Now Washington, D.C. Wants To Cheapen Citizenship

Of course it does.

this week, a D.C. Council committee unanimously approved a bill to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections, and just to make sure the intent was clear, an amendment was added including illegal immigrants to the voting rolls as well. Oh, the term used is “undocumented’ or some other cover-word to avoid the sorry truth, but you know what’s going on.

Several towns in Maryland and Vermont already give non-citizens municipal voting rights. Non-citizens vote in school board elections in San Francisco, and cities in California, Maine, Illinois and Massachusetts have similar legislation on the drawing board. The inclusion of illegal aliens is more unusual, but D.C.’s elected officials apparently felt the need to virtue-signal after reacting like stuck Swamp Creatures when a few hundred illegals were bused to their metaphorical shores. Like Martha’s Vineyard, the “sanctuary city”-preening District loves illegals as long as the vast number of them have to be cared for and paid for by Texas, Florida, Arizona…you know, the where Little People dwell.

In a report accompanying the bill, the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety wrote:

“We should be welcoming new voices and making voting more accessible to those who are not traditionally represented — not restricting voting to those who have already held power. The committee believes that expanding the right to vote in our local elections to all non-citizen residents of the District makes a strong statement in support of these D.C. values. Allowing our non-citizen neighbors, many of whom have lived and worked in the District for decades, to participate in our elections can only strengthen our democracy and our communities.”

If you say so! The law also cheapens the franchise and the rule of law, since someone can make themselves eligible to vote in the Nation’s Capital by breaking them. If “not restricting voting to those who have already held power” is the objective, why not expand the D.C. vote to legal citizens of other states? They have a better claim to voting than the “migrants.”

When the New York Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the Big Apple’s non-citizen voting law in June, I wrote,

As they fear the tide of public opinion is turning against their plans for a “great reset,” Democrats and progressives now look to increasing their voting pool by any means necessary. Several Democrats have advocated lowering the voting age to 16 or even less than that, for example; if adults are so easy to confuse and manipulate, children are even more vulnerable. Of course, virtually open borders has been part of the formula for a long time.

The campaign is relentless, so one should not rejoice too much over any setback. “Too much too soon, I guess” the revolutionaries conclude from such stumbles.

They’ll be back.

And here they come!

4 thoughts on “Now Washington, D.C. Wants To Cheapen Citizenship

  1. This is voter suppression nothing less. You cannot be a legal resident of any jurisdiction if you are not allowed to be here in a he first place.

    I am not happy about green card holders being able to vote in local elections but they have a much stronger case than those entering illegally and have not been given asylum.

  2. So does this include people who are here, say, working at the Russian embassy? Why would it not, if they’re living in the District? Surely they have a vested interest in the government of the town where they reside?

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