“Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Addendum…

This post should be seen as a footnote to the previous one, expressing gratitude that the Axis of Unethical Conduct (that’s the “resistance”, Democrats and the mainstream media alliance we have been watching attempting to strangle the democratic process since 2015, if not earlier) is now not even trying to disguise its methods and motives. The Wisconsin Senate race is another close one, and the media is as desperate as Democrats to keep the Senate in Democratic hands, making the defeat of incumbent Republican Ron Johnson Ron Johnson greatly to be wished. And thus, for the Greater Good and because the ends justifies the means, the august New York Times threw all standards of reporting objectivity to the winds and simply announced that Johnson is a poopy-head and his opponent is, as Lina Lamont would say, “a shimmering, glowing star in the political firmament.”

That’s not journalism. That’s campaigning, and cheap campaigning at that. “Leading peddler of disinformation” according to whom? Does Johnson lead Joe Biden? Adam Schiff? Donald Trump? AOC? Facts please! Evidence! Nah, none of that is forthcoming: this is just a “Vote Democrat” tweet, devoid of anything but naked partisan loyalty. NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham responded that “The New York Times is a leading peddler of misinformation.”


What’s going on here? Well, the Times assumes most of its Twitter followers are progressive partisans who won’t mind the paper exposing its increasingly obvious and destructive bias. They are probably right about that, but fairer Americans are paying attention. Why would anyone trust a news source that would allow something like that tweet to go out under its banner?

The self-banned commenter who hung out here for a while making excuses for the Times would doubtlessly say, “Oh, come on. So some low-level intern or someone similar screwed up. It doesn’t prove the Times is biased.” It proves that the Times doesn’t respect it readers, the public, its profession or its mission enough to take proper care regarding how its power and influence are wielded and who wields it. The fact that the Times hasn’t publicly rebuked whoever was responsible for that tweet and apologized to all, including Sen. Johnson tells us all we need to know, not that those of us who have been paying attention didn’t know it long ago.

18 thoughts on ““Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Addendum…

  1. Truly disgusting. He’s done more to get the truth out than anyone. And his open hearings have gotten NO coverage by the MSM. Zero. When they could have saved lives.

    Times is disgusting and reporters with integrity are leaving or have left, and anyway, thanks for being honest.

    • This is a bit of a deflection but it’s relevant when talking about Wisconsin’s Democrats.

      Paul W. Schlecht wrote, “Despite the best laid plans of the Lefty media, people are finding out the REAL Mandela Barnes can’t outrun his past.”

      Still the loyal indoctrinated hive minded followers of Madison and Dane County Wisconsin and the rest of the Wisconsin Democrats will what they always do, they’ll vote for a (D) regardless of who that (D) is because that’s what they do.

      Here’s the core of a brief conversation with a prominent former Madison, Wisconsin mayor (a Democrat) that claims on his blog to be a classic non-partisan Madison liberal, it went something like this…

      Dave Cieslewicz: I do have a bias and I state it clearly on my site. I am a center-left moderate. I vote for Democrats, but I’m not a partisan.

      Me: That in it’s entirety contradicts itself.

      Dave Cieslewicz: I would vote for a moderate Republican given the chance.

      Me: Go ahead and name one that you would actually vote for and not as a tool to vote against an extreme progressive. From what I’ve heard from my Liberal and progressive friends, there’s no such thing as a moderate Republican.

      I’m completely independent of party affiliation, I vote across the aisle all the time; Obama, Kohl, Bush, Reagan, I even voted for Soglin for Mayor at least one of his terms before I moved out of Madison many years ago, heck I might have even voted for you once if I had lived in Madison back in the early-mid 2000’s.

      Of course there was no reply to my request to name a Republican he would vote for, which is standard fare for liberals & progressives when they try to claim to be non-partisan, they simply cannot prove it. They talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk when they get to the voting booth. I’ve known Democrats that have openly endorsed a Republican for an office during the campaign and then turned around and voted for the Democrat in that election. There are a couple of Madison area Democrat bloggers that have openly endorsed a couple of Republicans in recent election campaigns and I bet they did or they’ll do the same thing as other Democrats, publicly virtue signal one way and then do what good Democrats do, vote straight down pure partisan lines in the voting booth.

      If the candidate doesn’t have a (D) after it Democrats simply can’t vote for it. To be truthful, there are many Republicans that are straight partisans too, I know a few like that.

      I’ll give individual moderate Democrats the benefit of the doubt then the can effectively show me that they’re not full of partisan shit when they walk in the voting booth.

