The Democrats’ Revealing Hypocrisy Regarding The Harassment Of Justice Kavanaugh [Updated]

Eschewing, for the nonce, a detailed explication about how long the list is of things AOC doesn’t “get,” this tweet was issued just a few days when an obnoxious comedian and right wing troll named Alex Stein ambushed the perpetually clueless socialist Congresswoman as she was going up the steps of the Capitol, gleefully calling out that she was his favorite “big booty Latina” and saying that even though she wants to “kill babies,” she looked “sexy” in her dress. AOC reacted thusly to his camera operator, and Stein later posted the episode on his YouTube channel.

Of course, Stein’s conduct was disgusting, and his treatment of the Congresswoman qualifies as sexual harassment in form and substance despite being legal. I also qualifies as a protest. But Ocasio-Cortez was not amused, tweeting in succession…

There is no evidence from the video that she was “walking over to deck him,” but never mind: what’s telling is repeat observations that “no one will protect us” from public expressions of dislike and disagreement, and that it’s regrettable that “the institution” allows the peasants to annoy their betters.

Note the obvious distinction between the Kavanaugh harassment that AOC shrugs off, and the catcalling “comedian.” Kavanaugh is a SCOTUS justice, and not properly influenced by public opinion, so the targeting of him was based on a Court opinion was nothing more than angry vengeance. AOC is a Congresswoman who represents the public, and protests aimed at her are exactly what the Founders had in mind. Kavanaugh was not engaged in his official employment while dining at a restaurant; AOC was on the job. Kavanaugh was on private property; AOC was on the steps of the Capitol. Other people were negatively affected by the mob harassing Kavanaugh. AOC alone was the target of Stein.

Yet the New York rep declares that she doesn’t believe annoying protests like Stein’s should be permitted. Why? Obviously it is because a good politician—her—is the target. Bad people like Kavanaugh deserve to be harassed, so it’s OK.

In fact, both the harassment of Kavanaugh and the cat-calling mockery of AOC were unethical. Stein’s act was definitely protected speech; the verbal assault outside the restaurant is a closer call.

Earlier, Pete Buttigieg displayed his embrace of the same double standard, but less directly, as he was engaging in his specialty, double talk. He was asked to defend his husband’s tweet mocking Kavanaugh’s experience, which was…

Yeah, good one, Chasten. None of those dining decisions included killing anyone, so your implied analogy is flawed.

But I digress. The DOT Secretary replied,

“Look, when public officials go into public life, we should expect two things. One, that you should always be free from violence, harassment, and intimidation. And two, you’re never going to be free from criticism or peaceful protest, people exercising their First Amendment rights.”

ShutDownDC, the activists targeting the five Justices who voted to overturn Roe, is offering up to $250 for every sighting of the justices that allows the group to track them down and harass them, just like they did Kavanaugh when he went to Morton’s Steak House. Before the Dobbs opinion ever came down, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer publicly warned Kavanaugh, saying, “I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

That was a not even thinly-veiled invitation for the progressive mob to engage  harassment and intimidation, and that’s what the mobs outside the justices’ homes and Morton’s engaged in. Other progressives have directly called for intimidation and harassment. Harvard clinical instructor Alejandra Caraballo argued that “The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again.”  Caraballo  called for people to “accost them every time they are in public” as the “civic duty” of every American.

You know, what Buttigieg calls “peaceful protests.”

The Democratic Party is devolving into one that only believes in free speech that benefits its interests. Fairness and decency are increasingly regarded as impediments to its agenda.

13 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Revealing Hypocrisy Regarding The Harassment Of Justice Kavanaugh [Updated]

  1. I thought Steins’s comments were juvenile and hardly funny.
    AOC should however spend less time on Twitter and Instagram playing the victim and more time learning the nuances of policy matters. Such behavior reinforces the belief she has no business being in Congress.

  2. Yes AOE is an idiot who doesn’t understand or really just doesn’t want free speech and respectability for the other side. With that being said, its a shame what happened to her. Clearly unethical.

    Jack have you designed AOC with the Julie Principle?

  3. To say nothing of the fact that Republicans aren’t sending people to harass AOC – a random drunk jerk hassling her is not a Republican strategy. It is nothing like the organized mobs that appeared during the Trump administration to harass Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for instance, and have appeared recently to do the same to Justice Kavanaugh.

  4. When I saw that video it looked like she tried to pose for a picture and throw up the peace sign before someone with her pulled her back. In her little video later she gave the impression that she was attacked and was angry that the capital police allowed it to happen.

    Sounds as though he made her uncomfortable, as she says protests are supposed to do, after she saw his video or something. In the moment it looked like she was excited to have her picture taken.

  5. I’m sorry. Anyone who uses “pearl clutching” as a descriptor is a moron. It’s analogous to Commies calling anyone who’s not on board with the Revolution a reactionary. Heck yes, I’m a reactionary, I’m reacting to a bunch of really, really bad ideas.

  6. Devolving? It’s already there and it has been for probably a decade. It was just easy to silence those it disagreed with when Obama was in power and they could call anyone who disagreed with him a racist. Now they’ve got a senile old white guy in charge and it’s not so easy.

    Yeah, Stein was acting like a moron. So what? AOC should have just pulled up her big girl panties and kept on walking like she had work to do. Her deck him? Ha! She ain’t no Preston Brooks, that’s for damn sure. She can come back when someone gets arrested near her house armed and with a plan to murder her.

  7. Wasn’t she the one who claimed to be holed up in her office, fearing for her life, during the “Insurrection”?


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