The Return Of The Naked Teacher Principle!

Has it really been so long? Ethics Alarms hasn’t had a Naked Teacher Principle outbreak in more than three years! Oh, we’ve had related ethics tales of a naked Congresswoman (Katie Hill), a Santa in a MAGA hat, a naked ex-Miss Kentucky teacher who’s an idiot. a too-sexy firefighter scandal, the unfairly fired naked nurse, and this year’s ridiculous Cross-Dressing Future Congressman Principle  involving ex-GOP House member Madison Cawthorne. No authentic Naked Teacher Principle (NTP), however, which states that a secondary school teacher or administrator (or other role model for children) who allows pictures of himself or herself to be widely publicized, as on the web, showing the teacher naked or engaging in sexually provocative poses, cannot complain when he or she is dismissed by the school as a result.

Ah, but now, as the old Certs commercial used to say, we have Two! Two! Two naked teachers in one scandal, and it’s a classic NTP. Samantha Peer lost her job at Lake Havasu Arizona’sThunderbolt Middle School when her OnlyFans page was discovered by some eighth graders in her class. Samantha—porn handle Khloe Karter—filmed sex acts with her husband (who is also a teacher) and posted them on OnlyFans, TikTok and Instagram. Some of filmed sex acts were staged in Samantha’s’ classroom. One student told his mother that his teacher was spread-eagled over his desk.

Samantha resigned from the school district last month, as did her husband, who taught fourth graders.

“I’m a taxpayer. I am not paying these teachers to film pornograhy. They’re being paid to teach our kids, and set higher standards for them,” Kristina Minor, a student’s mother, said. Standards and role models: exactly why the NTP is right and just.

11 thoughts on “The Return Of The Naked Teacher Principle!

  1. Come on, Jack! She apologized and said the only reason she filmed porn in her classroom was because her teaching job didn’t pay well enough. Unlike most of the performers in pornography, who perform purely for the love of the art form, she needed the money. She’s a victim of those cheap, heartless taxpayers here.

  2. Forgive my naïveté’ but how does an 8th grader get access to this material? I thought porn was something requiring payment. Do the parents question just what we’re they doing browsing sites like that?

    The above does not excuse the pair but I like to place some responsibility on the kids for their behavior as well for being exposed to this traumatic experience. I wonder if the kids would have advised their parents of the porn they were watching had it not been for the teacher’s involvement. I seriously doubt it.

  3. If what she did was on her own time, and she wasn’t engaged in any brainwashing or grooming of her students, her private endeavors should have been her business only. She should have chosen a venue other than her classroom for her stunt, the only complaint.

    • Incorrect. Regardless of intent, having nude pictures and/or videos readily available to teen student undermines the respect and distance necessary to perform the job. She can no longer perform her job adequately, and there’s nothing anyone can do to fix that. Although I would question whether she was actually capable of doing her job adequately to begin with given the lack of judgement involved. Since she voluntarily performed it and released it (so it’s not really private), she is culpable for the availability of the pornographic material. Except for the use of a classroom, the husband might have a better argument due to the younger age of the students.

      As a more general principal, it is not actually to 100% separate your public activities which aren’t work related from your work life. People try, but it influences how others react to you, which may matter for your position. Any teacher caught participating in a riot would also be fireable, as would any public facing individual in any company. It IS a good idea to limit how much they two are linked. Donating to a political campaign shouldn’t lead to having a back end programmer fired for instance, but I guarantee many of the people complaining about this teacher being fired are the same ones who believe every conservative should be shunned from life.

      Maybe it should be renamed the compartmentalization fallacy?

    • Sorry Ed, that isn’t how the world works. When you sign a contract for a salary job, you are typically not allowed to engage in other employment. You don’t have ‘hours’, they own your work 24/7. Her only defense would be if they filmed when they were ‘off contract’ in the summer. However, using school equipment for your other job is a huge no-no (possibly illegal since it is government property). It would be like a city employee using their city vehicle and gas to deliver DoorDash at night. You are going to get fired and maybe face legal charges for it. Every salary job I have ever had required permission from my employer to receive pay from another source while on contract.

  4. It strikes me that there are degrees of the NTP.

    NTP in the 3rd degree: a young woman (it’s usually a woman) poses for some nude photos with no intention of allowing anyone but her boyfriend to see them. She subsequently takes a teaching job. The photos get leaked, whether accidentally or as revenge porn.

    NTP in the 2nd degree: A teacher, already on the job, allows such photos to be taken, and allows distribution on OnlyFans or its equivalent.

    NTP in the 1st degree: Um… this. Not merely nudie pix, but sex acts. Not just OnlyFans, but TikTok and Instagram. (I don’t use these platforms, so I don’t know if there’s a way to make posts “friends only,” but apparently such safeguards were not applied, even if available.) And de facto advertising their status as teachers by using one of their own classrooms. Ew.

    Side note: wasn’t there a case a couple of years ago in which a teacher was fired for appearing in porn films and then used the incident to further her porn career, advertising the fact that she used to be a teacher and appearing in a series of films as a teacher, having sex with students, a blackmailing principal (“have sex with me or I’ll fire you for being a porn star”), etc.?

    Years ago (and perhaps still today, although I haven’t heard the term in several years), rape victims were regarded by some as having been “asking for it” because their skirts were short or their neckline low. In that context, the phrase was offensive, sexist, and victim-blaming. As regards this couple, it’s apt, with the “it” being dismissal from their jobs.

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