From EA’s “When Ethics Alarms Don’t Ring” Files: The Stanford Marching Band’s Religious Mockery


At halftime in the Brigham Young University (BYU) and Stanford University’s (Stanford) football game in California, Stanford’s band devoted its halftime show to insulting the Mormon faith The skit was called “Gay Chicken,” and featured a mock wedding ceremony of two women,using the words of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints marriage ceremony that declares a man and woman united “for time and all eternity.” In the skit, the wedding   officiant quoted Genesis 1:28 and directed both women to “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.”

Gee, that sounds so hilarious I can’t imagine why the many Mormons in the crowd would feel attacked! They should have been laughing their heads off! Well, some people just have no sense of humor….

After predictable protests and complaints, Stanford issued a pro forma apology, saying,

“The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band (LSJUMB) has a long history of lighthearted and satirical halftime performances. Unfortunately, some of the language that was used in Saturday’s halftime show did not reflect Stanford University’s values of religious freedom and diversity, inclusion and belonging. The LSJUMB deeply regrets that this performance caused offense to spectators, and the halftime performance review and approval process is being adjusted.”

Don’t believe it. In 2004, the school issued a similar apology after the band staged a polygamy skit at half-time during that year’s BYU-Stanford game. What kind of magic “adjustment” would cause the officials who approve the half-time show to suddenly grow sensitive to the unbearable intolerance, arrogance and hypocrisy its university’s culture fosters? Stanford believes in “diversity, equity and inclusion,” just not as the it applies to those with non-woke belief systems and who follow religions Stanford’s aspiring dictators object to.

Anyway, it’s free speech, right? Not that a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints speaker could address students about his objection to same-sex marriage on the Stanford campus without being shouted down, but that’s different….or at least Stanford students have been taught to think so

In related news, Federal officials are investigating allegations that Stanford University is biased against men, stemming from a Title IX complaint filed by two men’s rights activists who say that scholarships and programs dedicated to women create a hostile environment for male applicants.

9 thoughts on “From EA’s “When Ethics Alarms Don’t Ring” Files: The Stanford Marching Band’s Religious Mockery

  1. Mormons, Catholics and any other uptight (conservative) faith is always a target. The woke will (usually) exempt the Jews, because they don’t want anyone trotting out the Holocaust (though every so often someone slips), but generally they hate religion, because religion demands commitment and requires you to place something above yourself, and they worship the self. However, there’s an exception for black churches and mosques, which are awesome.

    • Exactly. Same with nationalism. Citizens of any country other than the U.S. are lauded for being enthusiastic about their nation, but in the U.S. nationalism is bad. You can drive around with Mexican flags all over your car in Phoenix and be deemed wonderful. But if you fly an American flag from your truck, you’re a white supremacist, misogynist jerk.

      • Well, there is a little more to it than that. If you display the flag of any nation of color, you’re ok, but if you display the flag of any European nation, then you’re suddenly a white supremacist jerk. Maybe it’s ok to display the Irish tricolor around St. Paddy’s day, but that’s it. If you dare display the Italian tricolor in October, then you’re a pro-colonial bully, of course.

  2. In 1992, Mrs. OB and I took our kids and some of their friends to Palo Alto to see that year’s Notre Dame Stanford football game. The snotty Stanford anti-band was led around the field in their usual snarky, intentionally disorganized way in their intentionally non-uniform outfits by a sort of anti-authoritarian drum major who wore full papal regalia including a Mitre (the pointy, gold trimmed hat), waving around a ferula (with a cross on it) instead of a mace. Trust me, I have my issues with my former church, but the show took my breath away. Nice work, Robber Barons. Good to know there are still anti-Papists running loose in the population. The band was equally obnoxious during an appearance at ASU’s stadium but in its usual, anti-marching band way. They’re just a bunch of insufferable jerks with high SATs. But given affirmative action, they may not even have particularly high SATs anymore. And these are America’s best and brightest. Yuck.

    By the way, the Stanford president is evidently being investigated for academic fraud. I’d post the link but doing so would hurl this comment into the flames of arbitration hell, or someplace.

    • I just read the Wikipedia article on the band. They have racked up… quite the record of incidents of tasteless and offensive behavior. They come off as a bunch of jerks who always have to deliberately take one step too far. I know the feeling. I felt it myself in college and used to laugh about crossing the line and going “deep into forbidden territory. ” That kind of behavior was stupid then and it’s stupid now.

  3. Everybody at Stanford thinks the band is just the cutest thing ever. The school exercises absolutely no control over them whatsoever. They’re a leftover from the late ‘sixties. Any “apology” by the administration is completely disingenuous to the point of being “I fart in your general direction and your mother smells of elderberries.”

  4. This reminds me of Rice University’s “The Mob”. Rice has an impressive music program and the marching band is made up (mostly) of music majors. Well, Rice being Rice, hosted Texas A&M University for a football game, and The Mob rewrote and played A&M’s fight song, only backwards. A&M was not pleased (outwardly) but I hear tell that many Aggies thought it was pretty funny.


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