Dictionary Of The Great Stupid: Our Leftist Institutions Of Learning Think Controlling Speech Is The Secret To A Better Society

Campus Reform, a conservative site with the depressing job of tracing the ethics rot in our educational institutions, has covered some truly nauseating examples of colleges and universities (or influential figures in them) encouraging  censorship and language manipulation as legitimate methods of indoctrination, or, as they call it, “education.”

Here are some highlights:

Not “inclusive” enough….

You know why. Now there will be a “Spirit of Pitt” award to avoid acknowledging the existence of genders.

In an op-ed  published by “Diverse Education,” Molly Harry  called the term racially-charged because “today, the majority of revenue-producing athletes in the sports of football and men’s basketball are Black. They are coached mostly by white men…The man who coined the term student-athlete was also a white man. Using the term student-athlete perpetuates the ideals of amateurism, while further preventing a play-for-play model.”

Oh. Good point…

As opposed to what, “life-affirming correction of a brain-body disconnect”? The declaration was included in the university’s “Gender Affirmation Toolkit.”

Of course he did! Boston University’s Director of the Center for Anti-Racist Research said the phrase “legal vote” is racist because, the nation’s #1 race hustler of the moment says, it is “as fictionally fraught and functionally racist as the terms ‘illegal alien’ and ‘race neutral’ and ‘welfare queen’ and ‘handouts’ and ‘super predator’ and ‘crackbaby’ and ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘post racial.’…the misinformation of widespread voter fraud—or “illegal voting” —in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix where Black and brown voters predominate is baked into the term “legal vote.” No matter what GOP propaganda says, there’s nothing wrong with those voters and votes.”

There is more, and more to come too I’m sure. I particularly like the University of California not only condemning “Chinese Virus” (and presumably, the Ethics Alarms-approved term “Wuhan virus” for a pandemic that escaped from the Wuhan Province) but directing students “not to allow” the use of that and other school-disapproved terms by fellow students.

The fact that any parents pay real money to send their offspring to these brain-washing factories continues to amaze me.

2 thoughts on “Dictionary Of The Great Stupid: Our Leftist Institutions Of Learning Think Controlling Speech Is The Secret To A Better Society

  1. This idiocy has been around for 30+ years, it’s just that now the rot is reaching the core of these schools. Why shouldn’t it? I am ashamed to admit that my generation just took the attitude of “bite your tongue, give the professors what they want, collect your degree and be on your way,” rather than “stand up to this garbage before it really takes root.” So, the universities became frankly cesspools, where learning takes about fourth or fifth place to activism, getting stoned, getting drunk, and having as much sex as you can. I have no idea how that prepares people to be responsible citizens.

    • I saw signs of it earlier than that, Steve. I did my freshman year at Ohio State University 1972-73. That school had an excellent physics program at the time, including astrophysics (well beyond my personal ken). Some of the boffins in that program announced a symposium entitled “Are Black Holes Excitable?” – black holes, of course, referring to the incredibly dense collapsed stars from which not even light emanates.

      This drew massive protests from African-American students, to the point where the lecture was cancelled. And that’s coming up on 50 years ago.

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