Tales Of The Great Stupid: The Tweet Speaks For Itself

Woods bills herself as a film and TV critic, and she is complaining about “cultural appropriation” by whites regarding a nonexistent, science fiction culture. Are the Avatar people (whatever they’re called: I don’t care) considered “of color” on their planet? Has “The Great Stupid” spread that far?

Woods made this head-exploding, antiwhite statement, was fabulously mocked for it, and because she didn’t have the wit or rhetorical skills to debate her critics on the merits of her assertion (there are none), she shut down comments on her tweet.

And I thought “The Simpsons” insisting that Dr. Hibbard, a black cartoon character, had to be voiced by an “actor of color” was bonkers. This is the equivalent of insisting that Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer needs to be voiced by a BIPOC actor in the old Rankin-Bass cartoon because deer are brown.

People like Kathia Woods—you know, morons—in sufficient volume and given a critical level of exposure, will eventually render the human race too dumb to survive, like the dodo.

8 thoughts on “Tales Of The Great Stupid: The Tweet Speaks For Itself

  1. I have always wondered why the mass exodus by those from other nations who are coming through our southern border are considered neither colonizers nor appropriators of European culture.

      • Stanford ha come out with a 14 page document listing all the terms we are no longer to use. I suggest we adopt their language and call all these people colonizers and cultural appropriators. Isn’t cultural appropriation a synonym for assimilation?
        The point of this exercise is to make them play by their own lexicographer and rules.

  2. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. These people have a toolbox of anti-racist cant they merrily apply to any- and everything. With glee. It’s all about collecting scalps and getting “Right Ons!” from your fellow travelers. I don’t think they’re stupid, they they’re experts in something. One trick ponies in a very small rodeo. Cut and paste. Color inside the lines.

    • In short, people like Kathia Woods are getting Ph.Ds. for developing observations like this into doctoral theses. It’s a racket. Tinker Toy thought.

  3. It’s stupid comments like this that gave us things like “Rings of Power,” which seems to have hit it off well with critics, but has gotten the opposite results with actual viewers and after the first run through has dropped off the rankings (important because Amazon and other streamed films depend on being streamed over time as well as at the first run).

    I saw the whole first run, and, as a viewer with more background in fantasy literature than most, I can definitely say that makers of these kind of adaptations or even original work who let wokeness take over the creative process do so at their peril.

    What we have here is a deliberate attempt by Kathia Woods to give the Avatar series a powerful injection of wokeness that doesn’t even make any sense. The characters she speaks of are not even human nor are they even the color of any human except maybe one who’s been exposed on the ice for days and days. However, she is presumably operating by the new rules of woke writing which say, among other things, that no advanced civilization can appear better than any indigenous civilization and that no white actor can voice anyone who is not white or take the role of anyone who is not white. The colors of the other non-white folks really don’t matter. White must be restricted as much as possible, and always be shown to be significantly flawed. No female or individual of color can ever learn anything worthwhile from a white male.

    There’s a much longer list, but it would take time to compile.

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