Open Forum! Abuse Me!

Welcome to my world! Here is what greeted me this morning: a virtuoso hate rant from some student or faculty member at the University of Akron:

Ay, Cracker Jack! You spelled “border” wrong, you ethnonationalist, neoconservatice, warmongering, cop-calling pussy. We will flood this country one way or another, and no stupid fucking wall is going to stop us. I use my bullshit millions, generated by zero effort and a fuckton of capital gains, to fucking fly pregnant refugee women here on workers visas, and I buy them a legal path to citizenship once the anchor babies are delivered by various local obstetricians. Your little one vote every other year isn’t going to do shit to stop me and my rich ass, militant progressive friends from fucking over rich wite people and shoveling Black and Brown folks into the fucking voting booths. Suck my dick, you pretentious coward in centrist’s clothing.

It’s no wonder you didn’t even mention Trump’s two most egregious serial crimes: mass housing discrimination and multiple sexual assaults. But it makes sense. You support the same shit. You just don’t like his lack of decorum and politeness. Because you would love if the non-puritanical shit gets swept under the rug. You favored a Bush or Reagan world…where genocide, war crimes, mass incarceration and racist economics are passed off as “Trade Deals, Fighting Terror, Stopping Crime & The Free Market”. Trump wants “Caligula” and you’d rather have “Handmaid’s Tale”, you pathetic, heliophobic bootlicking bitch’s bitch.

No amount of moral grandstanding against Trump–in favor of some other puppet of a billionaire with lobbyist strings, mind you––will ever make you seem like a man whose partner is faithful. Your wife, if you miraculously have one, fucks and sucks every dick darker than tumbleweed that she can get her hands on. Now get your head out of your undoubtedly flabby ass and your “nonpartisan” pigs out of my way, so we, the men of color in your favorite cuckold pornos, can finally fight hand-to-hand with the Klan that you pretend to disavow. [Mic Drop]


  • I did NOT spell border wrong in the post this landed on, but I often do; I also frequently misspell “receive,” “Michael” and some other things wrong as well, when I’m not making typos. Note the this comment misspelled “white,” unless “wite” is a thing now.
  • The screen name was “SEEYOUNEXTTUESDAY.” Is that a threat?
  • The screed is not unskilled. I can’t tell if the writer really is deranged, is parodying derangement, or thinks this is what I expect from the deranged.
  • I love starting my day by reading stuff like this. It happens more often than you would think.
  • That’s a still from “Billions.” The show’s prosecutor protagonist, played by the wonderful Paul Giamatti (“John Adams,” and former Commissioner of Baseball Bart Giamatti’s son), has an S&M kink.
  • No, the comment is NOT getting through moderation…

But I digress.


This is your shot to write about whatever you want to, as long as it’s ethics.

50 thoughts on “Open Forum! Abuse Me!

  1. See you next Tuesday is actually a code reference for a vulgar term for the female pudenda, as in c, u… I won’t write the whole thing out. As for deranged, maybe. Some deranged folks are quite erudite and even poets, i.e. the now thankfully dead Charles Manson. This guy’s just an asshole with too much time on his hands.

      • Frankly, if you were face to face with this idiot, you’d be well within your rights to take a crowbar and split his head open. He insulted your wife, and my attitude is that you can insult me all you like, but once you insult my family, you die.

    • I have met too many people like this. This probably isn’t an act. I was at a party and a woman became hysterical when someone brought up that some Congressional gun control act had failed. She started blathering on about how they couldn’t DO that and they couldn’t force her to own guns. She then proceeded to say that 30,000 children/year were killed in firearms accidents. When I told her the actual number was about 200, or 1/4 the number of children who drown in pools, she exploded. She started screaming that her wife had written her Master’s thesis about this and it was 30,000. I told her that I didn’t care if her wife had lied and fabricated her Master’s thesis, it didn’t change the facts. Someone else looked up the number and it was something like 169 the previous year. She then accused me of being the liar because 169 isn’t ‘about 200’. These people are everywhere.

  2. The screed is not unskilled. I can’t tell if the writer really is deranged, is parodying derangement, or thinks this is what I expect from the deranged.

