Comment Of The Day: “Sunday Morning Ethics Warm-Up After A Cold, Cold Saturday, 6/26/2022: Dobbs Freakout Edition”

Here is another epic Comment of the Day on the Dobbs freakout, this one by mermaidmary99, whose best comments are nearly always sent to SPAM by WordPress. Yet she persists….

Here it is, and may I say…



As a woman, what guts me is that the safest place for a baby to be isn’t, and the person who above all others should advocate for that baby’s life and protect it, instead is upset they can’t kill it at will, for any reason whatsoever, including their own irresponsibility and stupidity.

Hearing my fellow “sisters” complaining that they can’t “exercise their RIGHT” (and have others pay for it) is one of the sickest, ANTI-SCIENCE, anti-nature, things I have ever seen.

And, for a party committed to science, Democrats have huge blinders on with this one.

So huge their religion that condemns abortions is IGNORED as well!

It’s as if people who are for abortions lose all logic and reason and don’t even see the hypocrisies and inconsistencies in their arguments.

But today, I’m most disappointed by women. The things I hear them say are so contrary to what they say they are, “strong,” “smart,”, “powerful.” And it’s those mean old men who have kept them down.

Well here’s an opportunity to EXERCISE that power you say you have, ladies!

Don’t you see? In our fight to be equal, and our boasting that we are smarter than men, we can’t keep from becoming pregnant, despite the resources available? Despite all the knowledge we have on how it happens?

We act like these babies appear out of the blue like a wart or dreaded pimple!

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so utterly ridiculous, irresponsible and pathetic.

And I’m not talking about those who were raped. They are the only victims in this issue. The rest of us? No.

Women have ALL THE POWER in this one.

We seek power and equality in society, and then we continually play the victim. We fully ignore the fact we alone control our “health choice.” And we seem too stupid and blinded to realize, despite the abundance of resources made available to us, that PREVENTATIVE health choices are the BEST.

Meaning, how on earth are we still having to even talk about getting an abortion????

We can prevent getting pregnant!

But none of my “sisters” ranting and protesting right now are even mentioning the obvious!

So they whine, and cry and act like victims when all along they’ve had the power.

Maybe it’s time for them to watch the Wizard of Oz again and realize it’s always been in them. Remember the ruby slippers?

And, imagine how fast men would magically change if they exercised that power?

All that being said…

Where are the men’s voices in this telling their brothers, “Dude, what the F? Get a condom or go relieve yourself! Your future child could be KILLED BY ITS MOTHER if you don’t!”

This can’t fall solely on the woman, though she alone can deny sex.

Our entire culture has failed.

And as we boast so much progress, we are still as barbaric as the ones killing their babies thousands of years ago.

Maybe the truth is, mankind has ugly and self serving tendencies and seeks immediate gratification without counting the cost.

I don’t truly know.

I do know one thing…

We best get back to talking and LISTENING to each other, and hearing those with whom we disagree and their fears and concerns.

Both sides.

Because if we continue on this course, more than innocent babies are going to pay the price.

Time for leaders to lead. Be examples of what integrity looks like. And enter into the hard work of uniting people who are moving farther and farther away from each other.

It’s as if an entity has been working overtime to divide us.

Divided we WILL fall. And maybe this is what falling looks like.

10 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Sunday Morning Ethics Warm-Up After A Cold, Cold Saturday, 6/26/2022: Dobbs Freakout Edition”

  1. We seek power and equality in society, and then we continually play the victim.

    Agreed. I saw a meme the other day (yes memes are reductionist) that captured a part of this whole debacle. It said something about being able to wear a mask for two years but not being able to wear a condom for 48 seconds.

    Aren’t strong women supposed to be able to say no to sex with men they don’t want babies with? Aren’t they able to practice self-care by taking care of their bodies during sex? Aren’t they smart enough to know that abortion carries risk and do what is necessary to not put themselves in that situation in the first place?

    Apparently not. Apparently it’s men’s fault or the fault of the patriarchy or Trump or Catholics on the Supreme Court. It’s never a woman’s fault for making terrible disembodied choices that end a life.

    You can’t be a strong woman if you won’t value yourself enough to stop sleeping with jerks. You can’t be a resilient woman if you refuse to take responsibility for your body before pregnancy (or STI’s). And you can’t be very smart if you deny basic biology in how pregnancies happen.

    There is only one reason why I think early term abortion should be legal in this country. Because if its not, we’d see women slitting babies throats in the streets otherwise. According to this Quillette article ( 10-15% of babies in history have died from infanticide, almost solely by the mother.

    Essentially, we have to have a slightly less barbaric version of in utero baby killing to mitigate post-birth babies being left outside to die, being suffocated to death, or being killed by other means by their moms. This is what we’ve come to: sanitized murder of the most vulnerable of all humans because too many pregnant mothers will kill them after their born.

    You can call this women’s rights. I call it tax payer funded blood thirst by those who refuse to be accountable for their actions.

  2. I always believed that engaging in sexual activity is not a right but a privilege. I am always grateful when my wife and I agree to grant that privilege to each other. It amazes me that those who see it otherwise do not affect their right to just say no. based on their autonomous right to their body.

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