12 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What To Say About This, Except That Something’s Wrong Somewhere…

  1. A college classmate related to me recently a line another classmate used at his wife’s recent funeral; her death having ended their ridiculously happy nearly fifty-year marriage: “If she’d have been a corporation, her trademarked advertising slogan would have been “Why be merely difficult when with just a little more effort you can be impossible.”

  2. I cannot tell if it is biologically female person transitioning to a man but still classified a “women” based on what’s on the birth certificate, or if it is a biologically male person transitioning to a women (but hadn’t shaved in a while….).

    I really cannot tell. Both possibilities seem equally improper, though.

    • Really? I can easily tell- you’re looking at a picture of a male who identifies as a woman. Misleading/confusing/dishonest language in a missing-person description seems counterintuitive to the goal of actually finding the missing person, but it may have actually helped in this case.

      The absurdity of calling Degrace a missing woman with a full goatee led to this posting being widely circulated online, and Degrace was located after only nine hours. It’s not clear on whether there’s a connection.

      • Wait. Are you suggesting that the missing person announcement should contain accurate information? Why would you not call DeGrace a woman? I know lots of women with goatees and beards. Yes, I do. Well, not really. In fact, I don’t know any. The point to me, though, is that the Canadian officials have fully embraced the Left’s destruction of language. I have asked before, how can we expect to communicate effectively if we can’t even agree on basic terms? Are there two sexes/genders or not? How does Canada, in good faith, issue a missing person announcement with a photo of a man and declare that the person in the photo is a woman? Are Canadians simply supposed to see that photo, read the announcement, and say, “Yup, Isobell is missing, eh? Better keep an eye out for her.” This means were are supposed to suspend all logic, history, and reality.


      • >… led to this posting being widely circulated online, and Degrace was located after only nine hours.

        Another example of biological men who identify as women outperforming women.

  3. Well, this clears it all up:

    “She is described as 5’10″, with a thin build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee,” the Toronto Police Service said. “She was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and grey pants.”



  4. It seems likely that excessively warping the strands of reality and absurdity created a locus wherein Isobella just winked out of existence in this universe… somewhere near Ryerson and Bathurst.

  5. “I Don’t Know What To Say About This, Except That Something’s Wrong Somewhere…”

    There sure is! Bathurst and Ryerson run parallel and don’t intersect. That’s what you mean, right?

  6. Let’s not forget that Canada is a member State of the Commonwealth. Perhaps they’re taking their cues from UK, where a rapist was caught and charged with the crime, but housed with women because, on booking, that’s the gender identity the rapist gave the booking officer.

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