These Are The People We Allow To Make Our Laws: An Ethics Microcosm

Democrat Rep. Jake Auchincloss’s chief of staff was caught by Capitol police defacing posters outside of the offices of Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene back in March. Timothy Hysom, a  veteran Democrat congressional staffer who worked for Rep. Adam Schiff before becoming Auchincloss’s top aide, was caught on  hidden camera security footage defacing Greene’s posters with stickers. As far as I can tell, he did not draw mustaches on pictures of her face.

Police  believed Hysom was involved in seven poster attacks outside Greene’s office in the Longworth House Office Building between January and March. The aide, who is 51-years-old, refused to cooperate with police when confronted.

Auchincloss’ spokesperson, spokesman Matt Corridoni, justified his colleague’s  violation of  DC Code § 22–3312.01 Defacing Public or Private Property” by saying that the real victims were people “forced to read” Greene’s posters stating that male and female are only two genders, and calling such a message “bullying.”

Some conservative commentators are making a major issue out of the fact that “the same U.S. Attorney’s office that pursued the Jan. 6 defendants declined to approve an arrest warrant” for Hysom, proving a double standard. This misses the real ethics point by the proverbial country mile.

The offense is indeed trivial, and a prosecutor could legitimately decide that pursuing a conviction would be a waste of time and resources. Nor is it rational to compare Hysom putting stickers on posters outside a Congressional office to the January 6 riot.

However, it is not trivial that…

  • …a member of Congress relies on the advice and services of an aide whose response to positions he disagrees with is to interfere with the communication of those positions
  • …that the official response of the Congressman’s office to evidence that such an aide was caught in the act was to argue that people who are exposed to expressive speech are “victims” and to imply that this justifies censorship, and
  • ….that a high-ranking member of Congress continues to employ a high-ranking staffer who has the instincts, ethics and manners of an eleven-year-old.

That Rep. Greene herself is an embarrassment is irrelevant. Rep. Auchincloss should have been embarrassed by the conduct of his aide; Democrats should be embarrassed by both the aide’s actions and the fact that Auchincloss tolerated, indeed tried to rationalize them, and, finally, Americans should be embarrassed, alarmed and nauseated that such children have any power over our lives at all.

13 thoughts on “These Are The People We Allow To Make Our Laws: An Ethics Microcosm

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised, but the Democratic Party has been descending into being a party of children since the Clinton administration, when Clinton himself acted like an arrested 16yo and they closed ranks around him like a popular bully’s posse. Remember Obama talking about “stinkburgers” and “meanwiches,” like either he was nine or he had nine-year-olds writing his speeches? Conggressional staffers acting like children is the next logical step.

    • Once dem leadership became aware of this dude’s enthusiasm and commitment to the Cause, there has been a bit of a scramble to find an appropriate position for promotion.

  2. Police believed Hysom was involved in seven poster attacks outside Greene’s office in the Longworth House Office Building between January and March

    “Poster attacks?” He vandalized the posters. There was no violence, no “attack.” The Left’s relentless misapplication of the language of violence to everything they disagree with is absurd and should not be emulated.

    Defacing posters is childish, and if he were in fact a child would probably merit writing lines in detention, not a federal criminal investigation. But such a child surely should not be considered for a position of trust in the office of a member of Congress.

    • Poster “attack” is my term, and it was more for variety than substance. Nonetheless, I’ll stand by it. When the Pieta was vandalized, it was universally characterized as an attack.When the idiot tried to deface the Mona Lisa recently, it was widely called an attack. “Attack” does not always suggest violence. We attack problems. A verbal assault is legitimately called an attack.In law, any permitted touching or attempt to touch can constitute an assault, and assault is one of the primary synonyms list for “attack.” No, a sticker attack is not violence, but it’s wrong, and if thinking of it as an attack makes a potential vandal’s ethics alarms ring, good.

  3. This is what got me about this story: From a report: Hysom did not immediately return an email seeking comment Monday, but Auchincloss’ spokesperson sent Just the News a statement confirming the defacing had occurred but insisting that treating it as a crime was “ridiculous.”

    The knee jerk lefty position that anything one of theirs does is okay because it’s done by one of theirs. The superior dismissal of any concern by anyone else. The palpable disdain. The farting in your general direction. “I wiped it with a washcloth!” Rules for you (the little people) but not for me. “I’m right. Of course, you’re wrong.” It’s really hard to take.

  4. The Biden administration has shown what the heart od the Democratic party really is. Lies and distortion of the truth. this is true from top to bottom as is shown by the actions of this congress man and the executive branch in doing nothing.

  5. Do you know how many times I’ve been called judgmental for making the same argument that you’ve made?

    Moral relativism has corrupted everything, so now, making a moral judgment in and of itself is the problem.

    This chief of staff is not qualified morally or intellectually. Nor is Jake Auchincloss. These people are petty totalitarians who are hell bent on trying to become full blown totalitarians.

  6. My understanding is that Rep. Greene has filed for a restraining order against the poster assaulter. I kind of hope she gets it – it would make it pretty hard for a chief of staff to get his work done.

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