The Good News Is That For Once The Student Whose Speech Was Punished Isn’t A Conservative. The Bad News is That American University Doesn’t Get That First Amendment Thingy…

Daniel Brezina was one of eight Washington College of Law (at American University) students investigated since May 25 for commenting in a class group online chat regarding Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overruling Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Another law student complained that the students’ pro-abortion positions expressed during the discussion harassed and discriminated against him because they went against his religious beliefs.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression took on Brezina’s case, and he was finally cleared of any wrongdoing by the school after more than six weeks of being investigated.

Wow. I was an adjunct professor of legal ethics at American. Apparently none of the universities I’ve been affiliated with have reliable ethics alarms.

Maybe it’s me.


1. How could this happen? How could that many ethics alarms fail in a law school? Of COURSE punishing a student for his opinions in a student discussion is unethical. Of COURSE it’s unconstitutional. If the law school administrators can’t figure these basics out, then the school itself as well as its law degree are suspect.

2. What’s going on here? Oh, it’s the usual, I assume: cowards. fool and weenies running the institution. American’s leadership was probably worried that since it has had episodes when it leaped on a complaint against conservative students for speech that made the rising leftist totalitarians on campus feel “unsafe,” it would be risking a lawsuit and bad publicity if the law school didn’t treat a complaint by a conservative with equal seriousness.  Good plan!!!

Morons. Acting on any complaints from any side of the ideological spectrum when the offense is mere words and ideas is wrong, especially for a college and especially especially for a law school. This shouldn’t be hard, but apparently it is for American University. And you know they are not alone.

3. The student who filed the harassment complaint wrote that, “as a Republican, I find it insulting that conservatives would be thought of as overturning people’s civil rights…” This kind of thing is why the GOP has the reputation as “the stupid party.” ‘I find it insulting that people think people like me want to violate people’s civil rights, so I will now attempt to bully my law school into violating fellow students’ First Amendment right or free speech and their right of academic freedom.’

His evident cognitive issues may indicate why the Washington College of Law is not considered a top tier law school.


Source: Legal Insurrection

5 thoughts on “The Good News Is That For Once The Student Whose Speech Was Punished Isn’t A Conservative. The Bad News is That American University Doesn’t Get That First Amendment Thingy…

  1. Jack: “ His evident cognitive issues may indicate why the Washington College of Law is not considered a top tier law school.”

    I am not sure there are cognitive issues. He said he was trying to bully his colleagues to violate their rights. That is not a cognitive issue; it is more clearly an ethics issue. He wanted to expose the bad system by using it to victimize its proponents. He used an unfair system to treat people unfairly. It is very illustrative, but is based on rationalizations.


    • Don’t you think it is epicly stupid to write that people unfairly accuse people like him of wanting to abridge civil rights, and then, in the same environment, to try to get a peer punished for his speech? It’s easier to just wear an “I’m a ridiculous hypocrite” tattoo on one’s forehead.

      • Well… I don’t know if that’s easier, but it sure would help identify them.

        You’re right… This is the conservative flip side of the progressive tendency to fight racism with more racism: Some people ostensibly on our side seem to think you can fight authoritarianism with authoritarianism.

        You can’t. We’re supposed to be the side with principles. Principles are hard, but on a long enough scale, they tend to win.

  2. Agreed. I think some conservatives are seeking revenge after the left has been so hypocritical and unethical.

    However, revenge isn’t going to solve anything, and revenge can often come across as petty.

    The more petty side of me really really enjoys that this liberal student (who probably is against the first amendment, based on the rhetoric in the chat) got a taste of what it was like to be a conservative student at major universities.

    But my better angels tell me that isn’t right, that violating someone’s rights is always wrong, even if the person needs a lesson is appreciating why rights like the first amendment exist.

    • Or is this trolling? It may be that the only way to end cancel-culture is to actively get EVERYONE cancelled. At that point, it just becomes impractical to continue and you have to stop the whole thing. The left will never stop cancelling people as long as the only people cancelled are their enemies. You can’t win a fight if you only defend against an enemy.

      I don’t know if this student is trolling, but it is possible that this entire thing was just to point out how insane cancel culture is.

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