    I vote for parody. It is much too on-the-nose and profoundly stereotypical to be sincere. Even total moonbats have their random points of lucidity, and the breadth and depth of this writer’s mental (and ethical!) infirmity is just too comprehensive. This reads like something a mass murderer might put in his manifesto.

    From everyone’s favorite wolf-in-sheep-clothing, Vox:

    Headline: The US monkeypox response is failing queer men
    Subhead: An expert explains how the community has learned to take care of itself when governments won’t.

    Money graf from the supposed “expert:”

    “What I see is a community of people who have been left without access to the care that they need, advocating for themselves and for others and going to extraordinary lengths to try to minimize viral risks,” says Joseph Osmundson, a queer health advocate and clinical assistant professor of biology at New York University. “All the while, their suffering is not being taken seriously.”

    How much unethical nonsense can we find in just these three exemplars? Never mind the fallacies (appeal to emotion, appeal to authority, begging the question, etc.), but how is it the responsibility of government to manage the spread of a disease that is comprehensively and almost exclusively (from an epidemiological standpoint) found in unprotected male-male sex? I’m not in the way of suggesting that gay men must stop having sex, but there is no realistic way they don’t know how the disease is being spread.

    Why must government step in? Do gay men need special instructions on how to use a condom? Is it the responsibility of government to make sure that gay men are somehow specially protected from the consequences of their sexual urges? The article suggests that gay men are taking the matter in hand themselves, but why the hell is that controversial or blameworthy?

    This, to me, is deep Orwellian shit, and more proof that we erred legitimizing sexual deviance so quickly. It has allowed the gay community, which was already somewhat militant, to wield outsized power and demand ridiculous things of government that will only spread to other “marginalized” groups. Can a $400 billion dollar “Gay rescue plan” be far behind?

    Ay, indeed.

    • I saw a gay rights activist explain this yesterday. The medical community has been giving anti-HIV medications to all HIV-negative gay men and telling them it will keep them from getting HIV. This has allowed them to ditch condoms and not have to modify their lifestyle. The biggest problem with this is that it doesn’t seem to keep them from getting HIV. A side-effect is that the gay community feels that society is obligated to find a way for them to live their preferred lifestyle without any consequences. In this case, they expect the government to immediately immunize all gay men against monkeypox immediately or the government is being homophobic by burdening them with suggested sexual restraint.

      California is trying to declare a state of emergency over monkeypox (San Francisco has already) and want to shut down schools and churches over this. However, suggestions that the weeklong ‘Up Your Alley” kink festival be cancelled has been met with cries of homophobia.

      • Yeah, if sex orgies are to big to cancel over a disease outbreak, then I will modify exactly NOTHING about my lifestyle over a disease outbreak. If you cannot even ask people not to have sex with 40+ people per day, then why should anyone else give up anything? At this point, I would not even bother altering my route to the mall in response to government requests over disease outbreaks, much less voluntarily commit myself to house arrest. They can bite me.

        • My wife was laughing almost hysterically when I mimicked the government talking points about monkeypox with the knowledge that 99+% of the cases are due to gay sex. “Everyone needs to be tested…because you can’t be sure you haven’t been having gay sex.” “Wearing a mask will help stop the spread…but where should I wear it?” The government guidance that said monkeypox can be spread through extended sweaty skin to skin contact also had her laughing. The media suggestion that everyone needs to be vaccinated with a vaccine that was rushed to market without the normal testing period is also worrying. Yes..companies usually spend $1 billion to get a new vaccine rushed to market for a disease that exists only in a few remote areas. Also, isn’t it wonderful how our health agencies can predict these things years in advance. A few years ago (2020, I believe), they had one of these ‘war games’ scenarios with all the countries’ health agencies about a monkeypox outbreak in May 2022. Boy, they ARE good!

          • I would literally rather die than take one of the governments new vaccines. If it’s a choice between a deadly disease and cooperating with the government, I choose the disease. I have a higher opinion of monkey pox than I do the US government.

          • “The media suggestion that everyone needs to be vaccinated with a vaccine that was rushed to market without the normal testing period is also worrying.”

