Comment Of The Day: “More “Good” Segregation And Racial Discrimination On Progressive College Campuses”

I learn something almost every day from the comments on Ethics Alarms. This Comment of the Day, by the peerless Mrs. Q, enlightened me regarding a phenomenon that had never registered on my consciousness.

Here it is…an observation on the post,“More ‘Good’ Segregation And Racial Discrimination On Progressive College Campuses”:


“When exactly did racial segregation pass from the agendas of racists, bigots, white supremacists, KKK members and Jim Crow enthusiasts to the playbook of progressive black activists?”

I suspect, in the US at least, the origins of this phenomenon began when black slaves hunted other black slaves to get the “runaways” back on a particular plantation.

It’s not fun to talk about among blacks, but there has been, for hundreds of years, what Burgess Owens might define as a “royalty black class.” That class is allowed to “show” other blacks how they should be and what they should clamor for.

Blacks who don’t fall in line and believe they don’t need the benevolence of whites to prosper are today called ironically “house negros” or “Uncle Toms,” when actually it’s the Stacey Abrams of the world (doing the dirty work of white bigots) telling black men they’re too dumb to know how to discern propaganda and misinformation.

These students are basically telling their other black peers that they need special attention, free stuff, and seat assignments to be fulfilled as black people. This conveys the idea that blacks are weak and need special goodies. That is plantation style paternalistic racism at its finest.

Do these students even realize that Stan Lee is white and it’s likely the majority of folks who worked on this film were white?

“If our goal is to view ourselves ultimately as Americans, can we complain about segregation if we are demanding segregation? Regardless of how as a community we answer this, our choices bear consequences and leave no more room to blame others.”Burgess Owens from his book “Liberalism.

3 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “More “Good” Segregation And Racial Discrimination On Progressive College Campuses”

  1. Thus it is perfectly all right to have blacks-only clubs and organizations, but totally horrific, segregationist, and un-American to have the opposite be true. Jews, Catholics, Hindis, Methodists, even, create and join organizations based on a shared religion. Are we now to assume that black is a religion?

  2. The argument for blacks-only clubs/events is, making up for lost time.
    Whitey had this and more for over 200 hundred years and now it is our turn.
    How does it feel? Well, that’s how we felt too so zip you effing hypocrites.

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