Tag-Team Comment Of The Day: “And This Is What The Great Stupid Looks Like…”

JutGory and Steve-O-In NJ gave us a spontaneous call and response Comment of the Day on the topic of “white supremacy,” which has seemingly taken over for “racist” as the progressive/Democrat/mainstream reflex term to demonize conservatives, Republicans, patriots, anyone who believes in the Constitution, or anyone who opposes in good faith the Black Lives Matter agenda.

Here is their joint Comment of the Day on the post, “And This Is What The Great Stupid Looks Like…”:



White Supremacy has been pretty meaningless for quite a while now.

What really annoys me about this is that the “problem” pointed out here has exactly no solution that will satisfy the complainers.

Whites should be barred from watching the NBA?
Whites should stop supporting the NBA?

That is the point: no matter what happens, they will not be satisfied.

Before you know it, we are back to the Negro Leagues again. And, you know what they will complain about then?

White Supremacy.

Steve-O-in NJ responds:

It’s getting meaningless because it’s overused. The media pays very little attention to black-on-black, black-on-white, or most other violence. However, the moment there is white-on-black violence, it’s not simple crime, it’s not a dispute that went too far, it’s not even a single kook who took his own hatred up to 11. It’s automatically an outbreak of “white supremacy.” Somehow, although no one can explain how, all white people are somehow tied to a grand conspiracy to keep the white race in, the black race out, and the other races down. There is no membership, because every white person is a member. There are no leaders, because every white leader is a leader.

And even if your first thought when you wake up isn’t “Boy, I hate black people. How can I screw them today?” and your last thought before you retire isn’t, “Yeah, I got those black so-and-sos good today, and I’m going to get them even better tomorrow,” your every thought and act is somehow white supremacist. It shows every time you start your day with the thought other than, “How can I best use this day to lift my black brothers’ and sisters’ burdens and clear some barriers out of their way?” It shows every time you salute the flag or just walk by the flag and don’t think, “Until the blacks in this country are fully equal in all ways to the whites, that flag is a lie written on cloth.” It shows every time you take that turn to avoid what you think is the yucky area of town or you keep moving when a black person not known to you approaches you. It shows in your choice of coffee, your choice of TV shows, your choice of entertainment, and your choice of where you put your charitable resources. And it shows in how you respond to incidents like this.


14 thoughts on “Tag-Team Comment Of The Day: “And This Is What The Great Stupid Looks Like…”

  1. Agreed to both comments. If everything is racist, then nothing is racist. Tucker Carlson has a montage of the new Biden Press Secretary’s screed about Pres. Trump. Impressive.


  2. The new “Star Trek” series “Strange New Worlds” has cast a black actor to play Capt. Robert April – the first captain of the Enterprise – who was introduced in the animated series as an old white man.

    The animated series was way back in the ’70s, of course.

    Wokeness has invaded the newer Trek shows. I have no feelings either way about the casting of a black actor. The character was only ever a cartoon anyway. He’s never been seen or spoken of since. But you can imagine that some people are upset about the canon being changed. Trek fans are fixated on our canon, after all.

    But the administrator of a Trek Facebook group had to admonish the members that “comments about ‘wokeness’, ‘diversity’ and ‘quotas’ are racist”

    I had to laugh. Complaining about racial quotas is racist?

    • Well, first captain of the NCC-1701 Enterprise. The first starship Enterprise was of course commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer. Of course wokeness has invaded the shows, which were always liberal to begin with (some of the TNG stuff I find unwatchable now).

      The upcoming LOTR series is introducing characters played by black actors, which look ridiculous in Tolkien’s decidedly Euro world. The show will also feature mystic elf-queen Galadriel as an axe-wielding warrior and lord of Rivendell Elrond as an ambitions politician. I’m afraid to ask what they’ll do with other characters like human kings Tar-Minastir and Elendil, or elf high king Gil-Galad. There are supposed to be epic heroes, real larger than life stuff, and if they fall short, or alter them to be unrecognizable in the name of wokeness, there are going to be problems.