            That ship sailed on December 11th, 2020. Poorly tested vaccines with no long term safety or efficacy data are going to be the norm every time there’s an unusual disease outbreak. And regardless of how limited the spread of any given disease is, there will be a push to vaccinate the entire population, regardless of the efficacy or safety record (or complete lack of same) of any given vaccine or medication. We’re in the realm of magical thinking now, where a “vaccine” that doesn’t work at all is still seen as some sort of magic amulet to ward off the evil miasma of disease.

            The Great Covid Panic broke the brains of a large subset of people, such that they are no longer willing to accept any risk of getting sick. It created millions of pathological germophobes that had previously lived normal lives. They will agitate for this same kind of insane response to every new “threat” that the media builds up. Pharma companies, media outlets, and government agencies have huge financial and power incentives to encourage such irrational thinking, and there appears to be a very resolute determination among those in power that we shall make zero effort to learn from the numerous mistakes of the past three years, so it’s unfortunately very likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

            • “and there appears to be a very resolute determination among those in power that we shall make zero effort to learn from the numerous mistakes of the past three years, so it’s unfortunately very likely to continue for the foreseeable future.”

              Jeff, are you sure the word “mistakes” is accurate?

      • Yeah. This is ever the way of authoritarians, and the gay militants are taking a lesson straight from former President Obama — Any dissent from the line is racist/sexist/homophobic [fill in anti-minority trope here]. In other words, shut up, proles, and do what your betters tell you.


    Charles Lane’s proposal here would be somewhat credible if he didn’t admit that it was really just a back door to barring Trump from another shot at the presidency, with ol’ Joe just having to “take one for the team.” It also might be more credible if it proposed age limits on other offices too, to prevent Speakers of the House kept alive only by alcohol preservation 100+ year old Senators from before WWI, and Supreme Court justices 85+ and dying from trying to hang onto power until their bodies give out. Otherwise, it’s just another way for Congress and the courts to wait out presidents they don’t like.

    • Really, this needs to be for all government workers. Look at how our entire government is dominated and dictated by extremely elderly people. Biden is 79, Nancy Pelosi is 82, Jerry Nadler is 75, Chuck Schumer is 71, Janet Yellen is 75 and acts like 95, Anthony Fauchi is 81. Your mental faculties just aren’t that good at that age. You might be able to do math and solve problems, but almost everyone’s judgement is altered by that age. It should be a rule for all 4 branches of government (I am including the unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy).

    • This is an ethics problem, without a solution if people behave unethically. Medicine is progressing fast enough that a constitutional amendment setting a mandatory retirement age risks being obsolete in a few decades. Constitutional provisions must vetted such that they provide immediate benefit, without foreseeable and predictable harm in the future. They cannot be treated as temporary, as that risks diluting our rights for short-term political gain.

      The process of amending the constitution is deliberately daunting, and has only been done 13 times since the Bill of Rights (only 11 are still applicable!). Setting a constitutionally set age risks real age discrimination if cognitive decline can be treated or slowed, and amending it to change the age should not be relied on, because it maybe politically expedient to an able-minded, popular politician of the opposite party into retirement, than to amend the constitution to reflect the new medical reality.

      This becomes an even greater risk if the proposed amendment allows the retirement age to be set by statute. The age cutoff risks become a political lever use to get rid of inconvenient opponents. Given how the impeachment process was made into a political lever, we cannot trust our “democratic norms” anymore.

      A mandatory retirement age set in the constitution is simply unworkable. It foreseeably becomes political tool to be abused, and opens the Constitution to other mucking around in a manner that risks degrading our rights. Given talk of a court packing, retirement age could provide a potential backdoor to removing inconvenient justices. The only amendment I can foresee to be of use would be one that merely codifies the maximum size of the court at 9.

      The law cannot force ethical behavior, but it can provide opportunity for new abuse. The only solution is for people whatever epoch they live in to retire at a suitable age before their faculties decline excessively; the only workable check is a responsible public that will not vote in unfit persons to office. Persons that cannot be forced out, such as Supreme Court justices, have an even bigger ethical duty to retire at an appropriate age.

      • Think if this had been included in the original constitution — would the maximum age have been 55? 60? 85? Fortunately our Founding Fathers were wiser than that.

