Illinois State’s Sinister Test To Weed Out Free Thinkers [Bad Link Fixed!]

As President George H.W. Bush said in what was for him a ringing moment of oratory, “This will not stand!” If it does, we’re all in even more trouble than we thought.

Illinois State University will require students to pass a “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) course to be eligible to graduate. This brazen qualification will be applicable to the entering class beginning next year. The new “Have you been successfully indoctrinated?” mandate is called ” Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in U.S. Society”  or “IDEAS.” Clever! It’s a really unethical and anti-democratic idea, though.

“The fact is that majority of our students are going to spend their careers and lives in the U.S. and that it was important for them to understand the history, the structures that influence equity, diversity and inclusion issues here at home,” said Rocio Rivadeneyra, ISU associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. She chaired the task force which sculpted the IDEAS recommendation. That means that she is openly hostile to the idea of a liberal education, in which students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills with which they can evaluate information from a wide range of disciplines and viewpoints to come to their own conclusions. None of that at ISU! Complete your studies thoroughly indoctrinated in GoodThink, or you don’t get a diploma, Proles!

The ISU Academic Senate approved the recommendation last fall. Of course they did. Just because the university will be requiring proof of indoctrination doesn’t mean the indoctrination wasn’t already going on. According to the Education Encyclopedia on Multiculturalism in Higher Education, 63% of colleges and universities have a diversity requirement in place or are in the process of developing one. 

Offering a course in “diversity, etc.” for the aspiring woke is one thing; requiring it to graduate is another. This needs to be recognized for what it is: pure state-supported ideological conformity. Parents should keep their kids out of the school, and students should be primed to protest the deliberate effort to wash their brains. There should also be legal challenges. Could a student graduate who wrote on the final exam (as I did in one of my really obnoxious college courses), “The entire basis for this course is intellectually dishonest and flawed, and this is why”? I doubt it.

Big Brother wouldn’t like that.


Pointer: Campus Reform

13 thoughts on “Illinois State’s Sinister Test To Weed Out Free Thinkers [Bad Link Fixed!]

    • I can top that! I’m thrilled my son, on his own, decided to eschew college altogether. I’m also proud of the fact that despite being surrounded by two generations of family members who attended elite schools, he felt no pressure whatsoever to choose that path.

  1. You’d think the Illinois state legislature would step in and defund this awfulness. But maybe I’m dreaming.

    • Read what you wrote. It has the word ‘Illinois’ in it. Remember, Illinois, the only state with a ‘former governors’ wing in their state prison?

      • Michael will be here all week, folks!

        But seriously, is there any juice available to politicians from the CRT crowd? I assume some of the state legislators are from places other than Chicago, Champaign Urbana, and East St. Louis? Just not sure who’d be bringing the bags of cash on this one.

  2. I’m curious, Jack. What score did you get on that final exam, and for the class over all?

    One cool thing about moving to Ohio is that Steubenville is now only 2 hours away. Hopefully Franciscan University will retain some sanity by the time my daughters get there. In 10 years.

    A lot can happen in 10 years.

      • That’s too bad that the course wasn’t any more enlightening. The obituary suggest that Prof. Hoffman was well-liked. But I suppose well-intended ideas can bomb. Did you make it all the way through “War and Peace”?

        • 1. No.
          2. The reading list for that course had more than 50 books on it. The worst by far was Raymond Aron’s “Peace and War,” the densest most turgid book I have ever tried to read. All the books on the list had almost the same titles: several called “War,” “Peace and War,”, “War and Peace,” “Man and War,” “War and Man,” “Man, the State and War”…it was like a sadistic sociology experiment.

  3. First, newspeak is supported, then the Office of Misinformation is established, so now the gulag of indoctrination. At least they are reading Orwell’s 1984. The sad news is they are enacting it.

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