From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” Files: Harvard’s Press Release Announcing The Proud Addition Of Brian Stelter

Well, I don’t know what else I can do to express my shame and revulsion at having a Harvard diploma. I’ve turned it to the wall, and lowered it to the floor. I boycotted my class reunion this year, and wrote why in my class notes. This latest despicable breach of ethics and academic integrity is still baffling to me. Stelter proved himself over and over again to be an unethical journalist, a fake expert on journalism ethics, a transparently biased hack and a liar incapable of admitting either his misconduct or that of his employer, CNN. Even the title of his weekly show, “Reliable Sources,” was a lie: Stelter’s reports were reliably unreliable. He did not, as his show promised, cover and critique news media conduct, misdeeds and controversies. Increasingly, he focused his criticism only on Fox News, while his own network was lapping the field in scandals.

What does it tell us, then, about Harvard, its Kennedy School (which Bill O’Reilly constantly boasted about attending for a few months) and its Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy that they would issue this press release? I hope the answer is obvious to all:

6 thoughts on “From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” Files: Harvard’s Press Release Announcing The Proud Addition Of Brian Stelter

  1. Brian Stelter has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that that he’s a Journalist In Name Only (JINO) and he tows the progressive line like good political hacks and political tools do. Stelter appears to thoroughly love living in, swallowing piles of, creating new piles and distributing progressive and Democratic Party shit. Now this unethical and immoral hack is rewarded with a faculty posting at Harvard? This is another nail in the signature significant coffin showing Harvard’s rapid and willful slide into the immoral abyss.

    Nothing will change Harvard’s trajectory until the public hits them square in their pocket book.

  2. Wonder how much he’s being paid? Must be a fraction of what CNN paid him – reportedly around $1m per year (and there were three years left on his contract, which means he may get a nice payout).

    But if Harvard would pay Liz Warren close to $500K to teach one class, my guess is that between CNN’s “go away” money and his Harvard dough, Stelter will be able to keep the roly-poly going for a good long while.

  3. “… brings high profile figures at the forefront of media …”

    If they’d just stopped there, they would have been all right. But no, they had to go on and claim Stelter is “a nationally recognized reporter and expert on the state of journalism.” You have to know when to stop talking as your foot creeps closer to your mouth.

    But wait! If my eyes don’t deceive, Stelter is a white male. I thought Harvard shunned those folks? What’s up with that?

  4. The old story about Harvard. We were in a Veitnam surgical unit. there was a surgeon who was taking an extremely long job getting a simple surgical task done. He was approached by the salty, seasoned head nurse. The conversation when like this;
    Seasoned Nurse: Doctor what the f*** are you doing? we have other patients to take care of. Hurr the f*** up.
    Doctor: Nurse! you cannot talk to me like that iI am a Havard-trained surgeon.
    Seasoned Nurse; Doctor, there are three things in life that are highly overrated. They all begin with “H!
    Doctor: Pray tell, nurse, what are you talking about?”
    Seasoned Nurse: “Home cooking, home screwing, and Harvard medicine!”

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