Pop Quiz: Funny, Tragic, Or Condign Justice?

I have to give W. credit for a good recovery, though, or at least as good a recovery as anyone could manage.

Still, the ethics issues is competence and responsibility. Seventy-five or not, if you are in the public spotlight and a former or current President, there are some gaffes you either must be sure you don’t make, or you stay away from the podium.

10 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Funny, Tragic, Or Condign Justice?

    • Oh, there’s no comparison, I agree, but that doesn’t mean the Bush-haters and historical revionsists won’t have a field day with that gaffe. “Don’t give your enemies a stick to beat you with” is a basic rule of politics.

        • Until they got Trump and then Bush II became a wise elder statesman. When you’re dealing with Hitler himself, the previous Hitler wannabes don’t matter.

          Now that’s Trump’s out of office, Bush can be despised again. No different than how John McCain and GW Bush were esteemed at their deaths for how great they were because of those stupid feuds they had with Trump.

  1. I think it’s sad. Regardless of what we think of the Iraq War, its causes, the motivations for starting it or the outcome, Bush misspoke as anyone who speaks regularly in public is wont to do. That he misspoke in a way that has Democrats, Progressives and all the people who can now feel free to hate him again now that Trump’s out of office pouncing on what they certainly feel is a Freudian slip is just another example of the double standard that has existed for years now. Republicans don’t make honest mistakes in their world. They are either stupid or lying or both.

  2. He gets a pass, and credit for handling the stumble with humor. Only the fact that he was obviously referencing notes (or perhaps a prepared speech?) makes me even raise an eyebrow. I’ve done worse, numerous times, and didn’t correct myself as quickly. So has literally everyone else who speaks in public on a regular basis. My standard means of recovering from a similar misstep: “I talk for a living,” with accompanying eyeroll and head-shake.
    Nor is this a political gotcha, unless we think that Fox News, who called it an “unfortunate Iraq gaffe” is part of the conspiracy.
    Sure, people like those at the New Statesman are going to call it “unintentionally revealing.” In the words of the great philosopher Taylor Swift (among others), haters gonna hate.
    The story is definition by example of a nothingburger.

    • Agree that he gets a pass. Ukraine and Iraq have a strong “K” sound. The words got crossed, and it was mildly amusing to anyone not blinded by hate.

      • With all the gaffes Biden makes? People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. They should also dress in the basement. 😀

  3. Never thought I’d see a fresh Bushism. W wasn’t the most eloquent speaker, but he could recover well, and seemed to take his gaffes in stride. Gave me a chuckle, at least. The people using this as evidence that we were wrong to go into Iraq, though, are at least approaching unethical territory.

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