Note To Elon Musk And Twitter: If You Want To Be Trusted, You Can’t Have Arbitrary Standards That Censor Stuff Like This…

That’s Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mt) the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and his wife above, in the Senator’s new profile picture.  Twitter froze his account in punishment, because its “Media Policy” was supposedly violated. See?

Oh, please. How did a PETA wacko get a hold of Musk’s control stick? That photo is “graphic violence”? “Adult content”? Pornography? Gory?

This is a Senator from hunting-happy Montana. And what is portrayed is not only legal, but, like it or not, as American as Boston Creme Pie. Ask Teddy:

Our most conservation-minded POTUS Took dozens of photos like that, with leopards, rhinos, elephants and more.

Senator Daines has quite a collection too. A sample:

Personally, I find such photos sick, but then they’re not there for me and people like me. That’s the whole reason censorship is offensive to basic American principles. If you don’t like it, argue about it, or just turn away. This is, I assumed, the reason why Elon took over Twitter: To stop presumptuous, ant-free expression censorship, not just to pick which censorship would please the “right” people.

I also assume that some rogue bots were responsible for this stupid strike at the game hunting world, and Daines will receive an “Oopsie!” note and a restoration of his account. I sure hope so, because inconsistent standards and arbitrary standards aren’t standards at all.

Twitter’s got to do better than this.

(And the Daines episode is exactly why I’m not ready to re-join Twitter yet.)

One thought on “Note To Elon Musk And Twitter: If You Want To Be Trusted, You Can’t Have Arbitrary Standards That Censor Stuff Like This…

  1. I bet that most who object to pics like this are not vegetarians. Would they object to pictures that depict the everyday reality of factory farming they unwittingly support with every meat purchase at their local grocery store?

    Hunters eat what they kill or share the meat with others. The animals they kill have a *far better* existence than those tortured every minute of their lives in factory farms.

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