      • Oops, that last sentence should read, “I’ll give individual moderate Democrats the benefit of the doubt when they can effectively show me that they’re not full of partisan shit when they walk in the voting booth.”

      • As everyone’s vote is secret, unless the voter tells people who they vote for how can you know which way they vote. They could well be voting for the occasional Republican, it’s just that you don’t know it.

      • 2018 midterms were the first election since I started voting (in 1988) that I did NOT vote a split ticket. I am a proud conservative (I like to think in the vein of Reagan), but I also recognized that my side of the ideological playing field doesn’t corner the market on good thinking and good ideas.

        But even for me, those days might be past…at least with the current Democratic-party landscape.

  2. What troubles me is that I am not sure they understand that they are not being objective.

    I am not sure the press even knows how to be objective.


    • JutGory wrote, “What troubles me is that I am not sure they understand that they are not being objective. I am not sure the press even knows how to be objective.”

      You’re giving them the benefit of the doubt which I’m no longer am willing to do because they have proven their intent is pure malice. As far as I’m concerned, they are intentional Democratic Party partisan tools – the United States version of Pravda.

  3. Color me unsurprised. Every time I think that the Times can’t go deeper into the realm of shilling for the Democratic Party, they go deeper. Now they are simply DNC operatives. They know it, there’s no way they can not know it. But at this point they will simply tell you that things are not what they are. The industry that was once tasked with reporting the truth has moved into the complete reverse and is now dedicated to spreading lies.

    • Steve-O-in-NJ,
      But that’s not quite true.

      They are not necessarily spreading lies. They are spreading opinions. They may be spreading those opinions as facts, but, if they can’t distinguish facts from opinions, they may not be lying.

      After 4 years of Trump, I have no faith that the Left understand the difference between fact and opinion, or mistakes and lying.


      • The problem is that if you are simply mistaken, or honestly wrong, they generally characterize that as ‘a lie’.

        You’re not allowed to be wrong, similar to how you’re not allowed to change your mind (of course, that’s a bipartisan ‘pounce’ point).

        • I’ve said a few things like this several times, but the fact is that the left judges itself by its best intentions and it’s opponents by their worst examples. The left is very forgiving when it comes to mistakes made by its own, but completely unforgiving when it comes to mistakes made by the other side. The left is always willing to give its own the benefit of the doubt, even when they might not deserve it. The left is absolutely unwilling to give anyone from the other side the benefit of the doubt, even when they probably do deserve it. The left looks the other way on wrongs committed by its own. It defines anyone else by the wrongs they committed. As far as the left is concerned descent against the other side is courageous and patriotic, but the scent against the left is treason and heresy.

          Don’t forget, it was the left that called the burning of American cities that led to 50 dead and billions worth of property damage “mostly peaceful protests,” while $300 idiots assaulting the capital who didn’t have a prayer in the world of doing any real damage is “an insurrection.”. It was the left who called Ronald Reagan senile and demanded access to Dick Cheney’s EKG results, but covers for Dementia Joe and shields Mark Fetterman’s medical records while calling those who dare inquire “ableist.” It’s the left who praise to Black identity politics, Brown identity politics, yellow identity politics, pink identity politics, green identity politics, and rainbow identity politics, but the minute white identity politics enters the picture, they scream “raaaaaacist!” It’s the left who shields its own when they kiss, touch, squeeze or sniff whatever catches their eye until they become a liability, but jumps on anyone else if their eyes wander for even a second. It’s also the left who lies and gaslights its way around anyone who dares to call out any of this.

          Any questions?

        • Of course, they’re never wrong, and they never change their minds. The facts that show they’re wrong are simply suppressed unless and until the accumulated weight of those facts threatens to capsize their entire enterprise, then their opinion changes retroactively so they were never in the wrong.

          • They’d really like it if those who think differently would disappear completely, but someone has to run the machines and do the paperwork.

  4. A new simile enters the lexicon: “as desperate as a Democrat.” As in “Look at that there poor fella. Why he looks as desperate as a Democrat. Dang!”

  5. Speaking of politics in Wisconsin, here’s an example of how those in the Democratic Party attack Senator Johnson; Senator Ron Johnson Owes Wisconsin An Apology For Being Party To Vaccine/AIDS Lies

    By the way; my participation in the commentary on that blog post got me banned from commenting on that blog and the reason given me when I asked via email was basically that I wasn’t going to stop supporting my opinion. The blogger actually made up three bald-faced lies to justify banning me and those lies were, the words I used would “harm people with wrong health choices, ones that can lead to death”, I was “undermining” the COVID vaccines and I was “defending a lawyer playing doctor/scientist with repeating fact-less rhetoric from Johnson and Callender”.

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