The Drudge Report’s Lying Headline, And Related Attacks On The USA On Independence Day 2022

I wanted to keep all of today’s posts positive and appropriately celebratory of the official birthday of the greatest country on earth. It’s impossible, unless I just pretend “it isn’t what it is” out there, and I am distraught.

Let’s start with the shock headline that bannered the Drudge Report last night. Here is what it looked like:


The information is pure clickbait of the worst kind. The headline on the linked Gallup article is “Record-Low 38% Extremely Proud to Be American” (my emphasis). The piece goes on to say that an additional 27% were “very” proud to be Americans, making the “extremely/very proud” number 65%. In fact, only 4% of those surveyed said they were not proud to be Americans.

I found that part of the poll surprising. Not surprisingly, Democrats lead the not-very-proud group, and since the party’s entire thrust recently has been to try to transform the nation into a European-style socialist nanny state while denigrating the U.S. as racist to its core. I would have expected the un-proud, as in “ashamed,” to be much higher.

I’m not sure the poll has any real value at all. It was taken immediately after the SCOTUS decisions on gun rights and abortion non-rights, when progressives were in full-freakout mode: all polls are snapshots, but this one was like a snap shot of your aunt right after a mouse crawled up her leg. Gallup does mention that the level of national pride was a little worse in 2020; I suppose watching your country deliberately wreck its own economy and cripple its kids’ education and socialization while the news media works overtime to terrify the public so it will accept dictatorial orders from its government regarding what to wear on their faces and how many people to have at their weddings and funerals might make a reasonable citizen a bit less enthusiastic about The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Back to Drudge: the one-time darling of conservative commentators turned NeverTrump early on during the Trump surge, and has been losing readers to other right-wing news aggregators (like Citizen Free Press) ever since. They also lie, but that headline was signature significance: a site that would post such a deliberately misleading banner cannot and should not be trusted, by anyone, ever.

I quit checking Drudge in 2018. Anti-American shill MSNBC also highlighted the “extremely proud” number, of course.

The Drudge Report decided to join the purveyors of the anti-Trump propaganda Big Lie (#5 on the list) that “Everything is terrible.” Since it is indisputable that, except for the one, apparently decisive feature that the Trump administration included Donald Trump, conditions are far, far worse under Biden and the Democrats than they were when the Democrats and their media allies were claiming everything was terrible. Their solution, since they don’t have the integrity to admit they are incompetent, is to now shift the narrative. Everything is still terrible because the United States of America is terrible.

Naturally, this means denigrating the Fourth of July. EA already noted the Pima County Democratic Party’s “Fuck the Fourth” announcement, but that, unfortunately, was not a complete outlier. Orlando, Florida issued this jaw-dropping message:

Yes, the city is run by Democrats: could you guess? What does it say about these people that they would not expect a tweet like that to be unpopular? The reaction was so immediate and negative that the city issued a classic “We didn’t mean to say what we obviously meant to say” apology:

The people (what else should I call them? Assholes? Fools? Termites in the foundation of liberty?) who are behaving this way really do not appreciate or respect the United States and what it stands for. One reason is that they do not understand their own country, which is tragic in one respect, but fortunate in another. Their ignorance about the enduring strength of American culture, traditions and values is why the transformation they seek is far more difficult than they think.

They cannot fool enough of the people enough of the time.

10 thoughts on “The Drudge Report’s Lying Headline, And Related Attacks On The USA On Independence Day 2022

  1. At this point I’ll take Donald Trump, mean tweets, stupid scandals, and everything else that goes with him as baggage for $2 gasoline, affordable groceries, and baby formula on the shelves.

    I feel pride to be an American. Our government…not so much.

  2. I have absolute faith in the American people to at some point will tell the anti-America crowd and the division hucksters that they can go pound sand.
    I don’t believe there is as much division and hate as the minority megaphones want you to believe. They preach this idea that the other side is hateful because they really have nothing to offer other than do as I say or else.
    We are beginning to see some evidence of the pushback in minority communities who are not willing to trade one form of authoritarianism for another. Even if Demographics is destiny and white Europeans are no longer a majority who will the hucksters claim to be the oppressors. I doubt that Hispanics are going to travel the road of white guilt at all. Even after Dobbes, potential black infants will continue to be exterminated in states controlled by racist progressives. That will ultimately result in Blacks being a smaller and smaller percent of the population. When that happens their political clout will be so weakened it is unlikely that the race hucksters will be able to profit from attempts to cause the melting pot to boil over.

    • “I have absolute faith in the American people to at some point will tell the anti-America crowd and the division hucksters that they can go pound sand.”

      I wish I did. The American people, for all their good points, have a few key flaws: one is the tendency to get swept up in popular causes before they really know what they are all about, another is the tendency to blame the people at the top for something they might or might not be responsible for. A third is the reluctance to act if one is not an activist. The fourth is the bitter, bitter partisanship.

