Ethics Estoppel: Awww, Do The Poor Democrats Regret Putting Biden In the White House? They Can Shut Up And Bite Me…

I have standing to complain, but they don’t.

A New York Times/Siena College poll just out purports to show that 64% of Democratic voters don’t want Joe Biden to be President after his current term expires, and the reason is that even they can tell the country is falling apart. Biden has been President for less than two years, and yet it has come to this already.

Assuming the poll is accurate (you know…polls) this result warrants a dirge from the tiniest violin in existence. How dare Democrats say this, when they foisted Biden on the nation with full knowledge that he was too old, declining mentally, and was a career mediocrity on the smartest day of his life? It was an epic example of irresponsible citizenship and a breach of trust, motivated, like most actions by members of their party since 2016, by pure, primitive, unreasoning, unquenchable hatred of Donald Trump. They would have voted for an inanimate carbon rod for President in 2020 if polls showed it to have the best chance of winning.

Seriously, what did they expect? Did they listen to Joe’s mumbling speech, notice his absent energy, see his rheumy eyes and confused looks? They could be forgiven a bit if Joe’s VP were an experienced pro, a skilled leader and a proven policy visionary of wit and erudition. Then they could assume that Biden would quickly run out of marbles, the 25th Amendment would be legitimately triggered, and all would be well. But Joe’s VP was—is— the equally incompetent Kamala Harris, chosen by the party for the same unethical reason Biden was: to obtain power, not to be capable of wielding it wisely or well.

There was no rational reason not to assume Biden would be disaster, and yet Democrats voted for him anyway, to get rid of a President who, mirabile dictu, had most things going rather well, once one ignored his narcissism, obnoxious habits and impolitic speech. It was a completely indefensible trade-off, but Democrats made it, and I do not want to hear them complaining about what they inflicted on America. Not one word. They are estopped. Forever.

I have more respect for the blind, knee-jerk fools of the “my mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with facts” persuasion, like the writers for the Palmer Report, a progressive news outlet, that claims that—get a load of this—the problem is that CNN and MSNBC aren’t doing a good enough job spinning for Biden…you know, like they spun for Obama. Inflation schminflation: don’t thos enetworks k know that the mainstream news media’s job is to spread Democratic propaganda? Like Kevin Bacon:

“If MSNBC and CNN are smart, they’ll drop this contrarian hyperbole and simply give viewers the truth they’re seeking. Viewers overwhelmingly want to know how to line up behind the Democratic Party for the midterms. When will MSNBC and CNN simply give them that?,” these deranged partisans complained.

Yes, it’s nuts, but at least it’s consistent with voting for a guaranteed embarrassment like Joe Biden in the first place. These are, presumably, the 33% of voters who, according to the poll, think Joe is doing a swell job. What could make anyone looking at the past 1.5 years conclude that? It’s simple, really. Any Democrat by definition is excellent, and any President who isn’t Donald Trump is a good one.

Fine. That same fantastic reasoning got us here, and the people responsible need to own it and live with it.

23 thoughts on “Ethics Estoppel: Awww, Do The Poor Democrats Regret Putting Biden In the White House? They Can Shut Up And Bite Me…

  1. Oh these Dems, like the dog that relieved himself were he shouldn’t have, they are going to resist having their face brought to the scene of the crime. Like Joe Biden said, dance with the guy who brung ya. My guess, after the midterms, which will go badly for them most likely, they will blame it all on Joe. He’s partly to blame, but really, it’s the policies. He’s not reinventing the wheel, he’s just trying to do, what the party wants. I think there’s a 50% chance they will make him resign somewhere after Jan 20, 2023. That will inflict Kamala on us even more so, but we’re in damage control mode here. Maybe the Dems will learn a lesson here, about choosing candidates on a DEI criteria, but I doubt it.

    • I wrote this on APRIL 12, 2021

      “…politically it would best if [Biden] wasn’t removed from office until after he’s one day passed the two year mark of being in office that way Harris would be eligible to be in office for a full 10 years minus one day. After all; only racist misogynists would vote against an incumbent President that’s a black woman.”

        • If she gets two years of Joe’s term, and the public gets to see her ridiculous incompetence in full view, in ways much more consequential than the photo-op bullshit that VPs play at while they twiddle their thumbs waiting to be called up to the big leagues, she won’t get the other eight years.

