Now THIS Is An Unethical Lawyer…

And yet he’s running to be elected judge!

No, I don’t understand this at all.

Matthew Leveridge, the commonwealth’s attorney for Russell and Wayne counties in Kentucky, should have been disbarred.  He admitted to impregnating a criminal defendant, Latisha Sartain, whom he prosecuted for drug trafficking in 2011. A motion filed on Sartain’s behalf in 2014 alleged that Leveridge filed a motion to revoke her five-year pretrial diversion agreement after she ended their relationship and revealed her pregnancy to Leveridge’s wife. For some reason, this didn’t result in any bar discipline, or an episode of “Law and Order.”  But wait! There’s more!

Leveridge also an affair with a dismissed juror in a case he was prosecuting in 2013. Regarding that scandal, Leveridge said he thought that the woman’s jury duty was over, although she was called to serve on another panel after her dismissal. There was no bar discipline for this escapade either.

This epitome of legal rectitude is now running for a circuit court judgeship. The aspiring jurist told local reporters, “A few years ago I made a mistake in my life,. I acknowledged the mistake, sought forgiveness, took responsibility and accepted the consequences.” Now, he says, he has learned from “his mistakes” and has “moved on to a better life.”

SOLD! He’d have MY vote!

Both of these examples of unethical conduct are signature significance for a prosecutor. They show dead legal ethics alarms. They aren’t “mistakes,” they are symptoms of a power- and position-abuser who cannot and must not be trusted, in public service, in any profession, in any leadership or supervisory position, in a marriage, as a dog-sitter. An ethical lawyer doesn’t commit either of these blatant breaches of workplace, legal and prosecutorial ethics ever, even once.

All that is left, really, is deciding which outrageous analogy is most appropriate for such a man having the gall to run for a judgeship. A child-molesting bishop seeking to be pope, perhaps?

Now watch Leveridge get elected.

One related note: I heard about this case but had a devil of a time finding an online report about it that wouldn’t cost me money. The Daily Beast, which picked it up from local sources, required that I subscribe to read its article. The ABA Journal demanded that I join the now extreme left-biased lawyer’s association in order to read its report (over my dead body…). The Louisville Courier Journal’s story was also behind a paywall.

This is becoming a problem.



5 thoughts on “Now THIS Is An Unethical Lawyer…

  1. There’s a website that gets you around paywalls:

    It doesn’t work for every website, and when it does the format often has that half-loaded look, but it can be good if you want to skim an article.

  2. Sigh. My state in the news again for the wrong reasons.

    It’s not enough that we attempt to murder a Louisville mayoral candidate, or have to deal with massive flooding costing dozens of lives, but now we have to read about this.


  3. Who was it that first used the great non-apology, “mistakes were made.” Almost as good as tossing around “errors in judgment.” Funny how elected officials keep paid liars so darned busy.

  4. Jack wrote, “I heard about this case but had a devil of a time finding an online report about it that wouldn’t cost me money.”, “This is becoming a problem.”

    Yes paywalls are a HUGE problem but it wouldn’t be a problem if modern “journalists” and media outlets hadn’t become overt political activists and intentionally and constantly pushing partisan political propaganda. Constant propaganda has destroyed trust in the fourth estate and wreak havoc on society.

    I don’t know what the solution is because partisans continue to funnel money to their partisan media outlets and those outlets won’t change their ways until it hits them squarely in their pocket book. At this point in time it looks like our society is headed to a very bad place where only those with the financial means can pay for enough varied news sources to obtain the real truth and the only thing the rest get is pure propaganda.

  5. The girl that Leveridge impregnated was actually participating in a “Drug Court” program ran by Leveridge when the affair/pregnancy occurred. Now, with his position of authority in relation to the defendant – isn’t this a case of Rape just the same as if a guard has sexual relations with a prisoner? Regardless of consent? With no statute of limitations??????

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