Ethics Point Made

I try to avoid memes, but attention must be paid  to this photo of his own garden by conservative blogger Charles Glasser. It appealed to me for several reasons:

1. Our home is next to an elementary school with a prominent “Gun Free Zone” notice.

2. Our neighborhood has had a sudden explosion of the bunny population, much to Spuds’ delight.

3. The “Gun Free Zone” is one of the better examples of foolish virtue-signaling, useless regulations regarding firearms, and general incompetence and dishonesty among the anti-gun crowd. Glasser’s sign will have exactly as much deterrence effect as a “Gun Free Zone” sign would have had on any of the school shooters.

4. It demonstrates the value of “Do something!” solutions.

And don’t get me started talking about the armed bunnies…

There are several comments on the post like this one:

“You need to follow that sign up with a response policy. If a bunny does invade that garden, rather than frighten it off or shoot it, you must stand around discussing what to do for at least an hour while the bunny munches away.”

5 thoughts on “Ethics Point Made

  1. No need to disturb the bunnies and make them possibly feel unsafe with questions at your initial encounter. Move each bunny to the best lettuce. If there’s not enough, take some feed from your own pets and give it to them. Hand each a tiny notice to appear at your back door at some future date for a discussion of their status.

  2. I appreciate the heads-up a sign like this gives. Without the sign, I wouldn’t be as aware of the danger.
    This reminds me of road signs in Alaska that had a silhouette of a moose busting some pretty good dance moves. I knew, from then on, not to get into a dance contest with a moose.

  3. The “Gun Free Zone” sign is an especially prickly one with me, because a former employer put them on their doors. I argued constantly with HR about those signs.

    My argument: if a company wants to have a gun-free-zone policy, that’s fine. But why in the world would that company publicly advertise their stance for everyone to know? This is particularly true if your company is in an industry (as my former employer was) that has some genuine, often fanatical, detractors. Few virtue-signaling moves invite a potential enemy to “come in and shoot up the place” like announcing to the world, “Hey, we are completely defenseless.” No business, organization, shop, movie theater, or school should ever, EVER, make a policy like that public.

    I told HR more than once to get rid of those disgusting signs because they made us less safe. Instead, they got rid of me.

    …so I guess they made me safer…

  4. One positive provision of the Gun Free School Zone Act is that it does not apply “if the individual possessing the firearm is licensed to do so by the State in which the school zone is located or a political subdivision of the State, and the law of the State or political subdivision requires that, before an individual obtains such a license, the law enforcement authorities of the State or political subdivision verify that the individual is qualified under law to receive the license.” In my state, among others, that means that state-vetted Handgun Carry Permit holders may be armed with a handgun even in the designated “gun free zone.” I know a number of permit-holding parents and grandparents who drop off and pick up their kids / grandkids at school and are always armed while doing so. So, the law at least doesn’t bar all the good guys from being armed there.

    • Here in Florida, until recently, it did not matter if you had a valid carry permit – you could not enter a gun-free school zone with a firearm. You can now drive up to the school and drop-off or pick-up your child without disarming first, but you are not allowed to leave the car while strapped.

      Unless it has changed again – I stopped picking up kids at school about seven years ago, so I no longer have a personal incentive to be informed.

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