          The Democrats’ allies in the media haven’t been able to hide Biden’s inability to to the job (despite their best efforts at total propaganda, he still has lower approval ratings than his much-reviled predecessor ever had). Why would one assume they would be able to hide Harris’ arguably greater deficits? At least Joe gets a bit of a pass from many people for his age, giving his handlers cover to completely hide him away from the public three or four days a week. What would be the excuse for keeping Kamala under a blanket?

            • The current strategy from the Dems appears to be “show people shiny objects.” They’re trotting out photos from outer space. Maybe they look hard enough, and the telescope is powerful enough, they’ll find Kamala’s brain?

          • I don’t think the Democrats that are really running the political left in the USA and their media lapdogs give a damn about the incompetence of Biden or Harris, they know when it comes to the voting booth Democrats will rationalize voting for a ham sandwich, as Steve-O-in-NJ wrote below, as long as it has a “D” by the name and it opposes the Republicans. They’re also damned certain that Democrats won’t vote against an incumbent President that’s a black woman when confronted with choosing between an incumbent Democrat President that’s a black woman facing a Republican in the voting booth. This is exactly what they expect from the propaganda brainwashed left leaning voters and it’s likely exactly what they will get. It’s really clear that the political left doesn’t give a damn about trying to convince Independents and those leaning politically right that the left’s policies are the way to go, just disregard them as a lost cause, smear them, persecute them and focus all their efforts on the brainwashed left.

            The Democrats are all in on their pure a the driven snow progressive push towards totalitarianism and nothing is going to stop them especially no evil Republican; after all, evil must be destroyed.

            It’s all or nothing for Democrats.

            • In that case, they’re likely to get nothing (or destroy everything in the attempt). They’re losing Latino voters in droves, and even their most faithful demographic, black voters, are fleeing, albeit currently at a slower rate.

              I don’t disagree that the Democrats care only about winning, not governing well. But this administration’s approval rating is in the low 30s (in flawed polling – its likely actually lower). That’s the ham-sandwich people you’re talking about. My point was only that Harris had about as much chance of being president for ten years as the aforementioned ham sandwich. You don’t get reelected with a hardcore base that’s less than a third of the population, especially when your policies are wrecking people’s lives to the degree that the desire to end the wrecking overrides the apathy that normally keeps half the country from voting at all.

              • Jeff wrote, “…this administration’s approval rating is in the low 30s (in flawed polling – its likely actually lower). That’s the ham-sandwich people you’re talking about.”

                Be really careful not to get caught up in the polls, that kind of propaganda can give a false sense of being able to predict the end results of an election. Just because approval ratings are low doesn’t mean that when the voters head into the voting booth they won’t vote exactly the same as the pure-blood partisan Democratic Party sheeple. The divisions in the USA are very, Very, VERY deep and the polls will most certainly reflect those divisions regardless of the polls.

                • Clearing up the last sentence in my comment above, it’s a bit unclear.

                  The divisions in the USA are very, Very, VERY deep and the votes in voting booths will most certainly reflect those divisions regardless of the polls.

  2. Well, there’s the touted “fact” that Biden and Harris got the most votes of any ticket yet, so they must be the country’s choice, right?

    That 33% you cite to are the ham sandwichers, as I call them, although I guess the expression hasn’t caught on anywhere else. These are the people who would vote for a ham sandwich if it had the letter D next to it. Both parties have their true believers, and I think they are down to the true believers now, who really do believe that any president who is not named Trump is a good one. Is the same people who check the news every day with bated breath hoping there is going to be some kind of break in the January 6th committee that’s going to send Orange Man to jail for the rest of his life. A lot of these people intersect quite neatly with the proto-totalitarians in the party you are powered by the permanently angry people who think it’s just swell to harass a Supreme Court Justice whose decision you didn’t agree with at home or when out to dinner and who would have cheered if the guy had actually gone through with his murder. Because he made the wrong decision, dammit, and now we will never give him a moment’s peace, it’s the right thing to do.

    Unfortunately, the true believers are not enough to retain power. They need to be able to tell their adherents who have some questions about the results they are getting to stay the course and give them another chance, convince the fence sitters that this is a better alternative than what could happen, and hopefully draw some never Trumper Republicans over to their side too, who will gladly vote for everything they’ve stood against if it means voting against Trump or his ilk, because it’s important that the president be someone I’d be comfortable going to a wine tasting with or something like that.

