I Don’t Understand NBC’s “Misinformation” Policy. OK, OK, I Think I Really Do….

I am tempted to conclude that it involves an official distinction between “good” misinformation and “bad” misinformation, the former being fake news that benefits Democrats, and the latter being actual facts that undermine progressive narratives.

For example, NBC has suspended veteran reporter Miguel Almaguer, who has been MIA since he reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul didn’t let on that he was in danger when cops showed up at his San Francisco home right before he was assaulted with a hammer. His scoop story went live on “Today” and then was summarily retracted hours later.

That Pelosi’s attack was proof of how Republicans were a “clear and present danger” to the nation became a prominent part of the news media/Democratic Party last ditch effort to limit GOP gains in last week’s election, so Almageur’s inconvenient facts—if they were facts, and we do not know—were apparently an intolerable injection of objective journalism into whatever it is that NBC News does now. (Whatever it is, as Harry Reid would say, “It works!”) NBC says it is “investigating.” Funny, the Pelosi attack was daily fare before the election; now it’s already dated trivia. On CNN’s Headline News this moring, Robin Meade spend almost ten minutes reviewing last night’s results on “The Masked Singer.” Omigod! The Singing Avacado was kicked off the show!!!! How is Paul Pelosi doing? Has he elucidated any of the mysteries surrounding his attack? Any news about what motivated the wacko who attacked him? Who cares? The Democrats held on to control of the Senate! Paul Pelosi? Who’s he?

While Almageur is being punished, over at NBC’s Leftist propaganda partner, MSNBC, house racist Joy Reid informed the audience,

As the Georgia Senate runoff campaign kicks into high gear, Senator Raphael Warnock announced he’s filing a lawsuit to allow Georgians to vote early on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Because of a law Republicans passed in 2016, it is currently illegal in Georgia to have early voting on any day that immediately follows a state holiday. And Friday, November 25th, is technically a state holiday. Celebrating the birthday of none other than Confederate general and literal traitor Robert E. Lee.

Those racist Republicans again! Obama’s former campaign manager David Axelrod, being the hack he is, immediately spread Reid’s fantasy on Twitter. As usual, Reid was just making stuff up. The law states two days from a holiday. The holiday is Thanksgiving, not Lee’s birthday, which is not a holiday, technically or otherwise. Saturday is two days after Thanksgiving, and as  the Georgia Secretary of State Gabriel Sterling explained, the law was passed so workers could keep a long weekend and lining up poll working volunteers wouldn’t be complicated.

It’s two days after Joy Reid used false information to try to stir up racial resentment in Georgia. NBC has taken no action against her, and it never does. She spews lies and propaganda regularly: the brainwashed MSNBC viewers love it, and the Ghost of Harry Reid loves it too.

Yeah, I think I understand NBC’s misinformation policy all too well.

NOTE: I swear, I did not deliberately try to get a screenshot of Reid looking like a drooling moron. That’s just how it came out. Honest.

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand NBC’s “Misinformation” Policy. OK, OK, I Think I Really Do….

    • Maybe I’ve watched way too many “Law and Orders” (I have, yes.), but wouldn’t the police have arrived at the door with their weapons drawn and taken a shot at a guy if he was pummeling the 911 caller with a hammer? Or at least commanded the guy to “drop the hammer and step away?”

    • I find it very telling no one is trumpeting the story as “MAGA guy goes all Stephen King on Speaker’s husband” anymore. The real story has to have been out among the insiders since around twenty-four hours after it happened. The silence from any politicians has been deafening. They don’t want to touch the story with a ten-foot pole.

  1. Lapdog media outlets for the political left silence and hide a story regarding the Pelosi attack and spew another blatantly false propaganda narrative about the Georgia elections to incite the public and falsely smear Republicans, noooooo that can’t possible be true, Democrats would never do such a thing, they’re as pure as the driven snow.

    The behavior patterns are clear to me.

    Some people have wondered why I recently vowed not to vote for any Democratic Party candidate for anything until the entire Democratic Party apparatus gets their collective heads out of their asses; well folks here is the reason, it’s because I don’t trust a damn thing coming out of Democrats mouths or anything their lapdog Pravda like media tells us. It’s behaviors from Democrats, like these, that have convinced me that the Democratic Party and their Pravda like propaganda media are in collusion with each other to deceive the public. The Democrat’s have shown me over and over again that truth is their enemy so they immediately tar it as disinformation, it’s pure Orwellian.

    A constant pattern of repetition of tactics has shown me that the Democratic Party and their lapdog Pravda like media are in bed with each other and completely corrupted.

  2. Has it occurred to Reid that Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November which could be on different dates depending on the day November 1st falls. I don’t believe that the Georgia legislature looked 6 years in advance to find a date the Lee’s birthday fell on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I believe Lee’s birthdate is always November 25th every year. Last year his birthday fell on Thanksgiving and in 2018 it fell on a Sunday and in 2019 it fell on a Monday. A year later Lee’s birthday fell on a Wednesday.

    • My error Lee was born on January 19th 1807 . Why Georgia observes it on the day after Thanksgiving is anyone’s guess. Google also states Nevada observes Lincoln’s birthday on that day. It seems to me that it was a day that state employees wanted as a holiday so they simultaneously observed a day that was once reserved as a holiday but eliminated. This way they make everyone happy without giving up much of anything. Hell, the could observe Juneteenth that day using the logic employed. For most everyone I know in rural America it used be given because it is deer season and many wanted the day off. Close up and solve the problem

  3. According to the Google, Georgia celebrates Lee’s birthday on the day after Thanksgiving every year. But thanks for explaining why the two day law exists. It’ makes sense to me not to take away a long holiday, and I’m sure it would be difficult to find poll workers. The problem really lies with shortening the period between the primary and the runoff, which increases the impact of losing this Saturday to vote early.

    • But it still leaves a solid week for early voting (including a weekend), which I think ought to be plenty of time.

      Did Georgia shorten the period between the general election? Was that in 2016 or 2021? If memory serves, I think Louisiana, which also has a 50%+1 rule, holds their runoff in December.

  4. Some suggestions! Do away with these ever-increasing election seasons. Return to a singular election day when you have to show up at a designated secure polling place. Besides the voter ID requirement, we should emulate 3rd world nations and have the voter dip his finger into some colored, indelible paint, so he can’t vote again on the designated day.

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