First Open Forum Of 2023!

Here is as good a place as any to note, since Ethics Alarms is also concerned with leadership as a sub-category to ethics, that Kevin McCarthy’s only ethical course at this point is to withdraw from the Speaker of the House race. It is clear that he cannot lead Republicans in the House, and the compromises and concessions he will need to make to get the support of the 20-plus member faction that opposes him would cripple his leadership as well as his party. Now it’s just selfishness, obstinacy and ego that has him holding on. None of those are ethical reasons to inflict yet another weak GOP Speaker on the nation.

McCarthy’s allies should also recognize this and 1) shut up or 2) move on. One, of course, is Donald Trump who can’t shut up, but who should be completely irrelevant to the Speaker battle. Another is Sean Hannity. It’s depressing that such a dim-wattage Fox News pundit as Hannity has the influence he does, and he proved his Peter Principle creds again in an argument on the air with conservative House member and anti-McCarthy leader Lauren Boebert. Sean apparently thought he had a “gotcha!” by calling Boebert on her statement that McCarthy should just give it up because he didn’t have the votes to win the Speakership. “But he has over 200 votes, and your group has just 20!” Hannity replied. “Shouldn’t you be the ones who give up?”

Uh, it’s like a filibuster, Sean, you dummy. Or a veto. The 20 don’t represent an alternative to McCarthy; they don’t have to elect a candidate to win. Their purpose is to block his ascension to the job, and they have enough votes to do it.

And this guy was advising President Trump…..

Anyway, you talk about what you want. I just needed to get that out. As Jimmy Durante would say, “It showed up on my last X-ray as a safety pin!”

17 thoughts on “First Open Forum Of 2023!

  1. A 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality career Lefty gets…um…its Dream Catcher hung up in some thick POW WOW CHOW. Allegations That Prominent Madison Artist MASQUERADED_AS_NATIVE_AMERICAN Sparks Outrage

    MONEY QUOTES: “One of the first red flags, (Nipinet) Landsem said, was that LeClaire liked to tan — a lot. Landsem had even given LeClaire rides to tanning salons because LeClaire said they had a vitamin D deficiency. But then Landsem and others started noticing that LeClaire would also carry around a bottle of spray tan. (bolds/italics mine)

    Why? You’d think a monumentally overpowering sense of self-loathing, and Lord only knows what else; paging resident psychiatrist dragin_dragon.

    Seems like ETHNICITY THIEVES predominantly lean aport, am I right?

  2. I know it’s bad optics, and it pains me that the Dems and their mouthpieces (i.e. most of MSM and “journalists”) are enjoying this, but I’m happy watching this speaker fight, and I think it’s a win for the American people (even those who may not care or realize so) irrespective of who will ultimately become the speaker because that small group has highlighted in its stand many of the issues affecting us nowadays (runaway spending, too much concentration of power in leading offices, etc.)
    Also, it illustrates how non-diverse Dems are in what truly matters: diversity of thought, because the fact that Pelosi was able to run their caucus without any issues and how she was a Ken to push anything she wanted demonstrates that there’s truly no independent thoughts among them

    • Personally I think what’s happening with this process is a decent representation of what’s going on inside the Republican Party, some are trying very hard to get away from Trump influence of any kind and some are still embracing it, plus some issue based disagreements as you mentioned. It’s a conflict that needs to happen right now so it’s resolved before the 2024 presidential primary.

      So in my opinion, we need to suck it up, they really need to hammer out these things as much as possible right now.

  3. Since the new year often engenders lookbacks at years past, and in light of the recently passed, unread, pork-filled spending effluent of our Congress, here is an “Oldie but Goodie” for the amusement of those who maybe never heard of it (There’s also an ethics question):

    In a nutshell, the U. S. Mint, finding itself stuck with a bunch of dollar coins that nobody really wanted, instituted a program in 2008 to try to get them into circulation by selling the coins directly to the public. The mint offered free shipping and accepted credit card payments with no added fee. It wasn’t long before some who found out about this program realized they could buy massive amounts of the coins with “rewards” type credit cards (airline miles, hotel points, cash back, etc.), dump the coins back into their banks (where the coins found their way back to the mint, few actually getting into circulation), and pay off the cards, …rinse and repeat, while costing them nothing to do so. The buyers, of course, kept all the bonuses “earned” by using their cards.

    Some people managed to play the situation for amazing results before the program was ended.

    I found out about this one just a month or so too late to get in on the action.
    Ethics question: Is it unethical to accept free money from the government if you think a program is foolish? Is it different from employing all available tax exemptions? What if Donald Trump had done this 😉 ?

  4. Here is as good a place as any to note, since Ethics Alarms is also concerned with leadership as a sub-category to ethics, that Kevin McCarthy’s only ethical course at this point is to withdraw from the Speaker of the House race.

    Are you talking about the Kevin McCarthy who happens to be the current speaker of the house?

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