What Shannon Epstein Does Is Not National News And It Is Unethical Journalism To Pretend It Is

From The Blaze:

On Thanksgiving Day, Shannon Epstein, 25, climbed aboard a Spirit Airlines flight headed from New Orleans to New Jersey. However, after the plane left the gate but before it could take off, Epstein allegedly began causing a scene, accusing a Latina family seated near her of “smuggling cocaine.”

Because of the wild accusation, airport officials decided to redirect the plane back to the gate so that Epstein could be removed. However, she refused to cooperate, reports say. When deputies tried to force her to deplane, she became “extremely combative,” said Capt. Jason Rivarde of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

During a scuffle with six deputies at Louis Armstrong International Airport, Epstein supposedly caused several injuries. She has been accused of biting one officer in the arm to such an extent that she broke the skin. She has also been accused of kicking another officer in the groin.

Many other news sources including NBC News, Yahoo! and The New York Post are headlining this story and giving it far more circulation and attention than the typical “wacko goes nuts on an airplane” tale.

Why do Shannon Epstein’s antics matter? They don’t. She’s irrelevant to the nation, national security, the economy and the culture. Thousands of more substantive crimes have been committed by similarly insignificant people since she had her meltdown.

But Epstein is the niece of disgraced fallen political star Chris Cristie, and many in the news media want to embarrass him and lower him further with cheap cognitive dissonance attacks. See, Christie’s niece is a violent, bigoted nut, so that must mean that that Christie himself has these traits, or approves of them. or something. It’s guilt by association…distant association.

Did the former New Jersey governor raise the woman? No. Is he responsible for her? No. Is she a member of his immediate family? No. I have a nephew and a niece, and if one turned out to be a terrorist and the other a cannibal, I would feel no guilt or responsibility for their actions at all. I also had five aunts and four uncles. I knew them all pretty well, but they get no credit for whatever it is that I’ve accomplished, and share no blame for my screw-ups. If I went nuts on a plane—and I might—the identity of my one living aunt would be completely irrelevant to the matter, and so it is with Christie and his niece.

The over-hyping of this sordid episode is unfair to Christie, but it is also unfair to Epstein, who may have just been off her meds or something. Being related to a famous person shouldn’t ensure exaggerated attention when someone misbehaves.

This isn’t a new phenomenon; the news media jackals were like this even before they abandoned their other ethical principles. It’s still disgusting.

7 thoughts on “What Shannon Epstein Does Is Not National News And It Is Unethical Journalism To Pretend It Is

  1. Should this have even been national news if this woman weren’t related to a former (Republican) governor of New Jersey? I think not. The mainstream media have all devolved into taking all sorts of sordid events national.

    • The Joe and Hunter Biden scandal has nothing to do with guilt by association. It is about Joe Biden selling influence, using his family as conduits for the cash, and lying about it repeatedly, and about a corrupt press and social media establishment lying and covering up for the Biden crime family.

  2. The function of modern communications technology is to make the world one small little medieval village again. Back in the middle ages – everyone in your village of 100 or so peasants knew each other well. Social control was easy because everyone was immediately available to shame the out of the ordinary as well as the deservedly shameful. There was no limiting factor like proportion – the town fool could be ridiculed at ease, making everyone feel better about their own less public flaws. The lady acting badly could be mocked relentlessly and ruined in her own village.

    Thanks to being able to video *everything* and a news media that cares less about reporting and more about daily drama. We’re back there! Yay!

  3. This story would get a few minutes on the nightly news, but mostly for the inconvenience of the other passengers, especially in New Orleans. However, this is the reason it is national news with lots of people talking about it:

    “She even threatened the officers trying to get her off the plane, saying her uncle is friends with former President Donald Trump and she knows some powerful people, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Capt. Jason Rivarde told NOLA.com”

    There you have it, Ethics Alarmists! Two potential candidates obliterated in, what, about 30 words?


  4. What are you talking about?I see reporting with videos of everyday lunatics engaged in combative behavior on planes and in airports in the media all of the time! Should I share 200+ examples with you? Somehow I don’t think you are really paying attention to the media but you just have an axe to grind.

    • Have someone explain to you the difference between local news or incidents that may get mentioned in a brief note on a slow news day and national news where the only justification for publishing it is click-bait. And go ahead, give me the national news cites to 200 disruptive air incidents that got the publicity this one did. I’ll be waiting.

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