More “Good” Segregation And Racial Discrimination On Progressive College Campuses

When exactly did racial segregation pass from the agendas of racists, bigots, white supremacists, KKK members and Jim Crow enthusiasts to the playbook of progressive black activists? What was the catalyst, the tipping point? I’m almost certain the fault lies with Barack Obama, but I have to work out the process more carefully before I’m ready to make that case. Nevertheless, our ever-woke, leftist-indoctrination factories we still foolishly refer to as institutions of higher education increasingly are seeing and tolerating such “good” racial discrimination. A new outbreak has been triggered by the movie sequel to the Marvel hit, “Black Panther,” “Wakanda Forever.”

University of California Santa Barbara students were offered a free screening of the film, but advised that white students were not exactly welcome. The Black Student Union, which sponsored the showing with the assistance of outside organizations, wrote on its Instagram page stated event was intended to be “Black-centered” and a “gathering of Black community….We are lovingly curating this space to support and affirm Black people and Black joy. We ask that our non-Black allies support our intention of creating a Black affinity and celebration space.”

We are lovingly telling you crackers to keep your white asses out of our celebration.


Pressed on the restriction, the school and the Black Student Union are huminahumina-ing or refusing to comment. Officially, the event is open to everyone, even audience-members-of-the-wrong-color. You know, just as officially voting booths in Mississippi were open to everyone.

Meanwhile, that uplifting film is causing outbreaks of reverse Jim Crow—Connor Dove?—on other campuses.

The Stanford Review reported thatthe Stanford University Graduate Student Council announced via email it had a total of 450 tickets for the November 10 screening of the movie, with 100 exclusively resrved for black students. Those special students,entotled by their skin color, also were guaranteed bus seats to the movie theater, presumably at the front of the bus. A reverse Rosa Parks!

“We have 450 tickets to give away and 100 of those tickets will be distributed beforehand via lottery among Black graduate students,” the email reads. “Priority for bus spots will be given to students with a reserved ticket from the lottery […] Remaining spots will be given away first-come, first-serve …”

To its credit, the Stanford paper didn’t hesitate to call this exactly what it is:

“Does discrimination at theatres and on buses sound familiar?…The GSC is hell-bent on bringing prejudice in entertainment venues and transit back presumably under the guise of anti-racism, equity, and inclusion, the GSC is actively discriminating against non-black students.The GSC is literally using part of grad student tuition fees to discriminate against 96% of the grad student population.”

Every Stanford grad student pays a yearly $141 Graduate Student Activities Fee.

Caught in their repulsive hypocrisy, Stanford black activists predictably resorted to Yoo’s Rationalization, or “It isn’t what it is”:

Hilarious. It was not “the way to approach” this because it exposed exactly what “this” was. Racila discrimination is racial discrimination. Mya is disappointed that the Stanford Review made that clear.


Even more hilarious, against all odds! This is exactly the argument raised by racist opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Acts that barred racial discrimination in public accommodations. “Hey, there are lots of restaurants that serve coloreds! Why should it matter if one doesn’t?’

I know, I know. That was bad racial discrimination. The “Wakanda Forever” maneuvers are good racial discrimination.


7 thoughts on “More “Good” Segregation And Racial Discrimination On Progressive College Campuses

  1. When exactly did racial segregation pass from the agendas of racists, bigots, white supremacists, KKK members and Jim Crow enthusiasts to the playbook of progressive black activists?

    I suspect, in the US at least, the origins of this phenomenon began when black slaves hunted other black slaves to get the “runaways” back on a particular plantation.

    It’s not fun to talk about among blacks, but there has been, for hundreds of years, what Burgess Owens might define as a “royalty black class.” That class is allowed to “show” other blacks how they should be and what they should clamor for.

    Blacks who don’t fall in line and believe they don’t need the benevolence of whites to prosper, are today called ironically “house negros” or “uncle Tom’s,” when actually it’s the Stacey Abrams of the world (doing the dirty work of white bigots) telling black men they’re too dumb to know how to discern propaganda and misinformation.

    These students are basically telling their other black peers that they need special attention, free stuff, and seat assignments to be fulfilled as black people. This conveys the idea that blacks are weak and need special goodies. That is plantation style paternalistic racism at its finest.

    Do these students even realize that Stan Lee is white and it’s likely the majority of folks who worked on this film were white?

    If our goal is to view ourselves ultimately as Americans can we complain about segregation if we are “demanding segregation? Regardless of how as a community we answer this, our choices bear consequences and leave no more room to blame others. -Burgess Owens from his book Liberalism

  2. So they embrace the Black Panther movie as culturally and exclusively one of their own and will not abide White people present during the showing. I wonder if anyone of them even knows that the entire Black Panther mythology was an original creation from the minds of White people, specifically Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. I’d think that revelation might be cause for a meltdown.

    In fact, try as I may I can’t think of one thing blacks have or have access to that wasn’t due to the benevolence of the White people they profess to hate and blame for every one of their own inadequacies.

  3. If you’re looking for the moment that segregation moved from a tool of the KKK to the current use of it by the left, just remember:

    It was always a tool of the left. There is no switch. Bull Conner would be thrilled with many of the current states of affairs. What difference does it make if the white people kick out the blacks, or the blacks the whites? They are separate, they are other, and they are easily duped for votes. Wins all around!

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