    • I support age limits. We have a minimum age, 70’s somewhere seems reasonable for a maximum age to not hold a federal or state office or appointed position. No exemptions. None. Not for Supreme Court, not for appointees in the bloated acronyms, not for anyone for any reason. Serve out your term if you have a birthday and be done.

  4. To revisit a comment I made in last week’s forum, here was a comment I made on Reddit regarding that topic.

    This walkout was mind-numbingly stupid.

    Okay, so she is morally opposed to abortion.

    So what?

    Can imagine walking out on an induction or graduation ceremony because the keynote speaker prefers the Eagles over the Steelers?

    Or prefers cosplaying Halo over cosplaying Star Wars?

    • I’m sorry, but everyone who walked out should lose their medical license. This wasn’t even a speech about abortion, it was just given by someone who doesn’t support abortion. If you can’t stand to even be in a room with someone who has a differing opinion as you, how can you be expected to give compassionate and competent care to people? It is a good thing I have never displayed my degree from that university, so I don’t have to turn it to the wall. OK, the diploma was mailed to me and the mailman threw it in the middle of the hallway where is was stomped on all day rather than put it in the special package mailbox. Maybe he knew this was going to happen, or maybe he was a Michigan State alum.

      This is similar to the MCAT test session where a man died from a heart attack. Two students started CPR, one ran out of the room to call 911. Everyone else kept taking their test. The test proctor yelled at the only 3 ethical students in the room, telling them that they wouldn’t get extra time. Everyone in that room except the 3 that helped should have been permanently disqualified from medical school. The 3 that helped should have been immediately admitted to the med school of their choice.

      The main problem is that physicians are paid too much and have WAAY too much status in society. This results in people wanting to do become physicians for the money and status.

      • Truly, the Harvard of the Midwest.

        That MCAT story sounds like a joke. I assume it’s actually true. Would it were apocryphal.

        • No, it really happened (but it was 15 years ago or so). When the news story came out, we used it as an article in our senior discussion class dominated by premeds.

          I have heard a lot of MCAT horror stories from my students over the years (none that bad, however). The worst one was a university that scheduled an MCAT right next to the football stadium at their school during a game. The building didn’t have A/C working and the windows had to be open, all while the noise blared in. The MCAT company wouldn’t refund their money or void their scores.


    I love this story. Four guys, at least three of color, possibly all four, steal a nice new BMW SUV, steal rifles, including “An AR-15 assault style rifle,” put on their hoodies (you know, so they’ll look just like Barack Obama’s son, if he had one) and their Covid masks, of course (don’t want anyone to get sick!), and stroll into a liquor store at 3 AM. The owner sees them on his security cameras and fires a shot gun blast at one of the four young scholars as he points the AR-15 at him. They all run away in their nice car du jour and are arrested at a nearby hospital. The AR-15 toter is evidently in stable but critical condition. He’s reported to have observed to his cohorts, “He shot my arm off!”

    I wonder when these guys are going to be RORed? This is California after all. Would making gun ownership illegal have prevented these guys from arming themselves? Have they been forced to knock over liquor stores in the middle of the night because of systemic racism? Should the owner have called a social worker? The police? Shouldn’t he be forced to have his shot gun melted down to prevent gun violence? The owner is white, the shootee is black. Isn’t this inherently racist and white supremacist? Were the mothers of these four customers unable to afford to abort them because of systemic racism? Perhaps these guys are repeat offenders. Because incarceration doesn’t change their behavior, shouldn’t they be released ASAP because prisons don’t work? Where’s Crump? Where’s BLM? Where’s the mother of the shootee? This white man shot her baby. Why are we just supposed to look the other way and move on?

  6. The J6 political persecutions claimed another scalp when Guy Reffitt was sentenced to more than seven years in prison, even though he did not engage in any violence, nor enter the U.S. Capitol. The outrageous punishment, the longest prison term yet handed down, appears to be government retribution for Reffitt’s “hyperbolic statements” secretly recorded in his home by his teenage son. So, once again, the D.C. Despots have thrown down the gauntlet against constitutionally protected free speech.