      • As I’m sure you know, Steve-O, the roots of Tolkien’s world weren’t just “Euro”, but worse, northern Euro, as in Germanic, Nordic, etc. Can’t have that.
        If you don’t want to see any more of your (semi?) classic fantasy ruined by needless woke tampering, for God’s sake stay away from the BBC’s recent serial bastardization of Terry Pratchett’s work in The Watch.

        • Oh, no. What are are they doing to Vimes, Carrot, Nobby, and Sgt. Colon? No, wait, I don’t want to know.

          Amazon is apparently doing terrible things to the Wheel of Time, too. Sometimes books just have to remain books.

          • I am afraid to see what they are going to do with and/or to Narnia. Andrew Adamson made some really big mistakes with Prince Caspian – like trying to give Susan a bigger role in the fight scenes, leading to her being mocked as “Susilas,” which actress Anna Popplewell hated.

          • You really don’t want to know. I can’t think of many works that have more diversity of characters than Pratchett’s Discworld, usually kindly, if humorously, represented, even if they are a “despised” group, such as goblins or vampires. The “adjustments” in The Watch seem to be for the sake of wokeness only, adding nothing to the narrative. Officer Cheery was already a stereotype-breaking character as a dwarf woman constable, but is recast as what appears to be a six foot transvestite human; Lord Vetinary is now female; Angua (a formidable female werewolf officer, for those unfamiliar) has the appearance of a tiny anorexic meth-head. It’s all “loosely based”, indeed.

            I’ve just recently gotten around to reading Wheel (mid book 5 now). Seems too complex with plot and characters already for any kind of accurate representation in a TV series, even if they devoted Game of Thrones level time and assets to it. They could probably make a presentable story from the basics, but not likely one that will satisfy fans.

            We need Valky to weigh in.

            • You’re right, I didn’t want to know. Lady Vetinari? And we already had ONE six-foot dwarf, thank you very much. That’s a terrible thing to do to Angua. Ack! That’s just wrong. The Watch are my favorite Discworld characters. I think I quote Vimes daily, and I often use Detritus’ “Dat’s der bunny”, much to the confusion of my co-workers. My wife thinks The Fifth Elephant is the best of them, but I actually think Thud! is Pratchett’s masterpiece.

              I hope you enjoy The Wheel of Time. I was a fanatic for a great many years. It was terrible when Mr. James Oliver Rigney passed away. Sanderson did an okay job finishing up the series, but you can’t replace the original. I agree with your analysis: there are a lot of plot threads all woven together. There are hundreds of characters. And there were not really any throw-away characters, either. It always seemed a named minor character showed up again in some semi-important role.

    • The newest set of series from CBS/Paramount have had such disrespect for established Star Trek canon that they might as well be considered an entirely new universe of shows with the name “Star Trek” being mostly a coincidence.


      • A lesson learned long ago. If you MUST HAVE a sequel or a re-make,either there was something vitally wrong with the original, something deliberately omitted… or something vitally wrong with your ability to understand the meaning of satisfaction. If you loved (were satisfied by) the original, at whatever age or in whatever situation you were when the ending felt right, hug it. If you get more, you start over again. If that’s not enough, as the teacher said to the student who thought Shakespeare (the originals) needed to be “updated” ,,,:: write your own plays, sunshine – and good luck to ya!

        It’s been done. It’s been done by the original authors. In my reading and theater-going experience, the same liking, satisfaction, appreciation, etc. has never been there, rarely even approached.. All that was left of the silly girl was her hooded red coa…..what?? Who said that? ” Moby Dick’s Pod” indeed! Where spin-offs have been successful, there is originality, creativity and, in the end, a strong stand-alone existence. Cliff-hangers (barring soap opera to which the audience is attuned to its continuing forever – witness yet another Downton Abbey – only worked for Saturday matinee westerns. By the time you got to puberty, regardless of “taste”, you wanted endings, happy or not. …. Of course, at some time during college, you had to learn to be satisfied with the fact that there were exceptions, not just to Joyce’s Ulysses, but to deliberate deforming and reforming of both style and substance. ….Some of us resisted postmodernity. And, I’m happy to say, survived.

  3. Does choosing to drink “black coffee” make me a despicable appropriator of race and culture or a supporter of BLM. I am so confused.

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