Briefly Noted: Cute! But Insane…


That’s a mastiff, arguably the gentlest dog breed there is. And whoever put that tiny baby there should be arrested.

These are the kinds of episodes that lead to furious protests about “vicious dogs” and legislation that forces people to euthanize undeserving pets. Whoever posted that photo online is an irresponsible idiot as well, even if it isn’t the same dolt who put the baby there. This gives the multitude of ignoramuses who own dogs or have babies (or both) potentially deadly inspirations.

11 thoughts on “Briefly Noted: Cute! But Insane…

    • Parental licensure always sounds like a good idea, until you go down to the licensing office and meet the pink-haired genderfluid Marxist mutant who’s going to be deciding on your fitness as a parent.

      • Oh, yes, indeed. Those delightful representatives of the DMV, or in this case, the Department of Reproductive and Parental Rights Division Center, will clearly do their jobs with efficiency and competence. Yep. They won’t ask for two to three forms of ID, one of which will not be your driver’s license but, hey, why should they accept a driver’s license as a valid form of ID, even though the state gave it to you and allows you drive (mostly undeterred) on the streets you pay for. No. That is not valid. “Oh, c’mon!” you say. From personal experience, Roz from “Monsters, Inc.” rejected my license as proof of residency when we applied for our son’s driver’s license. Yes, she did. No reason. There was no amount of pleading, begging, gnashing of teeth, or cajoling your humble correspondent could do to get to move from dead center denial. Nope. Her supervisor? Not a word because she, like Roz, determined that my license was not a valid ID.

        Me: “Why not? You gave it to me. Check the number. It’s right there on the screen. See that? That’s me.”

        Them: “Things could have changed since we issued it to you.”

        Me: “How so?”

        Them: “Don’t know. Just can’t accept it.”

        Me: “But, it’s current and I don’t have any speeding tickets, not for wont of trying, mind you.”

        Them: “We understand. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.”

        Me: “Nothing you can or won’t do?”

        Them: “Sir, . . .”

        Me: “This is Kafkaesque.”

        Them: “Don’t curse at us.”

        Me: “Huh? Oh . . .”

        Them: “Next!”

        Me: “This is ridiculous.”

        Them: “Next in line.”

        Me: “I’m not done.”

        Them: “Officer, please escort this man out of here. NEXT!”

        Officer: “Come along sir. May I see your ID?”

        Me: (confused, but presenting the driver’s license).

        Officer: “Thank you. Here’s your ticket, summons with the court date, and your ID back.”

        Me: “What?”

        Officer: (right hand on the pistol) “Move along, sir.”


    • It seems like it ought to be that way. I didn’t learn otherwise until a That Mitchell and Webb Look sketch.

      “It’s just… the red mist tends to descend whenever I’m confronted with ignorami.”

      “Actually Tony, I think you’ll find it’s ‘ignoramuses.'”


      “It’s from the Latin ‘we are ignorant.’ That makes it a verb, not a noun.”

      “Oh, no… What have I done…”

        • The Simpsons cartoon show has an episode in which Lisa, attending a high IQ group, says “ignorami”. I am quite sure that that was conscious and ironic, though, making use of the fact that it would have gone over the heads of much of the audience. They did much the same in having the school principal, under the influence of a gas leak, spouting gibberish that the townsfolk took for divinely inspired; however, the script writers used the opening of the Book of Genesis in Hebrew for that. Perhaps they thought that only Jews would notice a Hebrew joke at the expense of Bible-thumping deplorables. Someone should have walked in on them and asked “Who’s the comedian?”

  1. A Mastiff attacked one of my dog clients. The retired mama ran from her garage and shook my dog by the chest. The Mastiff’s owner got him off my dog but only after the received a bite so bad he had 10 stitches. My dog survived but not without injuries.

    Never underestimate any dog. As I like to say, even a chihuahua will eat your face in the right circumstances.

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