The Race-Baiting, Divisive, Unprofessional, Unethical “Squad”

What an embarrassment….to the Democrats, to Congress, to the nation, to women especially….and this display ought to embarrass anyone who voted for these three  blights on the Republic.

At least Rep. Omar, in the process of lying and playing victim to challenge her expulsion from the House Foreign Relations Committee, nearly stayed within the (unfortunately) acceptable range of elected official conduct—cynical grandstanding, claiming that she didn’t do what she did, you know, the usual.Though I must say, her sudden affection for Israel as she faced the just desserts of her repeated adoption of anti-Jewish stereotypes and rhetoric was breathtakingly hypocritical even for Congress. Risibly, Omar joined more than 30 House Democrats voting “yes” on a new resolution “recognizing Israel as America’s legitimate and democratic ally and condemning antisemitism.” Huh! lhan Omar has had many opportunities during her time in Congress to support America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, and did the opposite. Who knew Omar was such a fan of Israel after all?

I’m sure it was just a coincidence that what NBC News hackily calls her “evolution” happened as she was facing the consequences of her open anti-Semitic bigotry.Her fellow “Squad” members Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and the especially incompetent Cori Bush, however, easily lapped Omar in the race for self-debasement. Their screaming, hysterical, weeping protests should be cited any time a candidate talks about voter bias against women in elected office and leadership positions. Leadership tip: If you can’t deal with adversity, disagreements and conflict more professionally than that, find a nice, quiet, unchallenged job, like taking tolls.

I would hope feminists would be furious at such undignified and childish tantrums, particularly since none of the three women could articulate a substantive defense of their anti-Semitic pal, only defaulting to the usual “evil Republicans”, “racist/sexist/anti-Muslim” accusations.

In assessing the news coverage of Omar’s punishment and the Squad’s caterwauling. do note whether reports mention that when the then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi crew removed GOP Reps. Gosar and Greene from their respective committees (for good reasons, as in the case of Omar) it was all of the committees they had been assigned to. Omar, in contrast, can still serve on other committees, just not Foriegn Relations. The Democrats who now indignantly protest Omar’s sanction voted unanimously to punish the two Republicans. At the time, Speaker Pelosi intoned solemnly about the power of words spoken by members of Congress, and why the penalties were appropriate. AOC was particularly insistent that  Gosar and Greene get kicked off their committees.

Double standards appear to be the only standards some will accept.

6 thoughts on “The Race-Baiting, Divisive, Unprofessional, Unethical “Squad”

    • Would that their districts would secede from the union. They could become little land locked nations like Lesotho in South Africa. They could be their own little shitholes.

      • And none of those women win in close ballots. When I was watching results roll in on the RealClearPolitics site last November, I can’t recall exactly, but it seems to me each of them won their districts with 70+% of the vote. Those are bigger-than-blowout numbers.

        Much like Maxine Waters, it boggles the mind that such a high percentage of voters in any locale gladly pull the lever for them.

  1. I find it very difficult to figure out if the are serious, or just engaging in demagoguery.

    One of them, I thought it was Tlaib, complained that they were attacking Omar because she was a Muslim, while Tlaib, also a Muslim, was not targeted.

    They are either race-baiting or dumb.

    Omar’s statement that she did not know that there were stereotypical Jewish tropes about money suggests she is dumb, or a liar.

    None of these alternatives look good.

    Are there any other possible explanations ?


  2. … America’s greatest ally in the Middle East …

    The pessimist fears this is true. But to see what that delivers, do consider what Israel has done to the U.S.A. or under its cover over the years (attacking a U.S. ship, using fake U.S. passports in intelligence work, etc.). And, despite being less effective and less willing, Oman has probably delivered more. Talk about “Double standards appear to be the only standards some will accept”!

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