Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: R.I. State Senator Tiara Mack

I’m late to the party on this one, but it deserves a special post.

That’s Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack’s Fourth of July video, showing her (as you can see) twerking upside-down in a bikini. Mack says to the camera, “Vote Senator Mack.” Classy!

The mind boggles. Elected officials are obligated to represent high standards of decorum and respect for their office. Does it really have to be explained why this conduct is irresponsible and disrespectful, as well as civically incompetent? If twerking half-naked on one’s head is acceptable public behavior by a legislator, what isn’t? This is, in the words of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “defining deviancy down.”

Incredibly, Mack’s response to the criticism of her video is even more disqualifying for public office than issuing a campaign video that looks like her audition tape for employment at a strip club.

That tweet may be the best example yet of the adage that when Republicans or conservatives misbehave, they are the issue, but when Democrats misbehave, it’s the Republican/conservative reaction that matters. Republicans pounce!—as they should, and as should Democrats as well.

Mack didn’t stop there. She issued two more videos, saying in one “My constituents fricking love that I’m a real person and fun and not a robot” and in another,  “I’m trying to determine which point of envy these people are mad at. Is the Ivy League degree? Is it the sitting state senator? Is it the bodacious body? Because the hate is real and abundant.”

Does it need to be said that criticizing a state legislator for acting like a low-rent carnival side-show performer isn’t envy and doesn’t arise from hate? The criticism’s origins are basic values of civilization and the natural desire to have elected representatives that don’t make you want to emigrate to Costa Rica.

Then, in an interview with local radio station WJAR, Mack complained that when it comes to coverage of her, the media errs on the side of racist and sexist tropes while her accomplishments in the legislature and “as a national champion rugby player” are ignored. What does rugby have to do with being a Rhode Island State Senator? What does twerking have to do with her office either? What an astounding insult to voters to send the message that a video like that would prompt significant numbers of Rhode Island residents to decide, “That settles it! A woman who can twerk like that is my kind of legislator!”

Mack’s opponent in the Senate District 6 Democratic primary, former state Rep. Joe Almeida, told WJAR that the video is disrespectful to the R.I. Senate and “an insult to all women.” Oh, Joe, it’s much more than that! It’s an insult to the State Senate, women, the Democratic Party, voters, Rhode Island, the USA, the concept of democracy, her race and her species.

On the positive side, the video and Mack’s responses to criticism of it make it screamingly clear that the woman is a pathological narcissist.

Good to know!

One last thing: is it my imagination, or are voters really electing more utter fools to state and national legislatures than ever before?

23 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: R.I. State Senator Tiara Mack

  1. This showed up in my inbox so I clicked on it because if was from ethicsalarms and geez Louise the imagery made me throw up in my mouth a little. Thanks Jack.

  2. It’s not your imagination. Trump was not the only idiot elected to national office. The list goes on and on. And yup, narcissism is waaaay more prevalent and more stupid than it once was. Tiktok and Twitter are bad news for the mind and the soul.

    • No, Abrams didn’t twerk. But, she did appear in the most recent Star Trek movie as the supreme overlordress governess goddess empress or something. I guess that’s better than twerking, right?


      • I think it was “President of Earth” (probably won with mail-in ballots).
        On set, they had to provide triple pay, hazmat suits, and on-site trauma councillors for the makeup teams who worked that job. Even so, there were still a few casualties.

  3. I keep saying that a large percentage of people are grown teenagers. They can support themselves and what not (so they have a basic level of competence), but their emotional maturity is like a teenager. I want to move into a hobbit hole asap.

    The hard part is that many conservatives did not forcefully denounce Trump’s bad behavior enough. Even if you could justify voting for him because the alternative was worse (which I did), you could still denounce his negative behavior. Now, the left is just going to say, “Well, Trump did awful things and you were quiet, so why do you suddenly care about a twerking woman who isn’t sexually assaulting women or calling them ugly?” And then, as always, the left will use a racial angle and say she is only being attacked because she’s black while Melania can pose nude and no one says a word.

    On the hypocrisy, the left’s argument wouldn’t be completely wrong. But it’s done in bad faith. This whole episode shows why conservatives have to be more consistent in denouncing bad behavior, regardless of where it comes from. I know they didn’t want to give the left ammunition, but now moral credibility is harder to establish.

    This video is the current generation of Congress, along with AOC and the rest of them. The movie ideocracy is seeming more plausible by the day.

  4. What a brilliant move it was by the people who want to destroy civilization to make “shaming” verboten. It’s allowed them to turn everything on its head.

      • There’s no more shame.
        In the past, potential criminals, even those with less education and assets, often had some concern about bringing shame on their families, or worried about what their relatives or even strangers might think of them if they behaved badly.
        Not any more. Every loon and self-absorbed dirtbag is given a pass, and maybe even an audience willing to cheer them on for whatever depravities in which they might wish to engage (Hello, Tiara Mack!).
        The sane and law-abiding need to keep their neighborhoods, their states, and their guns, now more than ever.

        • “The sane and law-abiding need to keep their neighborhoods, their states, and their guns, now more than ever.”
          Bingo! Hear, hear!

  5. The tweaking actually isn’t the worst thing. Anyone catch the tweet of her’s that was shown next in that video?

    “Teaching comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed was a highlight of my time teaching.”


    • I saw that too. I’m beginning to think the people who are using the word groomers are onto something. I initially thought they were overreacting a bit, but wow.

      If you look at sex ed in Europe, it’s disgusting. It’s what the liberals want here.

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