From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” (“The Thing Speaks For Itself”) Files

In addition, this is also signature significance.

What kind of political party in America over its long history, other than the American Communist Party, would think it would be appropriate to post such a thing, even once? What kind of political party would have such Bizarro World American values that it would think, even for a second, that its members and potential recruits would appreciate such a sentiment? What kind of political party would hire someone, even one employee—I don’t care if he or she is a teenager—who would lack the ethics alarms to know such an announcement would be a national insult?

As I’ve mentioned before, one supplementary benefit of the Dobbs decision is that it has caused a lot of activists, politicians, celebrities and organizations to show the world just how ruthless, corrupted and vicious they are.

The tweet was deleted.

Too late!

8 thoughts on “From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” (“The Thing Speaks For Itself”) Files

  1. From time to time, inhabitants of Pima County (Tucson and surroundings) make noises about seceding from Arizona (mostly Phoenix/Maricopa County– which they refer to as Newark on the Desert). They want to take the rest of the southern part of the state with them and call it Baja Arizona. Tucson’s a funny place: half University of Arizona faculty and administrators and students and aged, retired hippies; the other half active and retired military and military contractors (think A-10 and C-130 wings, Air National Guard F-16 pilots from all over the country and Raytheon engineers). This poster is pretty much par for the course, the course downhill. They’d love to turn southern Arizona into a shithole country.

  2. I subscribe to a few leftist newsletters because I want to see first hand what they say.

    I’ve seen too many on the right share false things, and I must see things first hand.

    Women’s March is one I subscribe to.

    After the Dobbs ruling they wrote and they encouraged Rage.

    Raging til we win.

    I could not believe it.

    There’sanother new organic that writes the companies that place advertisers online and ask their followers to send the letters they provide to the addresses they provide.

    They are “doing their part” to shut down “misinformation” from the “insurrectionist party” and go wayyyy overboard.

    I often write the same people asking them to not shut down free speech at the same time.

    Once they get someone removed, like Steve Bannon, from an agencies pool of adds they place, they send a snarky celebratory email to everyone gloating about all the power they have and how they got this horrible person removed.

    Well now there’s a journalist’s event with top journalist from places like the Washington Post and other places.

    AThey are angry that Tucker Carlson is speaking so now they’re having a campaign to get Tucker Carlson censored and canceled from the event.

    It blows me away how dedicated they are.

    That’s one place those of us who want a better country have missed it.

    But that’s changing.

    That website I shared long ago which was in its infancy is now live and they have made it so easy to share.

    A lawsuit against Biden was filed too 3 months ago and it goes to court on January 6th.

    I’ll put the site here if you want to check it out.

    Anyway, thank you for all you do.

    Hard to believe People would be fueled by rage but at least they’re getting more in touch with what’s under all their fear.

  3. Jack wrote:

    As I’ve mentioned before, one supplementary benefit of the Dobbs decision is that it has caused a lot of activists, politicians, celebrities and organizations to show the world just how ruthless, corrupted and vicious they are.

    You left out “close-minded, intolerant, bigoted, selfish, biased, and galactically stupid.”

    But yes.

    One question, though… did the Communist Party post something like this in the past and I missed it? I think the Democrats no longer have a peer anywhere when it comes to batshit-crazy stuff like this. Even Jacobin magazine is more sane than this.

  4. I have seen more than a few calls from various leftist influencers calling for leftists to “protest” Independence Day celebrations, to ignore fireworks shows, to tune out of programs or hanging out with friends, to writhe in seething misery because we’re supposedly losing our freedoms right and left.

    In the context of *years* and *years* of Leftists actually using the language of curtailing liberties, actually pursuing policies that do the same, actively making life more miserable for their fellows, intentionally undermining our Republic.

    I’m happy to say – I’ve not heard or seen larger community fireworks shows here in Fort Worth – licensed ones and back yard ones – in a few years.

    Our neighborhood – an ordinarily quiet one on Independence Day when we hear a handful of firecrackers – sounds like the middle of the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.

    I may be projecting – but I sure hope its partially motivated by average citizens telling leftwing busybodies to shove off.

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