and the courts to see them.

  7. My niece turns seven this month and still doesn’t know the alphabet fully. This last weekend we asked her how she’s learning to read and she said on a tablet. We asked her if she wants to learn to read actual books. Her answer was no.

    How should a concerned family member and tax payer approach this situation ethically? I know COVID-19 mandates played a role but her being this dumbed down is ridiculous.

    • Well, unfortunately you aren’t in a position to take bold action. But as in all upbringing – the only place to start with someone not as developed as they should be is to start where they left off. It may literally mean, within what power you have, to introduce her to pre-school picture books and to be joyful about reading them with her. Even if she doesn’t want to, you can let her know it’s only 5 minutes, then we can go outside.

    • You need to honestly answer for yourself, are you spend time working with her everyday or are you not close enough (physically or otherwise) that you are unable to devote that time and effort? This is not as a judgement or guilt trip, but because that changes the answer quite a bit. If you can spend time with her every day, you can teach her to read and read fun stuff to her to help her want to read. If not, you can try to encourage her parents to do so, otherwise I don’t think there is much you can do.

      If people are willing to work with her, there are two different approaches to try. One is “The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading”. I like this one as it covers pretty much all the rules for reading. My eight-year-old reads WAY above level after trying this program. Another, liked by my friend, a SpEd ELA instructor for the ease of the program is “Teach Your Kids to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.”. I pesonally despise the approach, but it is easier for my six year old to understand and does not require the knowledge of all the letter names to get started. I have both because one kid couldn’t understand one book, the other didn’t handle the other.

      As a note, you can purchase a one-year subscription to Starfall for her family if they are willing to work with her. This is pretty cheap. It is on her tablet or a computer, but the games help her with her letters and to learn to read. I would NOT have this on it’s own, but my daughter who has some developmental delays loves having Starfall to supplement her reading lessons with games and I like the fact that the games make her figure out some phonics. We have my daughter read 5 sections in her 10 section assignment. Then she can play a game. Then we have her finish up and she gets another game. She is only allowed Starfall games in reading class (homeschool mom).

    • For a humble brag, don’t worry about reading on a tablet vs real books. My 10 year old daughter (4th grade) started reading on tablets (and is now probably 50/50 between books and tablet). She reads above an 8th grade level (the highest the 4th grade standardized testing goes). Most of this is just genetics and personality; we didn’t do anything special other than encouraging her natural love of reading.
      For your niece, has she been tested for reading issues (dyslexia, etc)? This has risen dramatically in school systems so some are essentially trying their best to avoid classifying students that way. I have a friend that had to take his obviously dyslexic son to an independent testing center to get their diagnosis to force the school to acknowledge it in his son. Additionally, how well those students are assisted varies from school to school. We used to live in a small town with two equally sized elementary schools, each with a reading specialist. However, one school had about 70% of the kids needing reading assistance.
      The biggest change comes with parents being an advocate for her with the school system. Pushing the school, but also working to partner with the school on how to improve.

  8. I was very worried when my daughter wasn’t reading in Kindergarten. This, despite us reading picture books to here incessantly since she was born. The struggle is real and unless a parent helps to break that barrier, relying solely on public education is a recipe for disaster. Teachers like to take all the credit in a child’s education, but you can’t let them. As parents we spend hours upon hours teaching in our own way. Whether it’s helping them understand their school work or enriching their lives in other ways.

    For my daughter, because of my concern, I started reading Harry Potter to her. Sure, it was probably a little old for her by the time we got to the end, but when you’re reading books, it’s not as scary because you understand the character development. This was the first step in the transition. We went from me reading (aloud) picture books, to me reading (aloud) Harry Potter, to her reading some starter books like Magic Treehouse.

    Now the last components to finding success are, regularity and interest. I read Harry Potter non-stop 1-3 chapters a night the whole way through from book 1 to book 7. (I loved doing that. Also consider that I’m a big TV & movie guy. This was the first time I picked up a book since I had initially read Harry Potter just for myself years ago when book 7 was published.)

    And interest. The kid needs to be interested in the subject matter. We helped that with HP in two ways. 1) the first two books had just published an illustrated edition with some complimentary artwork (still all the words unabridged.) and 2) after each book, we got to watch the movie. When she found out there were movies, her interest skyrocketed.

    Every night I read her interest was piqued and she learned how to build up her imagination. Plus she got to stop me and ask what certain words meant.

    Now she’s almost 12, and wouldn’t you know it, she can’t f’n write to save her life. No joke. (I absolutely hate writing….or at least, explaining writing and how to write, or learning how to write…which is why everything I write on here is utter rubbish.)

    • Tim, Michael, and Sarah – thank you for your input!

      Her parents are unfortunately pretty busy working full-time. We go over the alphabet with her on Sundays and it helps a little.

      I will share all these suggestions with my family. Again, thank you!

      • I get busy. A nice thing is either of those programs I gave are about 20 minutes a day, so potentially not outside the range of busy parents. Some of the extras for review put them at about 45 minutes and streamlining (so cutting a lot of review) gets them to 15. (Nope, never cut review when I had a migraine or cold, never…ever…ok, you caught me and she does ok even on those days.). A half lesson a day also works well, if slower.

  9. Time to fisk this article.

    Lilly and her ilk want to liken the ability to choose to terminate a pregnancy with the right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated. That’s not even an apples-to-oranges comparison – it’s apples to Mack trucks.

    Just not in the way the authoer thinks.

    Until they prove that a vaccine mandate can kill, it’s a flimsy argument.

    My longtime Usenet ally, Christopher Charles Morton, once overheard a cashier mentioning how a relative of hers died from blood clots caused by the vaccine.

    The freedom not to get vaccinated means you can’t access certain non-essential services because you’re much more likely to get other people sick. Those two premises are wildly different.
    And what happens when they try to access those services.

    f bodily autonomy were these protesters’ major concern, surely they’d also protesting those laws. But while they’re happy to linguistically invoke the severity of those situations, they’re using that language to protest the fact that they can’t see the new Spiderman in theatres.

    Many of them do protest these laws.

    Of course, the author neglects to mention that never before in history has a vaccine been required to go to a movie theater.

    Ontario, for instance, requires elementary and high school students to have proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, meningococcal disease, and chickenpox (if they’re born after 2010). This isn’t new, or unusual.

    Strangely enough, those vaccines are not, nor were ever, required to visit a movie theater, bar, or restaurant.

    If I believed it were my right to yell at my boss, or skip work twice a week, or take no precautions against getting people sick with a potentially fatal disease, I would expect to lose my job. I have the legal freedom to do things, sure, but there are limits to those freedoms meant to protect the freedoms of the people around me.

    The government is the one requiring employers to require employees to get vaccinated from one disease.

    Fundamentally, it’s about having options. Like Lilly, I consider myself firmly pro-choice. She doesn’t have to get the vaccine, and neither does anyone else. The only thing preventing them from eating in a restaurant or going to a bar is their own freedom of choice.

    If they refuse the vaccine and decide to go to a bar or eat at a restaurant anyway, what happens?

  10. Texas has a couple of Constitutional amendments on ballot today and Fort Worth has a few amendments to the city charter as well. Ordinarily my wife and I go vote individually and neither has the kids. Today, we rolled it into a series of tasks we needed to both complete so the kids were with us.

    I don’t know about all the other parents of young children here, who may or may not have already done this:

    But it turned out to be a great experience taking the kids to the polls. If you haven’t yet – do it. Great conversations with the next generation.

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