The Curse Of The 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

Democrats really are relying on the Dobbs decision and the substantial blood-lust among a large segment of their constituencies for maximizing dead fetuses to rescue the 2022 mid-term elections from what should be, by all measures, a catastrophe for the Woke. Wow. Running primarily on abortion as the #1 national issue would be bizarre under any circumstances—it is, after all, a matter that specifically involves the ending of innocent human lives—but doing so this year, when so many other problems concern American citizens more than making it as easy as possible to off living human beings in wombs, is particularly weird. But then, as EA has noted before, it’s all the Democrats have other than claiming that Republicans are fascists while they act and talk like…fascists.

The rest is deny, deny, deny: The economy is wonderful! The border is secure! Gas prices aren’t that high, and you should be buying electric cars anyway! Crime surge? What crime surge? “Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera,” as the King of Siam would say.

The depressing thing is that for close to 50% of our under-educated, misinformed, gullible and dim population, this pathetic platform of rationalizations and lies will be enough, and their response will be, “Sound good to me!” It is the pro-abortion arguments, however, that are particularly outrageous. Yesterday Ethics Alarms noted an op-ed by a physician that called a procedure unrelated to ending a pregnancy “an abortion.” Yahoo! offered an article this week headlined, “America is facing a diaper crisis, and the anti-abortion movement is making it worse.” Such warped utilitarian logic is supposed to carry Democrats, if not to victory in November, at least to a less crushing defeat. Good luck with that. This is a party with no shame in 2022.

The star of this ugly production is unquestionably the 10-year-old girl who was raped by her mother’s boyfriend and who traveled from her home in Ohio to Indiana to receive an abortion. Democratic candidates reference that scenario constantly, as if it were the norm in society. The idea is to wipe out all pretense of measured consideration and balancing of competing societal, moral and ethical interests by injecting pure visceral emotion into the political bloodstream, producing a mass response of, “Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Last night, Florida Senate candidate Val Demings defaulted to the girl immediately when abortion was raised in her debate with Sen. Marco Rubio, as she supported her position of abortion on demand up to the moment of birth by saying that she didn’t believe that a 10-year-old rape victim should “have to carry the seed of her rapist.”

The 10-year-old rape victim ploy is an example of the logical and ethical fallacy of basing policy and ethical principles on worst case scenarios. It is also an appeal to emotion while distorting multiple ethics systems to reach a desired intellectually dishonest result.

Yes, a 10-year-old victim of rape or incest is pretty close to the most tragic example one could imagine of an unwanted pregnancy. However, the test of policies, principles and laws is how they treat the vast majority of applicable situations, not whether there are outlying rarities and anomalies—-exceptions. There are always exceptions; if we reject systems and rules that don’t provide a comfortable result in all cases, then there can be no rules and systems at all. (This is the Ethics Incompleteness Principle [EIP]) Resorting to the rare and unusual situation to attack a policy devised to apply to overhwelming majority of cases is unethical advocacy. The EIP holds that when there are strange situations that don’t fit into otherwise valid laws, rules, and principles, the practical response is to designate the anomaly as a one-time exception. How many pregnant 10-year-olds can there be in this country? Demings and the rest should be arguing for a 10-year-old rape victim exception to anti-abortion laws, not using the 10-year-old rape victim as justification for having no restrictions on abortion at all.

The exploitation of the Ohio girl’s plight is more unethical still. The issue on the anti-abortion side is the taking of human life: an anti-abortion activist who champions exceptions for rape and incest is proclaiming his or her hypocrisy. If the fetus is a human life, it is just as human and has just as much of a right to live regardless of how it came to be created. Life is life. Compromises on that point are probably a political necessity, but except for the emotional pull delivered by appealing to the plight of the pregnant 10-year-old as persuasive to shallow thinkers, the age of the mother is irrelevant to the issue of protecting nascent human life.

It would be nice to see an abortion opponent like Marco Rubio point this out to one of the advocates for all those 10-year-old rape victims. It would also be nice if I could flap my arms and fly to Maui….

6 thoughts on “The Curse Of The 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

  1. I *think* I’ve mentally transcended the abortion issue. By that, I mean, it doesn’t factor into my calculus for voting. I don’t care if rebulicans restrict it or democrats allow it. At this point, it’s a dog chasing it’s tail in front of me as a distraction. I just don’t care.

    Is it a killing of innocent human life? Yes.
    Does that make it murder? No.
    Should a woman choose whether to continue or end a pregnancy? Yes.
    Should a woman choose whether the child lives or dies? No.
    Does a man have an interest in his unborn child? Yes.
    Does a man have an interest in a woman’s decision? No.

    These are the questions and answers that are immutable for me and in direct conflict with one another at all times. Thus, I must default to one of our unethical rationalizations of “It is what it is and I just don’t care. Let god sort them out.”.

  2. Tim, there is a disconnect in your logic. The killing of a human, outside of self-defense or war, regardless of its innocence, is indeed murder. if a woman chooses to end a pregnancy then that woman is choosing for the child to die. The interest of the man ought to be taken into consideration by the woman in her decision-making since the object of that decision is of interest to him.

    • Sorry DanL, “Murder” is a legal term to describe an “illegal killing”. If you are a cop who mistakenly or accidentally kills an innocent person, it might not be illegal – and if it is, it might be manslaughter or something else. Perhaps you are conflating your idea of Murder with “Homocide”; which would cover the killing of humans specifically but makes no judgement on whether it was legal/illegal justified, etc.

      If a woman chooses to end her pregnancy at 38 weeks, then that can happen and the child can live. She should not have an ability to decide the child’s fate. Children have survived “botched abortions”. We need to recognize the difference in two statements that are often intertwined but not always co-dependent. “I don’t want to be pregnant” does not equal “This child must not live”; it’s often linked, but not always. Because there is a lack of understanding this distinction that has led women to believe that their power is greater than what it truly is.

  3. What’s this incest exception crap? You don’t get a free homicide just because you’re related. If it’s non consensual incest then call it what it is, rape. And we can have a rape exception. As long as somebody’s going to jail for the raping. No more of of this Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey ‘he said he loved me and was going to leave his wife for me’ crap.

  4. Regardless of any definition of ‘human life,’ science has pushed the abortion issue to a different plane. Six month old fetuses can now live outside the womb. It is ridiculous, and murderous, to use abortion as a means of birth control, but for now the test should be: Can this infant live outside the womb? If the answer is yes, then abortion should not be available.

    And by the way, any woman can get an over-the-counter test kit for pregnancy as early as 2 months gone.

    Sorry, but this is not a black and white issue, regardless of religious or humanitarian beliefs. The problem is that no one has drawn the lines, which are sorely needed.

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