    The thing is, I don’t think they’re going to get it. Soaring inflation, $5 and $6 gas at the pump while oil is being exported, a pandemic they don’t quite want to go away, a national defense being depleted while China keeps building up, and an attitude that the American people just need to tighten their belts and deal with this for as long as it takes, whatever that means, would be a tough sell by the best president. This is all a non-starter with a president like Biden, who is frankly only there because he never had to truly run. I submit to you that if 2020 had been a conventional election year, where Biden would have had to get out there and actually make speeches and lead rallies, the result of the election would have been different. He might never have even gotten the nomination. But, he got the nomination because he wasn’t Bernie, and he got elected because he wasn’t Trump. So here we are. Honestly, though it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the same political party that tried to hobble Trump for his entire presidency with the nonsensical Russian collusion hoax and then a half baked impeachment based on a phone conversation, then weaponized the pandemic against him rather than treating it as a problem for the entire country to overcome, would do this.

    Dereliction of duty? Absolutely. Breach of trust? Damn straight. Putting the good of the party far ahead of the good of the country? You can bet the farm on it. What is more, you can bet the house that they did all of this while accusing the other side of being an existential threat to democracy. Who would have ever thought the democracy consisted of letting the country fall apart and even encouraging the country to fall apart, because I have a really hard time believing that all of these things going wrong was not intentional, well very few, including the president’s family, profit handsomely? Who’d-a thunk that democracy was about one side either locking up or beating up the other side when they disagree, while the other side is not allowed to do anything of the sort? And who would have thought that democracy was about young women who bring not much to the table other than a big mouth shrieking into bullhorns and old socialists bellowing from this or that podium about this or that rather than actually trying to get things done?

    This is the bed the Democratic party has made. I’d be quite content to let them lay in it if the rest of this country, particularly the ordinary working people they treat with such contempt, didn’t have to lay down with them. Thankfully, most people, or at least enough people, are waking up to where all of this is heading. Abortion, pronouns, and January 6th just aren’t going to do it. This is without even talking about open border policies or the rising crime rates, but I think I’ve made my point. No party should tear down the house and then be surprised when people look around, see nothing but rubble, and decide they don’t want to live amidst ruins.

  3. It’s the kind of stunt people who’ve never worked for wages and tips would pull.

    Since it’s not physically possible for human beings to spring out of the pages of 1984, I’m going to assume these people were raised in North Korea.

    • Ack, that wasn’t the quote! The quoted material is supposed to be “simply give viewers the truth they’re seeking. Viewers overwhelmingly want to know how to line up behind the Democratic Party”.

  4. There are so many things that the Democrats are ethically estopped from complaining about and any complaints about President Biden is a great example and you covered it nicely. Another example is where Democrats are ethically estopped from complaining about GOP grievance politics, but here we are shoulder deep in the muck…

    “…when the GOP is ready for their long-overdue facelift and massive swing away from grievances our democracy is ready to invite them again to the grownup table of politics.”

    Oh My God!!! A Democrat talking about the “grownup table of politics” after what they’ve been doing since 2016 is ripe with the self-evident and thoroughly suffocating irony. Delusions must completely suppress the ability to be self aware.

    As Cornelius_Gotchberg wrote in his comment in that blog post “Mercy me; the deeply viscid irony through which you had to slog to type that.”

    This Presidential election cycle is already deep in absurdity. Dare I ask how absurd things are going to get before the election in November 2024? Remember, stupidity has no limits.

  5. Apparently, “Doctor” Biden is doing her part to pander for Hispanic support. It’s just that she’s not doing it very well. For some reason, the NAHJ was not impressed:

    True to form, The Hill “tailors” the headline and the story to conform to their narrative:

  6. The unspoken truth behind that poll is that Democrats don’t want Kamala Harris as the nominee, either. It’s not surprising as she was the first candidate to drop out of the 2020 primaries, never polling above 3 percent and she ran out of money in early December 2019.


  7. I have to say, I thought Ron Klain could run a marginally competent administration. Obviously, I was wrong. Instead, it’s complete chaos and ineptitude run by radical bureaucrats.

    • I’m tempted to ask all my Trump Deranged cohorts, “So, are you happy now?” But I don’t bother. They’d probably all just bluster, “Yeah, but … TRUMP!”

  8. I’ve come to realize a lot of my progressive friends are on the more extreme end of the Democratic party. They were all Hillary enthusiasts before they backed Biden, though.

    At this point, I feel sad for Biden because he’s on the serious decline. It doesn’t make me happy to watch a human being decline. I’ve seen it happen multiple times in my life, and it’s very hard to watch. I will be amazed if he runs again in 2024.

    • He might not even make it that far. It’s simply irresponsible to seek to manage this country and a cluster of crises when you can barely manage your own life and you have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

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