“By Any Means Necessary”: The Final Stage In The Axis of Unethical Conduct’s 2022 Mid-Term Election Freak-Out Begins

The frantic efforts of the news media, some Democrats (Rep. Jackie Speier tweeted: “While the motive is still unknown we know where this kind of violence is sanctioned and modeled.”) and ranting bloggers and tweeters like this guy to try to link the certifiable lunatic who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer to Republicans is just the beginning. Pop that metaphorical popcorn—between now and a week from Tuesday, this will get crazier by the day. Reality has set in. The piper must be paid, the chickens are coming home, the walls are closing in, the jig is up and there’s no way out. The vast majority of those active in the Axis of Unethical Conduct (“the resistance”/the Democratic Party/the mainstream media) are evidently going to thoroughly embarrass themselves and soil our political discourse by ensuring as much confusion, bitterness and division as their imagination, energy and ethics void will permit. It’s going to be ugly, perhaps historically ugly. In “1984” terms, those hungry rats are about to be let loose on these dunces and villains faces, and they will do or say anything, betray any individuals or principles, to avoid the horror. They are in the throes of Rationalization #31, The Troublesome Luxury or “Ethics is a luxury we can’t afford right now” nd #40. The Desperation Dodge or “I’ll do anything!”

One could argue that the final stage of the 2022 Mid-Term Elections Freak-Out began earlier this week, when Arizona Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs’ tried to tie her opponent Kari Lake to a burglary of her campaign headquarters. CNN quickly treated the accusation as credible, as Lake, with the skills she has displayed the whole campaign, deftly explained why the narrative was unconscionable. Then they captured the burglar, and Hobbs refused to answer questions about her sliming of Lake. Also earlier this week, Trump-Deranged former conservative pundit Max Boot issued this hysterical piece for the Washington Post, arguing that if voters reject the Democrats, it’s the end of democracy.

But yesterday rang the bell for this endgame, because the pollsters stopped fooling around and admitted that Democrats were looking like losers across the board, including in all the toss-up Senate races. When the voters break to one party, only something cataclysmic can reverse the trend. There isn’t anything cataclysmic, so the Axis is trying to manufacture something. They will do and say anything. It will be the political equivalent of a scream, or maybe a mental breakdown.

How did they come to this point? That’s easy: it was delusion, arrogance, and hubris. Democrats had narrow margins in the Houses of Congress and a weak President with no personal constituency to speak of. Traditional politics would have demanded that this was time to compromise, work for reasonable liberal policies, and unite the nation, admittedly a tough road after the unethical way the Axis behaved during Donald Trump’s term. What they chose to do instead has been to ignore the sensibilities and instincts of the majority of the public and embrace a radical agenda that the Democrats of just 20 years ago would have avoided like it was Godzilla. And the key is: the policies didn’t work.

The Axis responded to failure by going into gaslighting mode, denying results, consequences and responsibility. After winning a Presidential election by weaponizing fear and hate, it spent two years promoting racial division, indoctrination in the schools, censorship, demonizing of dissent and opposition, and scaremongering, somehow thinking Americans would accept it.

They lost touch with their own country. They are about to be punished for that, and deserve to be. If the Axis were wise and ethical, it would now look to its own conduct, and resolve to change, It would face defeat with dignity, and accept the verdict of the voters and the nation. Instead, it is clear that they will do the opposite, and approach the elections cursing, biting, scratching, lying, accusing, spitting and screaming.

It starts today.


Pointers: Neil Penny, Steve Witherspoom

5 thoughts on ““By Any Means Necessary”: The Final Stage In The Axis of Unethical Conduct’s 2022 Mid-Term Election Freak-Out Begins

  1. Great description of what’s happened over the last two years. Present day Democrats seem to have a flat learning curve. They evidently didn’t learn a thing from the first two years of Obama’s term. They pushed Obamacare through on a party line vote and were never able to do a single thing for the next six years. They thought they had a mandate, and they didn’t, but they barged ahead with healthcare even though it was hardly a topic in the campaign. Same thing with the Ron Klain administration. They campaigned on a blank slate a la Obama, and then pursued the most radical policies imaginable. But this is a feature, not a bug of their strategy. They are playing the Alinsky/Trotsky long game. It’s full steam ahead and just ignore the temporary reactionary setbacks. The end of history is right around the corner.

  2. Here’s another one of those ranting bloggers.
    View at Medium.com

    It seems there was an assassination attempt on Nancy Pelosi.

    How do we know? Well, facts about the assailant have already emerged. “The man who allegedly attacked Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband early Friday posted memes and conspiracy theories on Facebook about Covid-19 vaccines, the 2020 election and the Jan. 6 attack.” In other words, a textbook MAGA Republican, in simpler terms, a Trumpist. Someone who believes all the Big Lies — the election was stolen! Vaccines don’t work! Jan 6th wasn’t a violent coup attempt!

    The problem in our societies is that they are now being overrun by fascism, and fascists are not like us. They may look like us, and even chat politely with us — just as Pelosi’s alleged assailant was able to do. And yet they’re very, very different from us. They are capable of brutality, suddenly, in shocking ways, like the assassination attempt on Pelosi, or Jan 6th, or soccer moms shouting death threats at teachers and so forth. They are different from us. Something has made them different. What something is that?

    • Uh, let me see. Mental illness? The fact he broke into the house at two in the morning in his underwear? The fact he’s been posting crazy shit of well over ten years?

      Mentally ill people have been running rampant throughout Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Have you noticed that? What has made these people different? What something is that? They’re not taking their meds and being enabled by professional, the paid “mental illness” advocate industrial complex.

  3. >>>If the Axis were wise and ethical, it would now look to its own conduct, and resolve to change, It would face defeat with dignity, and accept the verdict of the voters and the nation.

    If they had it within themselves, that is what they would have done after 2016 sank in. It may be that this will be a worse defeat (one can only hope), and it may hit harder because their hopes were raised so much over the summer.

    The first stages of grief are denial and anger. They are still working on that, still denying that their policies in any way contributed to the country’s problems. Until you accept that you have a problem, how can you move to fix it?

  4. Absolutely brilliant. And I think I have to read it three more times before I can contribute any intelligent and plausible reply.

    We needed this: you saw it and you did it. Congratulations.

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