A Black Columnist Employed By The Washington Post Just Revealed Herself As Not Only A Racist, But An Especially Incompetent One….Now What?

It is seldom that a writer for a prestigious publication spontaneously performs the equivalent of placing a neon “I am a racist moron who should never be taken seriously again!” sign on her head, but that’s what Karen Attiah has done. She’s a columnist for The Washington Post “on issues relating to race, gender and international politics, with a special interest in Africa”—naturally, she minored in Black Studies at Columbia, giving her anti-white racist urges just the boost they needed. One benefit of the disastrous Martin Luther King memorial unveiled this week in Boston is that it has caused lots of pundits, critics and others to reveal things about themselves (hypocrisy, bad taste) that the public needs to know—in Attiah’s case, that she is afflicted by the worst kind of racist hate and paranoia.

Attiah launched into a Twitter rant this week about how the “Embrace” sculpture (above) is a perfect example of how evil whites still distort the legacy of Dr. King as part of the structural racism and vile white supremacy America thrives on…

Boston’s Embrace statue perfectly represents how White America loves to butcher MLK. Cherry-picking quotes about love and non-violence. While ignoring his radicalism, anti-capitalism, his fierce critiques of white moderates. MLK- in his fullness– is still too much for them...And yes, I’ll say it. From another angle, the statue for real looks like one person is performing disembodied oral sex. No matter how much I try, I can’t unsee it. I don’t think MLK would have wanted us to be thinking about cunnilingus on his birthday. Thanks, Boston.There is nothing radical about the disembodied, de-racialized Embrace statue. It is sending a whitewashed, multi-million dollar message — that MLK and Coretta overcame structural racism and systematic injustice with love– interpersonal, colorblind love….Anyway, since the statue has been revealed, have we been talking about it, or MLK? No. We’ve been talking all weekend about horribly racist/ anti-Black Boston has been– and continues to be. Mission accomplished…? This is what happens when white America tries to grossly distort what MLK really stood for… and ultimately.. what they murdered him for. In making MLK a whitewashed symbol of love, the Embrace statue is both safe AND grotesque. Says little about the man, a lot about America….To have a dismembered statue of a Black man and woman, in a country that killed and destroyed so many Black people, will never sit right with me. MLK Jr. was also murdered by white America. It’s giving -“We are so grateful for Black people’s noble sacrifice” – energy.

Oops! Here’s that virulent white supremacist artist who created “Embrace”:

The membership of the commission that selected the artist and approved the design was also overwhelmingly black.
How can someone be an incompetent racist? Like this. Al Sharpton is a skilled racist. Joy Reid is a skilled racist. Michelle Obama is a skilled racist. Charles Blow is a skilled racist. Appiah is a ridiculously careless and dumb racist. How could someone publish a diatribe like she did without checking to see whether the artist was white?
She could because she is such a racist that it never occurred to her that something she objected to wasn’t the fault of whites. This is the apex of racism, its most ugly form. To the KKK, everything wrong with their nation was the fault of blacks, Catholics and immigrants. To Hitler, all of Germany’s ills were attributable to Jews. To people like Attiah—and don’t kid yourself, there are a lot of them—whites are the enemy, evil and a human pathogen on society.
That’s bad enough that it should disqualify her from a position of authority and influence at the Washington Post. But she also has exposed herself as frighteningly lacking basic reporting skills and journalistic integrity. She is doubly untrustworthy. No apology, no excuse-making can erase this debacle.
I am eager to see if the Post has the courage and professionalism, as well as respect for its readers, to do what has to be done. My guess?

11 thoughts on “A Black Columnist Employed By The Washington Post Just Revealed Herself As Not Only A Racist, But An Especially Incompetent One….Now What?

  1. I’m still struggling to see the angle where they see someone performing orally… But that exact angle pictures above looks, to me, like MLK choking his wife from behind and her struggling against him. God… This sculpture is like a Rorschach Test, and what does that say about me?

  2. Jack, Jack, Jack. Just because the sculptor is black and just because the committee was mostly black doesn’t mean a thing! They are black but they are functioning in a white supremacist environment. The sculptor and the committee members know not what they are doing. It’s systemic racism that’s the problem, not individual people of color. You don’t get it. This woman is not making a mistake, she’s reciting official dogma. Why on earth would the Post even think of firing her? She’s doing what she’s paid to do: expose white supremacy and systemic racism wherever it exists. She knows various people involved are black, but that’s beside the point! Wake up!

      • “…how he [squares]Marxism with his religion is beyond me.” (I presume this is what you meant.)
        He did it the same way that a number of “progressive” Christians do, twisting Scripture to support their radical socialist positions. Notable is the insistence of many socialists that because some congregations in the early Church lived communally, that makes Christianity a socialistic or communistic religion. They fail to comprehend (or refuse to recognize) the difference between voluntary associations of people and a government-imposed political economy. It is either deliberate deception or willful ignorance.

        • … Notable is the insistence of many socialists that because some congregations in the early Church lived communally, that makes Christianity a socialistic or communistic religion…

          I left one congregation in part because a lay leader pronounced that “the way to God is through Jesus, and the way to Jesus is through community”. I did not take issue with the idea of community in and of itself, not even as something that could be edifying in its proper place, but I did take issue with adding to and altering the foundation. Are holy hermits damned?

  3. As juvenile as it may be (I originally thought it looked like a fisherman caught a massive turd in his hands)…she says it looks like “disembodied oral sex”…then mentions cunnilingus.

    The sculpture resembles a penis far more than female genitalia…so if it looks like oral sex to her, doesn’t she mean fellatio?

    If so, she’s shockingly dumb. The ignorance & racism was already rampant in her column but she also doesn’t appear to know what words mean. Perhaps the constant barrage of Authentic Frontier Gibberish/Word Salad has actually scrambled her brain.

    Someday, things like TDS and all the über woke Progressive indoctrination will be diagnosed as true, nurtured mental illness. I guess before formal names are assigned to each clinical diagnosis in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, The American Psychological Association will need a complete overhaul of their own brainwashed staff.

    • It’s funny: I found Micahel Savage, the extreme right talk radio host, repulsive and his book title, “Liberalism is a Mental Disease” offensive. But what Savage called insanity 20 years ago looks like moderation now. Today, I might agree with his diagnosis.

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