Unethical Euphemism Of The Month: “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression Layoffs”

Hmmm, why does this concept sound vaguely familiar?

That’s Jeff Lawson above, CEO of Twilio, a “customer engagement software company,” whatever that means. He just announced that because of Joe Biden’s non-recession he’s going to have to reduce the workforce by 11%, meaning that more than 800 loyal, hardworking, not quietly -quitting Twilio employees will be put out onto the streets. But he assured employees (and progressives, and anti-white racists) that the company would make firing decisions through an “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression lens.”

Translation: “I’m firing whites, males and straight people first.”

Verdict:: Unethical, grandstanding, discriminating asshole.

I’ve never heard of Twilio (and now I hate it), and the news story I first encountered about this guy didn’t say where it was headquartered. My first guess was the Twin Cities, when I realized why Lawson’s announcement that he would violate the Civil Rights Acts sounded like “déjà vu all over again.” It was redolent of this story, about the Minnesota Teachers Union proudly agreeing to fire—you know, “excessing”—white teachers first, and this follow-up, as the leaders of the union that made the racist deal smugly explained why it was perfectly fine.

But no, Twilio isn’t in Minnesota. It’s in Wokeness Hell, San Francisco! I should have guessed.

But I digress. “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression” lay-offs, firings, “excessings” or whatever you call them are illegal, no matter how much they embody “diversity, equity and inclusion.” The amazing thing is that virtue-signaling clowns like the Trilio CEO, presumably an educated man, will blurt out such offensive intentions in public, and assume his firing decisions won’t end up in court.

In related new, CNN is apparently handling its purge of network embarrassments through an “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression lens.” It fired unethical white hacks and liars Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter and John Harwood, but just announced that Don Lemon, who is just as disgraceful in his lack of integrity, objectivity and journalism ethics as any of them (okay, Cuomo was worse), gets to hang around, albeit in a less-prestigious and viewed morning slot. After all, he’s gay and black, and maybe he told CNN brass that he identifies as a woman, just to be safe.

15 thoughts on “Unethical Euphemism Of The Month: “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression Layoffs”

  1. Lemon’s fate may be worse than actually being fired. They might be trying to get him to quit by forcing him to get up at 4AM every day and do inane morning show bullshit. I think he actually thinks of himself as a “serious journalist”, so being made head clown of the morning clown car has to be humiliating for him.

  2. This CEO can be as overtly bigoted and anti White as he wants and intentionally violating anti discrimination laws. He does this because he knows the current administration will not only do nothing but will in fact endorse these illegal actions. As long as he caters to the White hating racists and the queers, he can get away with most anything.

    • Even in San Francisco, there are courts – it matters not what the administration does.
      Sounds like he’s giving as many as 800 people the chance to sue.

  3. SF native and current life-long resident here. My take is that none of them will sue mainly because they all drink the coolaid and like the opportunity to be a victim. That and the reality that if they want another job, they can find one ASAP here in high-tech wacko-land.

  4. As time goes by it becomes apparent to those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” are becoming increasingly blind and deaf. Blind and deaf to the inherent racism to be found in the contemporary application of the word “diversity.” Blind and deaf to the inherent divisiveness in the contemporary application of the word “inclusion.” Blind and deaf to the inherent unfairness in the contemporary application of the word “equality.” The new paradigm of making”anti-racist, anti-oppression” decisions is, as Jack pointed out another example of the blindness and deafness of those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.” The progressives are not progressing, they are regressing society back to where merit did not count but race, and now a plethora of other unsubstantial attributes take precedence.

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