ABC/Ipsso Poll Shows That Media Propaganda Plus Public Ignorance Is The Democratic Party’s Best Shot

Or that, once again, the “resistance”/Democratic Party/ mainstream media” collective can fool enough of the people one more time.

Abe Lincoln will be watching with interest.

That appears to be the plan, at least once the hysteria-mongering over Roe v. Wade and various deranged shootings runs its course. An ABC News/Ipsos poll just released asserts that a majority of the American public believes that President Trump committed a crime or crimes related to the January 6th riot, which most of the news media has been falsely calling an “insurrection” for a year and a half. A majority of Americans also thinks the House commission on the matter is doing a fair and impartial job, because that’s how the news media has represented the proceedings.

President Trump did not commit any crimes that have been uncovered so far as the Democrats and Trump foes have searched for evidence of any, and the House inquiry is absolutely not “fair,” as even a casual informed observer could see with one eye shut. The news media has spun the entire matter to mislead, however, and the public, sadly and predictably, literally doesn’t know what it’s opining about.

Ipsos, to its credit, picked out the most striking results of its poll to highlight in its headline: “Americans think of Jan 6 Committee as fair, but are not following it.” Good job, you stewards of democracy! What was if Ben Franklin said? “A republic, if you can keep it”? The Democratic Party has been holding political show trials about the riot since the month it occurred—I’m counting the evidence-free impeachment along with Nancy Pelosi’s “only anti-Trump biased members allowed” kangaroo court—and the public’s reaction is “whatever!” The poll claims that only 9% are following the hearings closely. Nonetheless, a majority is sure that the hearings are fair.

You know, because the Democratic Party has been so fair about everything involving the Trump presidency so far. Hey, have you seen the Spider Man movie?

I’m sure a majority also believes that Capitol police officers were killed during the riot. That’s what the New York Times and President Biden told them after all, and the reality—that no police were killed but a protester was—has had the approximate circulation of day’s lunar tides.

ABC, rather than publishing the details of the polls, is simply saying that the results “haven’t changed” much since the similar poll in May. That poll’s majority claimed that Trump was guilty of “inciting a riot.” Wrong. No amount of spin makes that case, but never mind: all the lazy citizens of this great nation have absorbed is spin. including the literally deranged legal fantasies of “experts” like sad, diminished Larry Tribe.

ABC was kind enough to show the Democrats’ desperate strategy today, when George Stephanopoulos plaintively asked ex-Senator Heidi Heitcamp, “Is there anything Democrats can do to stop the wave in ‘22?” (Oh please, give us some hope!) Her answer:

[E]very moment that we’re spending here talking about the January 6 commission we’re not talking about $5 gas, we’re not talking inflation… You want the airwaves to be talking about this because it reminds the voters why they voted for Joe Biden. 

And that’s why we have prime time broadcasts of what Alan Dershowitz correctly calls McCarthy-style hearings, and why the news media will keep telling the public that the January 6 riot was an “insurrection.” This goes to heart of whether the United States has the civic competence and, more alarmingly, the dedication to democracy to lift themselves out of their torpor and pay attention. That means figuring out that they are being lied to, manipulated, and conned. It shouldn’t be too hard.

So far, however, being a competent citizen has been.

[On a positive note, the new Ken Burns documentary on Benjamin Franklin is excellent.]

7 thoughts on “ABC/Ipsso Poll Shows That Media Propaganda Plus Public Ignorance Is The Democratic Party’s Best Shot

  1. The difference will be whether or not, by November. Americans will care more about January 6 than they do their pocketbooks. If the Democrats cannot reign in record inflation, gas and food prices and shortages, all this time propagandizing will be wasted time and money. Since Trump himself is not on the ballot in November, I think they’re barking up the wrong tree.

    • Maybe. The Democrats may want the people of this country to vote like this or that person is on the ballot, but it didn’t work for Obama, who won when he was on the ballot, but lost when only his policies were. We’ll see if calls to “vote like Trump is on the ballot” resonate.

      • If people “vote like Trump is on the ballot”, the Democrats are screwed. Poll after poll recently shows a lot of buyer’s remorse with significant numbers of Biden voters saying they regret voting for him, especially among independents.

        The reason none of these distractions is making any difference for Democrats’ sinking fortunes is that everybody is reminded at least a few times a week how rapidly the economy is collapsing, every time they buy fuel or food or anything else. There’s almost nothing they can do to get economic matters off the minds of the public, regardless of what nonsense their media sycophants choose to cover. The only two options left for the Democrats in November are to man up and take the beating they’ve been working so hard to deserve, or cheat the elections.

  2. When ABC divulges the makeup of the group surveyed and it shows that those polled are a true representative sample I might accept the results. Until then, I will trust ABC as much as I do the three card Monte guy on the corner.

    • ABC is state run propaganda. The woke colonizers subjugating the American people have no allegiance to ethics, morals or truth. I don’t believe anything they say.

  3. Perhaps the 9% figure is the most important stat: nobody’s paying attention to this trial because people are worried about paying their bills. James Carville said, “It’s the economy, stupid” and he is spot on. The first night of hearings was at night, during prime time and nobody watched. The next one was during daytime and even less people watched. Four more of these things and I suspect that 6, 7 people tops (including members on the committe) will be watching. These trials preach to partisan blocs on either side, nothing more.


  4. The Democratic party knows that the hysteria over Dobbs, which is running out of time to hit, it has only today and a week from today, is probably only good for a couple of weeks and its militia is undercutting it with threats and violence. It also knows that mass shootings are something with a limited shelf life. Since Sandy Hook there been dozens of mass shootings and none of them have produced any kind of changes. So, once all that stuff has run its course, the one drum they can keep beating is that “our democracy is in danger.”

    If someone on the Republican side is smart, he’s going to tell the GOP to flip the script. Yes, our democracy is in danger, but from who? Which is the party that uses the power of government to hobble its political foes? Which is the party that wants to suppress free speech? Which is the party that wants to define hate speech as speech it hates? Which is the party that sends black-clad and black-skinned mobs to burn, loot, and destroy, and at the same time wants to defund or even abolish the police so there’s nobody to stand in the way of those mobs? Which is the party that looks the other way when folks it likes destroy and even kill, but throws those it doesn’t like into solitary for months before a judge even hears the first word? Yeah those are the people who are saying those who oppose them are the menace to our democracy.

    If the American people buy this, they fully deserve what they get.

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