One Day’s Ethics Snapshots For The Democrat Pre-Election Desperation Album

It is hard to imagine what kind of deranged arguments, claims, accusations and theories Democrats and the news media will resort to over the next few days. The exhibition could be mordantly amusing, and it could be scary. I can say, however, that based on what I saw channel-surfing while suffering from insomnia at the Boar’s Head Inn and Resort in Charlottesville last night and this morning, no political party has ever sunk so low, or so vividly revealed to anyone capable of paying attention that it regards ethics as a disposable commodity. The main rationalization, after “It isn’t what it is,” of course (Crime? What crime? Inflation? What’s that?) is # 31. The Troublesome Luxury, or “Ethics is a luxury we can’t afford right now.”

  • What was immediately clear is that the Democrats, realizing neither Kamala Harris nor President Biden are popular enough to convince someone to come out of a hailstorm, have decided to rely on Golden Oldies, even Bill Clinton. At least the GOP never got so desperate that it put Richard Nixon on the campaign trail after his disgrace. Bill, you may recall, had been “cancelled” by the party that claims to care about women, sexual harassment and powerful men treating females in the office as personal executive toys. Now he’s back as if nothing had changed since his rock star days, despite making Brett Kavanaugh look like Martin Luther by comparison. If Harvey Weinstein was a bit more popular (and less hideous to look at), the Democrats would probably have him campaigning too—you know, to “save democracy.” Where’s Bill Cosby?
  • Speaking of the Axis’s last remaining argument to sat in power, I caught the conclusion of a solemn Lawrence O’Donnell analysis that finished with this: “…so if our democracy ends in the election next week, those are the voters who will be responsible.” “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA!” Bill Murray’s character said that in a comedy.What’s O’Donnell’s excuse?
  • Joy Reid, O’Donnell’s colleague on MSNBC, said in one stunning bit of commentary that Republicans had come up with this obscure term “inflation” that most people had never heard before to manufacture an issue. Whoa! Is Reid admitting that she had never heard of inflation, meaning she is unfit to do political commentary (which she is, but for lost of other reasons)? Does she think MSNBC viewers are that ignorant (if they keep watching the likes of Joy and O’Donnell, they might be). I remember my parents and Huntley and Brinkley talking about inflation when I was 8. When Gerald Ford promoted those “Whip Inflation Now” buttons, was the meaning of the word a mystery?
  • Campaigning yesterday in New York for the awful Kathy Hochul, Hillary Clinton mocked Republicans pointing to New York’s soaring crime rate, saying, “…but of course they don’t propose anything that will solve it!” Sure, they do, Hillary: removing Democrats from power, which will help restore the Rule of Law. The party encouraged nationwide riots and property damage. It still has prominent members advocating defunding the police. It has demonized law enforcement as brutal and racist for a decade, destroying moral, hurting recruitment and discouraging proactive policing. Democratic District Attorneys have decriminalized serious crimes, turning theft into a sport in some major cities, and championed bail “reform” that has had the effect of springing dangerous criminals before trial. Hochul asked her opponent in a debate this week why putting criminals in prison was “so important.” Getting rid of her and her ilk in cities across the country is likely to bring down crime as a matter of course.
  • Good Democrat Oprah Winfrey stabbed her old freind Dr. Oz in the back, endorsing her brain-damaged opponent in his close Pennsylvania Senate race. In short, she gave up her immortal soul–-for John Fetterman. Nice. Oz helped Oprah’s talk show ( and she helped his career): they were supposedly friends. He has always been loyal to her. The least she could have done is stay out of the race. Reportedly Oprah’s Hollywood pals lobbied her to save democracy.
  • Finally, I heard Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain say this, which I regard as res ipsa loquitur for a guy who is, to steal a deft simile from Dennis Miller, the human equivalent of the blank tile in “Asshole Scrabble”:

“The president’s been talking about the threat to our democracy since he launched his campaign way back in 2019 and again on January 6th and again in September in Philadelphia, at Independence Hall. And I think the president decided a few days ago that it was important to issue one final warning on this issue, to make very clear, to leave no doubt that we have people out there still peddling the big lie, people now raising the issue of election denial in this election, and of course the horrible incident involving Speaker Pelosi and her family, you know, showing the rising threat of political violence.”

It’s all so, so desperate and embarrassing….

9 thoughts on “One Day’s Ethics Snapshots For The Democrat Pre-Election Desperation Album

  1. “When Gerald Ford promoted those ‘Whip Inflation Now’ buttons”

    Would recalling Obama’s Mensan Brain Trust failing to foresee the initials of the Win The Future being juuuuust a tad problematic put a smile to back on your face?

  2. If some democrats had not previously heard of inflation, the Biden administration has thoughtfully made them aware with an extended practical demonstration.

    Kamala Harris knows, however, as she has relates in a story from her childhood. Once, finding the toddler crying, with no readily apparent reason for her distress, her concerned mother asked what had made Kammy so upset. Looking up at mom with her big tear-filled baby eyes, Kamala replied: “Infwation”.

  3. I grow weary informing people we do not live in a democracy, but a republic. Ergo, there is no democracy to destroy. I also routinely add that these apocalyptic statements really mean that on November 8, it will be the Democratic Party that will be brought low. The Democratic Party is not synonymous with democracy. It is, however, the destroyer of our Constitutional republic

  4. Reid should probably see if her fellow dems can hunt down the Republican moles who conned them into naming their recent bill the “Inflation Production Reduction Act”.

  5. Oh no! So much to comment on so I’ll have to restrain myself.
    1. One reader wrote “What do you think Women think of this?” – the single-issue pro-abortion stance of the Democrats. Be realistic. This is not a major women’s issue any longer. Choice is a fact, regardless of how it is codified. No woman with half a brain (or deaf, or dumb and blind) could possibly vote for Biden/another Democrat on that issue alone. It’s over.

    2. Hauling out the Clintons (!!!) for the midterms signals a level of desperation I have not seen before. These are not highly regarded officials or even well-liked people! They are an embarrassment, even to Democrats. And Hillary should just stick her foot in her mouth and leave it there: blaming voters for not solving the problems elected officials are supposed to address? I think her hubris has in fact become a pathology. Both should completely retire and fade into the background (and they have enough ill-gotten gains to do so) to all our benefit. (This of course reminds me an earlier reply of mine re a Halloween ‘Hitler’ costume: to the effect that Hitler was a maniac, a mass murderer but in retrospect still and all a really silly man, though he was in fact elected Chancellor first. Time to watch who you support, even at the lower levels: you may well live to regret it.)

    3. Oprah Winfrey is a lightweight trying very hard to be the opposite. So she jumps from issue to issue and person to person depending on which she thinks is the ‘weightier” at the moment. I do not watch her. I do not care one whit what her opinion may be. She is a media product, period.

    4. The Democrats are trying to convince voters that their loss will be the “end of Democracy?” To the contrary, it will be a demonstration of the strength of our democracy (republic). Don’t like ‘em and what they did, toss ‘em out! (I an channeling James Madison now). But in all seriousness, how can one party create messaging that one party – their party – a democracy makes? That is the very definition of fascism. They think we’re all idiots and that if they can repeat the lie often enough we’ll actually confuse those terms. 7th graders with one semester of history under their belts could advise the Democrats more accurately than the ones they have now!
    That’s it, I’m gone. Go you Dems! Keep making it worse for your candidates and your platform! Let’s watch the big rout!

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