Breaking News On The Stolen Election “Lie”

I still see it almost every day: a reference to Donald Trump’s stolen election “lie.” Trump, as is his wont, makes this slur too easy by his usual sloppiness of expression. First, he employs the language of certainty to express a belief that cannot be verified, and second, he keep focusing on voter fraud. However, as Ethics Alarms had indicated on many days in in many ways, there is a substantial likelihood that Trump’s second term was stolen from him (and the nation), not by fraud but by the continuous series of deliberate and unethical acts of sabotage committed against his Presidency, administration and campaign by Democrats, progressives, the news media, social media, popular culture, Big Tech, NeverTrump Republicans and the “Deep State.” (As an aside, the denials by the Left that the Deep State exists remind me of the once commonplace denials by Italian-Americans that the Mafia existed.)

This week, two bits of evidence supporting this position emerged:

1. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) has heard from a whistleblower who claims that FBI officials told investigators not to look into Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 presidential election, because the agency didn’t want “to change the outcome of the election again.”

“These new allegations provide even more evidence of FBI corruption and renew calls for you to take immediate steps to investigate the FBI’s actions regarding the laptop,” the senator wrote in a letter to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz this week. [You can read the whole letter here.]

2. Nate Silver, the 538 stat-head who is hardly a Trump supporters or even without lacking for progressive/Democrat biases, revealed yesterday in a series of tweets that there is evidence of “liberal public health elites” pressuring Pfizer to “change its original protocols” and delay it’s Wuhan virus vaccine approval, which “had the convenient side-effect of delaying any vaccine announcement until after the election.”:

Also, the late 2020 push from liberal public health elites that persuaded Pfizer to *change* its original protocols – and had the convenient side-effect of delaying any vaccine announcement until after the election – deserves more scrutiny…I don’t know for sure but yes the implication is that it may have been politically motivated in whole or in part. Especially given the people making the push, who tend to be strong D partisans. It’s a story that deserves more reporting and I’ve done some poking around myself.

“A bit more scrutiny” is an understatement. The news media has precluded any scrutiny of the ways Trump was denied a fair election, in part because the media was a large part of the effort to defeat him by misleading the public and keeping information that might hurt the chances of Joe Biden “from”in darkness,” as the Washington Post would say.

Or as Bill Clinton would say, whether or not the 2020 election was stolen depends on what the meaning of “stolen” is…

12 thoughts on “Breaking News On The Stolen Election “Lie”

  1. Maybe the election wasn’t “stolen” through fraud – at least that can be proven – but it increasingly looks like it was rendered unfair to Trump and his supporters by the actions of people in government and outside government, including the major technology companies. They practically bragged about it in Time magazine (

    Given that it was decided by less than 45,000 votes across Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin, Trump is right to be angry, even if he has been grossly misled by certain lawyers as to how, exactly, things went off the rails in 2020.

    • Between that and the media putting its thumb on the scales it was COMPLETELY unfair. Of course, the media would have you believe that narrow margin of a few thousand votes in a few states isn’t proof of how close the election really was, it’s proof that we need to do away with the electoral college.

  2. I just saw this tweet, though I don’t watch Joe Rogan.

    Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 7 days based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.

    There’s video if anyone wants to find it.

  3. #2: Ah, there’s that other shoe. I hadn’t seen the story from Nate Silver about pressure to delay the release of the COVID-19 vaccine. I had, however, started recently seeing stories claiming Trump pressured the FDA to speed up the approval of the vaccine.

    At first, that had me confused. Of course he tried to speed up the vaccine. That’s what he had a duty to do. Isn’t the vaccine safe and effective? Wasn’t its rapid development the triumph of 21st-century public health? Why would they suddenly want to cast Trump’s pressure for a quick delivery as improper?

    I see now. If Trump’s pressure was improper, then any machinations by others to slow-walk the process must be justified, right?

  4. There’s so many things which have been kept from us… not just now, but since this country started and the business men started heavily influencing the parties who could get them bigger profits.

    It’s sick.

    We are not a democracy or republic.

    We are controlled by big money in various places who usually exploit the earth and people to make profits.

    Control is the game which is why historically the church, governments and business all are in bed together and “we the people” are not informed.

    How could we be?

    The press is mostly dishonest.

    The actually people who try to do good are silenced or not given coverage by the press.

    Isn’t it hilarious so many of the “conspiracy theories” thatpeople have been forever banned for sharing have slowly been shown be true?

    Like the only peer reviewed study on masks (which dr F and birx actually answered the press early on using the facts, before they flipped) is now being quoted as the truth they have caused more harm is coming to light.

    Not to mention the increases in lung cancer many will start getting in 3-5 years from all the plastic they breathed in that stays in the lungs and so many more things they are now admitting.

    Thing which were in the original studies and things the media and our leaders lied about. Like the vax stopping the spread.

    Hell even The NY Times ran at least 2 articles about scientists worrying the vaxxed could be super spreaders and make things worse.

    The stuff coming out and what will be is horrifying.

    Almost as if this was planned.

    I mean why is t it coming to light via MSM that patents for all thing sars cov 2 were filed sometimes YEARS before the “novel” virus was found?????

    Too many unanswered questions and too many smeared and silenced with insights and proof.

    What a tragedy we weren’t more informed.

    Every time a mask was forced, that was breaking laws too. (No one but a doctor can prescribe a health measure, at least in CA where I live.)

    Tragic we all went along cuz of the misinformation our press and leaders peddled.

    I’d go on but the facts are buried out there.

  5. I hope the republican party doesn’t live up to the name “the stupid party” this time.
    The republicans should either appoint total assholes on a partisan witch hunt to lead the agencies or close them down. When an agency declares war on a party, don’t expect that party to not bite back.

  6. It’s not at all suspicious that the FBI raids Mar-A-Lago about the same time as the Zuckerberg and other “finger on the scales of the 2020 election” stories come out.

    I say again: Not suspicious at all.

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