      Do you not believe me? Did you see many folks standing up to the BLM destruction when the police were ordered to stand down? Or did you see as many white people as black people spouting the same corrosive rhetoric? How many people blamed Trump both for COVID and for the George Floyd freakout, when he had direct control over neither? How many dared say much about the oppressive measures pressed down on this country by totalitarians who let their masks slip? Not many, certainly nowhere as near as many who tried to tear the place down two summers ago. And how many of your lefty friends simply will not hear any criticism of anyone with a D next to his/her name, no matter how legitimate that criticism might be?

      You might also want to bear in mind that there are plenty of “unity” hucksters on the left, it’s just unity their way. The current mayor of Newark, as he was sworn in for the third of what will probably be five or six terms, said as part of his address that there was no need for Hispanics and African Americans or the various subgroups of either to have any issues with each other, and that it was the white supremacists who were sowing any problems they had. Mmhmm. In a city that is just over 86% black and Latino, where the few whites are mostly old holdouts in the North Ward and starter professionals and small businesspeople who can’t afford to buy a house in the suburbs, yet, where a Republican hasn’t been elected to any office in five decades, all the divisions are still white people’s fault. But hey, unite behind me and do just what I say, and we’ll purge this place of those white devils yet. Detroit is 84% black and Latino, 77% black, no GOP people for probably six decades, and now where are they? Chicago is still about 1/3 white, but also no GOP folks in office since who knows when, and it’s the murder capital of the country.

      There is PLENTY of division and hate in this country and more coming all the time. Oh, the race separatist peddlers of fifty and sixty years ago are almost all long gone, but their kids and disciples have inherited their mantles and now they are being elected mayors, district attorneys, and probably even governors soon. They’re actually getting to put this stuff into practice, and no one is telling them no. Again, they simply don’t have the numbers to pull a South Africa and start killing white people or running them out of town and off their land en masse, but they can dominate the major urban centers and with them the cultural institutions and the media. Before long, the white majority will be spread over the small towns and rural areas, where nothing happens after sundown and no one pays attention if it does. It’s also not just about hate anymore. It’s about blame. The same disciples I mentioned above are also feeding the black and brown folks that it isn’t their fault that their lives are crappy. It’s the white people and their white privilege that did it. Well, why shouldn’t they be held accountable?

      The only thing that’s going to change things is when the whites and conservatives finally find their spines and say “enough is enough, and this is too much.” Still, they could have and should have done that five years ago. They should have stood up much more strongly two years ago. They did not. I’m beginning to wonder if they ever will, or whether it’s going to take “the boogaloo” for them to do it.

      • Steve,
        I have to remain optimistic. The ultimately to which I speak may b a long time in coming but sooner or later all these hucksters that blame whites for all the ills that pervade some communities will be seen as the hucksters that they are. At some point these communities will say put up or shut up. I would venture a guess that as Hispanics and African immigrants grow in number and who hold the dream that America is the only place on the planet where their success is unlimited the remaining natural born Blacks who can claim past racism held them back will become fewer in number. Nigerians do well here and at an order of magnitude higher than those living in high crime urban centers. These transplants cannot lay claim to past injustice and will be far less willing to share their incomes to support others who have not worked as hard. At some point, even the most progressive white liberal will begin to say enough is enough when it is they who no longer enjoy the privilege of espousing liberal theology at no cost. When this occurs I do not know. Nor do I know how the message to pound sand will be communicated. Hopefully, it won’t be a civil war and I hope Americans are smarter and find alternative ways of sending that message.

  3. Stuff like this on the Drudge Report is how I ended up here for a portion of the information I read daily. They used to have snarky headlines that linked all over the place and then the tone changed to “big orange man bad” and I started searching for news and commentary that didn’t seem as slanted for no good reason.

    Since then this is one of the half dozen or so sites I visit every single day. Keep it up and keep it rational. I appreciate the work you do here.

  4. NPR refused to read the Declaration of Independence yesterday, which they usually do read, saying it’s insulting to native Americans. Idiots and cowards. Defunding them is something I could get behind.

      • But to be fair, they didn’t refuse, they chose not to follow a 30-year tradition this year. Because—I’m guessing—they know that much of their audience wants to rear down Jefferson statues and aren’t keen on the Fourth of July because Howard Zinn says America is a blight on the world.

    • Quite aside from NPR’s giving up the thin pretense of objectivity it once tried to maintain, I stopped listening a few years ago when the actual *sound* of NPR began to change. They used to hire radio professionals with clear, pleasant voices. Now, half the reporters and hosts have some vocal pattern or other than grates on the ears. Lateral lisps, vocal fry, stammering, unintelligible accents, up-talking, muddy enunciation, adenoidal voices… Listen to an hour of NPR and you’ll hear a full catalog of irritating speech impairments. There is a reason that people hired to speak on the radio have historically had certain types of voices. It’s not pleasant to listen to someone sucking their saliva directly into a microphone every fifth sentence. It’s like they’re trying to make it a physical challenge to listen. If your voice sounds like a Muppet choking on a rubber dog bone, perhaps print journalism would be a more appropriate field for you.

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