Occupy Democrats Is Just As Incompetent And Unethical As Its Memes Always Indicated…

That tweet of signature significance isn’t the topic of this post, but it is relevant. [Thanks to comment-master Humble Talent for passing it along.] This progressive group, much like the equally dim Move-On.org, represents shrill far-left ideological cant without nuance, facts, standards or restraint. All of my Facebook Friends who were addicted to posting disinformation and propaganda memes by Occupy Democrats have unfriended me by now I think; it’s too bad, because some of them once had functioning minds, but it’s just as well. Meanwhile, the always evident ethics and intellectual rot underlying OD is finally being recognized.

Occupy Democrats’ campaign finances over several cycles show that the group spent most of the money it acquired from charitable contributions— $577,000 of a total $797,000 raised this cycle—on “fundraising consultants,” with no—that’s zip, nada, zero— contributions going to candidates.

A quarter-million dollars of what the group raised over this past election cycle, did flow into the coffers of Blue Deal LLC, which is owned by Occupy Democrats’ founder Omar Rivero and his brother, Rafael.

Oh! So Occupy Democrats is like Black Lives Matter, then!

A scam.

The media brand specializing in dishonest, conservative-bashing memes and all-caps attacks on Republicans appears to be a successful family enrichment scheme. Bravo!

Attempting to huminahumina his way out of this, Omar Rivero said that the money goes to “make memes on Facebook” across a network of Facebook pages Occupy Democrats manages called the “rebel alliance.” “If you understood the time and effort that goes into making viral memes—and the impact that they have—you might respect our work more,” Rivero replied to critics.

Brother Rafael told Newsweek that the his brother had misunderstood a recent change in the group’s classification with the FEC. Also, the expenses for “fundraising consulting” were mistakes made by a compliance officer who left the organization approximately one year ago, which, he said, opened Occupy Democrats to criticism by “internet sleuths” who, he said, “don’t understand the complexities of their operation.” He also added that while they did receive compensation from donor dollars, the funds from the PAC that went to their LLC also helped support a number of staffers employed by his firm as well as a number of meme creators.

Aside: This is the typical level of reliability of Occupy Democrats memes:

“Our employees have to eat, you know? And there’s nothing wrong with us using part of the money to fund this work,” Rivero said. “Most importantly, the vast majority of the money went to other organizations. It did not stay in our pocket. It was used to fund a broad coalition of Facebook pages which did great work on these races….I invite the scrutiny. I’m very proud of our work. We have nothing to hide. Our donor’s money has been used judiciously to great impact. And I regret deeply that because of some clerical error, people are jumping to conclusions, but we have all the evidence to prove that what we did was above board and had a great impact on the election in a positive way.”

Clerical error! Mistakes by an ex-employee! Too complex for critics to understand! We have nothing to hide!

Hey, I’m convinced! Why not send a check to these guys?

10 thoughts on “Occupy Democrats Is Just As Incompetent And Unethical As Its Memes Always Indicated…

  1. For those who aren’t aware: “Radical Right Wing Republican Jackie Walorski” skipped the White House forum on Hunger Initiative because she died tragically in an auto accident in August. THE DISRESPECT! RETWEET!

    While Biden might have the excuse of being 80 years old and possible cognitive impairment, Occupy Democrats are just that stupid.

    • It appears to be a fake; I’ve searched the internet archive which has 3 captures from 9/28. It could have been deleted between the post and capture but other sources also say this is fake.

      • I have only seen one reference to the meme and it was described as “Quickly deleted by Occupy Democrats”. Since it went out on Twitter on the Occupy Democrats account and was shared and replied to on this same account, the only way it would be fake is if the account was “hacked”.

        • Yeah, I don’t trust OD, and they are morons after all. Even if the tweet was the result of a hack, and I haven’t seen enough evidence to meet the burden of proof, it may be a rare exception when the Al Sharpton/Dan Rather rationalization is justified: it’s still the kind of thing OD does all the time. If this one is fake, its message is still valid.

        • I would tend to believe it’s a right-wing fake. Biden’s mental decline is a favorite theme of the right, whereas whether a fairly obscure Representative attends a fairly low-profile White House function isn’t likely to elicit much interest from the left. Now, the message discipline of Democrats and their pet media might not be perfect, but eliding past Biden’s “senior moments” is something they practically could do in their sleep, it’s so ingrained. It’s all just a little too perfect.

  2. I have two comments regarding both MoveOn.org and Occupy Democrats. The first was a brief Facebook friend (a former High School friend) who posted MoveOn talking points multiple times a day. I found myself spending at last 10 minutes rebutting each, using actual research and statistics to no avail. Since I was working on my Master’s at the time I gave it up and unfriended him after a week.
    Regarding Occupy, a liberal friend of mine in the San Francisco Bay area made a brilliant point to me once that the Occupy movement had to continue to occupy SOMETHING or it would lose relevance. As soon as it quit camping out on government lawns or street squares it could no longer be “Occupy” anything. I guess now they justify the name by occupying time and space on Facebook.

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