    Of all the Leviathan’s fiendish and reprehensible acts these last ten years (the IRS and DOJ’s targeting of conservatives, the Hillary-Obama-FBI Russia collusion hoax designed to take down a sitting president, the Pentagon’s forced experimental “vaccination” of servicemembers against their religious and conscientious objections, etc.), its no-holds-barred onslaught of malicious prosecutions and vengeful incarcerations against January 6 political protesters takes the cake. The government’s wildly inappropriate use of the FBI and courts to stamp out certain political speech and intimidate Americans into silence and compliance is such a blatantly un-American miscarriage of justice that it leaves me seething with anger. It can’t happen here? It has happened here. And the federal government’s vindictive and authoritarian response to January 6 only adds to the voluminously accumulating proof that Washington is filled to the brim with sadistic tyrants who would have felt right at home in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

  7. He also misspelled “neoconservatice” in the sentence he erroneously claimed you misspelled “border”, I am therefor certain his birthing person wears Army boots, and he was never chestfed.

    Out of the rest of the delusion and projection filled screed, “heliophobic” is probably valid. Being a little thin on top myself, I always wear a hat when out in the sun.

  8. I believe the mass racial discrimination the deranged in the lead-in seems to be referring to was regarding the removal of an racist Obama era quota on HUD providing financial assistance for minority families. The idea was to increase diversity by _not_ providing assistance to black families if they applied to purchase a house in predominantly black neighborhoods.

    Unsurprisingly, black home ownership rates began to drop at day one of this policy. These same rates suddenly began to climb when Trump’s administration removed the policy. Despite clear evidence the policy was harming the black community, there was a seawall of bad press and even an entire John Oliver episode (I believe it even featured dancing girls) declaring Carson’s policy change racist.

    Now onto what brought me to the open forum today… I often skip the baseball topics since I’m not a sports follower, but did find this video gaming speed run controversy (of which this narrator documents a lot of them…) and several good ethical considerations are made. I especially liked his insistence to his audience to not engage in cancel culture.

  9. Cancel Culture finally got to one of my favorite hobbies and I hate everyone who allowed it. Let me elaborate:

    BattleTech is a miniatures game where you pretend to command giant armored robots shooting other giant armored robots. This thing has been around since the 80s and is a pretty entertaining hobby if you’re into it (painting miniatures, memorizing Byzantine rules, geeking it out with your friends, etc.)

    Blaine Lee Pardoe ( is a writer who has been involved in BattleTech from the beginning writing both fiction (novels and short stories) and lore (background fictional history) for the game. While his novels are not masterpieces, he has a strong following within the community. Recently the game has had a bit of a renaissance, and Pardoe wrote a couple of new novels in the current game era. After some time last year there have been no updates from him, or for the conclusion of the current storylines he had pending. This is where we note that Pardoe is a vocal conservative and just recently published Blue Dawn, a revenge fantasy ‘what if’ about what would have happened if Trump won re-election and was deposed a month later by a coup. Again, not a great novel, but entertaining if that’s your cup of tea.

    Earlier this week, it came to light that – apparently – some months ago the owners of the Intellectual Property (Topps, the card company) received some complaints about him and asked the licensee (Catalyst Game Labs, who actually manage the game and publication of all things BattleTech) to “get rid of this problem”. About six months ago (timeline unconfirmed), CGL told Pardoe that they would not be contracting him out to write the novels needed to finish the storylines he started. According to him CGL was going to make an announcement shortly. Meanwhile, fans were asking him when the conclusion would happen. This was expected because Pardoe was very involved in the community – particularly forums and FB groups. He never replied to those comments, or did it evasively. Finally this week, somehow it leaked that he was not returning to finish the job, with the accompanying gossip given no official announcements.

    CGL made an official one paragraph statement on Facebook (, and a day later Pardoe wrote his version of the events ( Not surprisingly the community has fractured over this. Old allegations of fraud against the current management of CGL was brought up and the current president of the company made a longer announcement, promising a more detailed explanation later, only to delete it again two days later.

