Fad Ethics, 2022

Fads occur when the culture embraces a concept for emotional, selfish, foolish or otherwise irrational reasons. Usually they are harmless; sometimes they are not. This meme crystalized the reality of a current fad, an especially destructive one being advanced in pursuit of a social and political agenda, so deftly that Ethics Alarms is momentarily suspending its opposition to memes.


Pointer: Powerline

3 thoughts on “Fad Ethics, 2022

  1. Bell-bottoms should only be worn by sailors, where they have a purpose. Yeah, 80s and 90s hair looks pretty dated now, but I’ll take it over the man bun. Goth/emo I never understood. The less said about the last the better.

    • As a sailor having worn bell bottoms, I can say that I didn’t hate them then, nor in the 60’s and 70’s when they were the rage. They were just what people wore, and I didn’t find them uncomfortable or troublesome in the least.

      What I can’t believe in retrospect is why I wore my hair so freaking long. It was such a pain, and so much time and effort was spent trying to manage it or get it out of my eyes.

      Long hair was the one crazy thing I can’t really understand. I guess I can say the same thing about today’s stubble-beards, but there you go.

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