    Luckily this is one gaming property that can work around the owners legally (alternative manufacturers exist and have been encouraged as long as they are not straight copies of the original designs; and the rules can be summarized in a new format, which the community has avoided so far in order to encourage new players to at the very least by the rulebooks from CGL), but there have been proposed boycotts, some fans celebrating the booting of the author – and of course asking for a purge of the fanbase too -, petitions to let Pardoe at least finish the current set of novels, etc. Personally I’m not asking anyone to step buying from Catalyst, but I’m not giving them another cent giving the large amount of alternatives.

    The interesting part is that right now CGL is launching a new game (via Kickstarter –, and while it was expected to be a huge success it has been a lot more modest than most projected in the industry. For comparison, this was their previous BattleTech one:

    On the other hand, Pardoe has been working on an alternate universe of giant fighting robots. Currently they have only announced novels, but I wonder if there will be a new tie-in game in the future.

    I’ll keep an eye on how this progresses, but it will be sad if both the game and community end up split over another round of Culture Wars. It’s not like we are turning people at the door because there are too many fans. Sigh.

    PS – My local gaming store hosts regular games with representatives from CGL (based about 45 minutes from here). I wonder if I’ll keep showing up for those.

      • Yeah, the “puppies” thing broke a lot of people, and split the fandom. On the other hand. it led to things like BasedCon, which I attended last year and plan to go this one too. Bunch of cool and crazy geeks all around, just like the old time cons.

      • ConCarolinas, one of our local cons based in Charlotte, invited John Ringo to be a guest of honor in 2018 and, after much ado, withdrew the invitation. To those of us who believe in free speech, this was an appalling exhibition.

        On the other hand, ConCarolinas has had a long history of very prominent and popular guest of honor (George R.R. Martin is one who comes to mind). That changed after this incident. I am not sure I’ve even heard previously of the guests of honor they’ve been able to book in the four years since then. Attendance that year and the next was down significantly from what I’ve heard (and then we had two years cancelled by Covid).

        We’re booksellers, so we basically feel we have to be there each year, and we were in the process of acquiring a bunch of Ringo books that we would have sold that year (other considerations aside, Ringo is a really good writer and one of our favorites). A bad situation all around, but I cannot find too much sympathy for ConCarolinas. You reap what you sow…

    • I was just starting to get into Battletech when this happened. He gave an interview about the incident a few days after the story broke.

  10. Was Gore Vidal the most smug, irritating commentator on history that ever existed?

    Pardon my rant. It was suggested to me that I listen to a podcast that airs on the BBC so I’ve gone back to the beginning and am listening right now to a discussion that was recorded back in 1998 in which Vidal blamed Lincoln for tearing down the sectional system that had worked for many years with no standing army, no strong central government, etc, etc, and how he had a mystical view of the country that nobody else had.

    And he acted like that was a bad thing.

    Is there something unethical about being that ridiculously contemptuous of the history of our country while being continually praised for his astuteness regarding our history?

    I think if I heard him mention Universal Health Care one more time, I will scream.

    Dude’s been dead for 10 years and he still drives me nuts.

  11. I was just thinking about 3 mass shootings.

    In Uvalde, a gunman entered a gun-free zone. The response was only from law enforcement. It took hundreds of officers over an hour to end the shooting spree.

    At the Hefner grill, a CLEET certified guard legally carried a gun into a gun-free zone and began shooting people randomly. Patrons had to run to the parking lot to retrieve their firearms (it was a gun-free zone) and then run BACK into the restaurant to shoot the suspect. Numerous patrons ran TOWARD the gunfire to end the threat.

    In Indiana, a gunman entered a gun-free zone. A citizen who ignored the gun-free zone and brought his gun anyway stopped the threat almost immediately.

    What are the ethics of gun-free zones? Logically, gun-free zones only protect gunmen. No murderer is going to be deterred by the sticker on the window. The purpose of the sticker is to make sure the gunman faces no opposition. Is it ethical for executives in NYC to decided that workers and shoppers all over the country have to give up the ability to defend themselves to make a living, shop, eat at restaurants, or see a movie?

    • Is it ethical for executives in NYC to decided that workers and shoppers all over the country have to give up the ability to defend themselves to make a living, shop, eat at restaurants, or see a movie?

      It ciould be ethical provided that they actually enforce it with controlled-access points, each guarded by an armed squad.

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